It is that time of the year where we usher in the Chinese New Year festivities – hosting cosy family reunions, stuffing our faces full with snacks and goodies and most importantly, spending time with friends and relatives. Leading up to this joyous occasion is a less-than-anticipated activity that most would not look forward to – spring cleaning.

While it is essential to spring clean your homes, keeping your office spick and span is also equally important. Spring cleaning your entire office can be a daunting task. You may be unsure of the kind of supplies or tools you need or even how to begin. But fret not, the Eezee team has curated some of the cleaning essentials you would need to make your office a clean, comfortable and conducive environment. Below we have a list of items to help you with your spring cleaning.

7 Must-Have Spring Cleaning Essentials

1. Leave your Office Pantry Looking Spotless

Remember the greasy pantry microwave or oven in the office you’ve avoided using? Cleaning them can be hard work – it requires diligent scrubbing after every use. Because they are exposed to high temperatures, the burned-on food stains can be tough to wash off. Water and regular soap simply won’t do the trick anymore.

Eezee 3M Scotch Brite Kitchen Cloth T109C Spring CleaningHowever, by using the 3M Scotch Brite Kitchen Cloth T109C, you can now remove those stubborn stains on pantry equipment with ease. Used either wet or dry, this versatile microfibre cloth effectively traps grease and oil stains without the need of any cleaning fluid. It is also gentle on any surface as it is lint-free and leaves no scratches or streaks. 

Also, what makes it better than a regular sponge is that it is reusable and machine-washable. A regular sponge would disintegrate and have to be replaced after some time but the kitchen cloth from 3M can be used multiple times over.

From your appliances to your counter top, you can use this kitchen cloth for practically all your office pantry cleaning needs.

2. Start Decluttering

Eezee Archive Storage Carton Box Spring CleaningNo spring cleaning is complete without decluttering and throwing out what we don’t need. Over the past year, you may have accumulated a huge pile of paperwork and documents and now’s the perfect time to clear them. As the Chinese saying goes “you can’t make way for the new if you don’t discard the old”. 

You can start by categorizing your documents into those you still need and those that can be discarded. Items or files that are not currently used but are still needed can be kept in these storage carton boxes. They also come in handy for packing and shifting items. The boxes are made of 3 layers of corrugated kraft paper material. This makes them sturdy and durable enough to hold the maximum storage weight of 20kg. It also comes with an attached cover to keep dust away and protect your items.

3. Organize and Tidy Up your Desk

Multi-Compartment Holder

Eezee Desk Multi-Compartment Holder Spring CleaningAs they say, a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. With a pile of items on your desk, it is likely that you will lose important bills or documents in the clutter. Not being able to find that one document you need urgently can frustrate you to no end. But we have the perfect solution for you. 

Keep your desk organised with the DELI Desk Top Multi-Compartment Holder 9832. Having multiple compartments with varying sizes, you can store your office supplies like stationery, name cards and even little knick-knacks. This keeps your items in proper places so that you will know where to find them when you need them.

Document Drawer

Eezee DELI 5-Drawer Document Cabinet Spring CleaningOther than having a cluttered desk, you may also be drowning in paperwork – literally. With the DELI 5-Drawer Document Cabinet, you can now compartmentalize your paperwork into different categories. Comprising of 5 drawers, we also recommend labelling or colour-coding so that it is clear what each compartment is used for. The document drawer allows you to easily sort your documents into the appropriate categories.

With these desk organizers, you can keep your items and paperwork organised. Having a neat and tidy desk is the first step to being productive at work and staying ahead of the tasks you’ve set to accomplish. 


4. Invest in Storage Solutions

Ever had a “growing” pile of files stacked up on your desk? We do too. Not having a proper place to keep files and keeping them cluttered on your desk can be a real sight for sore eyes.

Eezee Toyogo Storage Box with Cover 1090

Storage Box

To manage the mess, the Toyogo Storage Box 1090 is one spring cleaning essential you need. This sturdy storage box provides a quick and convenient way to ensure that your items are kept in a good condition. It comes with a lid so that you are not only able to cover the box and keep it away from dust and dirt, you can also stack multiple boxes together. It also has wheels attached which allows you to easily shift and maneuver the box. In the office, the Toyogo Storage Box is ideal for archiving your files and paperwork from past years.

Eezee 5 Shelves Z Beam Storage Racks Spring Cleaning

Storage Rack

Besides storage boxes, it is also important to have durable and good quality storage racks. It keeps your items well-organised and allows you to access them easily. This means that you can keep your important files there and grab them easily whenever you need them. Not only so, these racks come in handy when you are dealing with a small office space.

The 5 Shelves Z Beam Rack optimises on saving space as it comes with 5 vertically arranged shelves, allowing you to maximise storage without having to pile your things up. You can even adjust the shelves to accommodate items of varying heights. Composed of sturdy particle boards, the shelves are supported by double-riveted beams and braces to ensure durability. It is also assured to be long-lasting as it is made of industrial strength steel construction. This allows it to withstand heavy weights and hold large items.

The practicality and functionality of this rack makes it a spring cleaning essential to keep your items neat and organised.

5. Do a Wipe-Down in Tight Spaces

Eezee 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus Kit Q600EP Spring CleaningAs we endeavour in spring cleaning, it is important not to overlook hard-to-reach places like the top of file cabinets or underneath your office desk. These deep, narrow corners are usually the places we pay less attention to and thus, do not clean on a regular basis. Apparently, they are also the places that accumulate the most dust and dirt.


To clean such places, you can use the 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus Kit Q600EP. Its ergonomic design allows it to have a stronger hold on dust and retains more dirt in a single sweep. The rod is adjustable to your preferred height to reach high spaces such as walls or ceiling fans. Also, the 360 degree rotating head can be maneuvered to reach 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Wet Wiper Refill Q1600RW-E Spring Cleaningcorners easily. Being lightweight and portable, the Easy Sweeper reduces the need for traditional, heavy tools and makes cleaning much more efficient.

Wiper Sheets

The special weave electrostatic sheets attracts and holds dirt once picked up. The Wiper Refill Q600RW-E also makes it more hygienic as there is no need to wash and clean the mop plate – simply throw the wiper sheet after every use. You can use either the dry or wet wiper sheets with the Easy Sweeper.

With this reliable cleaning tool, cleaning no longer has to be backbreaking.


6. Replace your Vacuum Cleaner Filter Bags

Already found the perfect vacuum cleaner you were looking for to start your spring cleaning? Don’t forget about the filter bags too.

Karcher Tear-Resistant Paper Filter Bags 5PPP - 6904285 Spring CleaningVacuum cleaners actually lose suction power when filters or hoses get clogged up with dust and other particles. This will not only result in inferior performance when cleaning but it will also deteriorate the condition of the motor. To prevent this, it is important to replace the filter bags every now and then to prevent overstuffing. Regular replacement of bags also ensures cleanliness and proper upkeep of the vacuum cleaner.

Here, we have the Karcher Tear-Resistant Paper Filter Bag 5PPP – 6904285. This high performance, 3-ply paper vacuum bag is better than regular ones in terms of suction power, tear resistance as well as dust retention. Having good quality filter bags will ensure that your vacuum cleaner functions at maximum capacity.

7. Keep your Office Smelling Fresh

Eezee Morries Ionic Refresher MS202 Spring CleaningOne of the contributing factors to a comfortable office environment is how well-ventilated and how pleasant-smelling it is. It is important to leave your office smelling fresh and to keep odors – be it from the pantry or the toilet – away from the working space.

The Morries Ionic Refresher uses advanced electronic ionizer breeze technology to keep bad smells away. This air freshener also doubles up as a odor neutralizer by circulating clear air in a steady stream of sanitizing ozone that kills odors. It also comprises of a static charged metal dust collector that traps even the smallest of airborne particles. As the office can be dusty and stuffy, the ionic refresher ensures that the air in your office is always fresh and clean.


We hope that what we have shared has helped you in your preparation to clean and organize your office space for the upcoming new year!

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