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When it comes to any occupation, safety is always of utmost importance. Workers in different occupations and organizations are required to follow specific safety precautions, such as high-visibility jackets, gloves, and hard hats to protect them injuries. One of the most important aspects of protective equipment that cannot be understated is the choice of safety footwear. A good pair of safety shoes makes working in harsh environments easier and safer for the wearer. 

Everyone has the right to feel safe when working in any occupation. With our essential safety footwear guide, we believe you’ll be able to pick what you need from the best brand name shoes to ensure safety everywhere you go. We’ll be discussing the types of safety shoes to the types of cap, making sure you’ve got all the information you need when it comes to picking the right choice of safety footwear. 

There are five different types of safety footwear that meet the requirements of various work environments. 

Safety-toed shoes 

Safety-toed shoes are heavily durable shoes that ensures safety with a special covering at the toe area to prevent from mishaps and hazardous accidents. They are largely employed on the basis to reduce foot injuries in its respective work conditions. Safety-toed shoes are commonly found footwear in factories and mills where workers have to handle heavy industrial equipment and materials. They are also worn by workers when there is a high risk of heavy objects falling onto their feet, reducing the impact and compression. 

Features of safety-toed shoes 

  • Prevents heavy objects from falling onto feet 
  • Ensures special covering at the toe area 

Appropriate places for safety-toed shoes: 

  • Factories 
  • Mills 

Steel insole shoes 

Workers who have to operate heavy trucks, push pedals and ride bikes will be more vulnerable to foot joint problems. Having safety footwear with steel inserts helps to stabilise the foot, preventing the worker’s feet from moving and shifting around too much. Steel insole shoes ensures those pesky bone and joint problems are all kept at bay and helps workers to easily focus on the task at hand. Additionally, in work places where the chances of sharp objects such as glass, screws and nails are frequently found lying on the floor, the puncture-proof properties of steel insole shoes makes it a great choice for people working in such dangerous conditions. You never know what you just might be stepping on. 

Features of steel insole shoes: 

  • Stabilises foot, preventing joint and bone problems 
  • Puncture-proof steel prevents contact of stray glass, screws and nails 

Best places for steel insole shoes to be employed in: 

  • Construction sites 
  • Stray metal areas 

Metatarsal shoes 

Metatarsal shoes protect the metatarsal bones in the foot where the particular region sticks out of our body’s line, making them particularly susceptible to harm from falling or moving objects. With special design considerations made on the basis for extra safety, metatarsal shoes are perfect for anyone looking to prevent such accidents or mishaps from happening. While safety-toe footwear only protects the toes of the wearer, shoes with metatarsal guards also protect higher up the foot, up to where the boot laces are, providing an additional level of safety. 

Features of metatarsal shoes: 

  • Special design considerations to protect metatarsal bones 
  • Metatarsal shoes also protects higher up the foot 

Best places for metatarsal shoes to be employed in: 

  • Large storehouses 
  • Warehouse 

Electric Hazard shoes 

The biggest danger for employees when they are working in areas with high voltage devices, machines, wiring, circuits and electricity, they are more prone to shocks when exposed or coming into contact with them. This is where electric hazard shoes are essential for the wearer to protect them from such dangerous problems. Electric hazard shoes have soles with special electrical resistance, assured by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM International) as “EH rated”. While electric hazard shoes might not completely protect one from electricity, they will definitely go a long way in ensuring safety in the above (products). 

Features of electric hazard shoes: 

  • Protects from shocks when exposed or when in contact 
  • Assured by ASTM International 

Best places for electric hazard shoes: 

  • Areas with many electrical devices 
  • Operating high voltage devices 

Types of safety-toe caps 

Safety-toe shoes come in a variety of different toe caps, all to ensure protection for workers in different work environments. Here are three common variants of safety-toed shoes: 


Steel safety-toed shoes are often the majority choice as they are cheap and provide adequate protection in construction or any other work environment where there are heavy machinery and risk of falling objects. However, the level of protection comes with a price as these types of shoes are fairly heavy. Workers have to work on their feet and walk around in such shoes for long periods of time should generally avoid such shoes. 


Alloy safety-toed shoes are much better than their steel variants as these shoes offer the same level of protection but are much lighter than their counterparts. At the same time, they are thinner, which gives the worker’s feet more room. As a result of this, alloy safety-toed shoes are more comfortable to wear. The trade-off for this is that alloy-toed boots are usually more expensive compared to their steel toe counterparts.


Composite safety-toed shoes are non-metallic variants that provide workers with better freedom to move their toes. Also, they are much lighter, making the shoes quite comfortable. Carbon fiber, fiberglass, and kevlar are some of the materials used to make these shoes. However, these shoes don’t provide the same level of protection as steel or alloy. Of the three types of soles, these are usually the lightest.

1. King power

Kings Brand Logo

KPR (King Power) is one of the most prominent safety shoe brands in Singapore that is well-known for manufacturing quality shoes. The secret to their high-quality shoes comes from their direct injection process, which they use to mold the shoes during manufacturing.

During direct injection molding, polyurethane (PU) is injected into the mold of the shoe. This process results in a sturdy shoe sole and better bonding strength. The polyurethane material keeps the shoes light, resists abrasion and makes them slip-resistant. This ensures that your KPR shoes are durable and able to last a long time.

If your job requires you to be on your feet for long hours, you would need a comfortable pair of safety shoes. KPR not only prides themselves in producing shoes of quality, safety, and strength, they also focus on comfort. Their shoes are also lightweight, giving your feet the needed comfort even when you are on your feet the whole day.

While most safety shoes are made with steel toe caps, KPR offers a non-metallic line of safety shoes. For this range of safety shoes, composite toe caps are used in place of steel toe caps. These industrial shoes offer extra wide toe cap for comfort and weighs lighter than regular safety shoes – all without compromising on safety.

Safety shoes doesn’t have to look rugged and boring all the time. At KPR, they offer stylish and fashionable safety shoes. The different series of safety shoes cover a variety of applications and uses. Their executive line of safety shoes are suitable to be worn inside the office by working professionals. Using materials such as PU and leather for the exterior, you can protect your feet and look classy at the same time. Other than the executive line, KPR also offers the sports series which provides additional cushioning for extra comfort while incorporating all the features that you would expect in a safety shoe.

Dedicated to providing good performance delivery and quality for its users, KPR shoes offer superior levels of comfort and safety.

2. King’s

Kings Brand Logo

Not to be confused with the previous brand, King’s Safety Footwear is another equally reputable manufacturer of safety shoes. From the sole to the toe-cap, King’s uses only high-quality materials to manufacture their safety shoes.

What makes King’s shoes so well-loved is the quality of their soles – both inside and out. The outsoles are slip-resistant with superior traction. This allows you to walk on different terrains while withstanding the effects of oils and acids. Whereas for the insole, King’s shoes incorporate an anti-static insole to reduce the risk of oil and sweat build-up from your feet. This insole is also anti-bacterial, preventing any fungal infections. For all-day comfort, King’s uses breathable fabric to line their safety shoes. This allows for proper ventilation and prevents retention of moisture in the shoes.

King’s shoes are made with a 200-joule steel-toe cap to protect your toes against heavy weights. This cap is impact and compression resistant, protecting your toes from hazardous or falling objects.

King’s Safety Footwear comes in a variety of styles to cater to different users. You can either choose a classic and sleek black shoe for a professional look. Alternatively, you can opt for a more stylish option with different colors and cuts. King’s shoes are ideal for use anywhere, by anyone, in any industry.

3. D&D

D&D Safety Shoes offers shoes that are of quality and affordable. If you want long-lasting shoes for use in the workplace, these shoes are ideal for you.

D&D’s quality comes from their insoles. Their insoles are made of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA). When used in shoes, the insoles become slightly firmer than regular insoles. This helps to maintain the quality and support of the shoes for long-term wear.

D&D uses different materials to line the upper for different models of shoes. The use of tanned leather for the upper makes the shoes more durable and less susceptible to damage especially during extreme weather conditions. As for other models, like the D&D Safety Shoes 01818, grained leather is used instead. Being the most durable type of leather, this material ensures that your safety shoes is able to withstand strong impacts and weights.

You no longer have to opt for the conventional lace-up shoes. Ranging from casual sneakers to boots, D&D offers a wide selection of shoe styles that is sure to keep your feet protected.

4. KaiTheGent 

KaiTheGent models its brand as offering stylish shoes without compromising on safety. Distinct from the other brands mentioned on this list, they offer bolder styles for the eccentric. Even with their modern and funky shoes, KaiTheGent provides optimum foot protection.

KaiTheGent is a proudly made-in-Singapore company set up in 2016. The owner, Kai, noticed industrial shoes offered incredible safety, but compromised on comfort. Despite giving protection, regular safety shoes made the feet feel hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

He also noticed a lack of style in the safety shoes offered in the market. To offer more options for consumers, KaiTheGent created the sports safety shoes – incorporating performance and modern aesthetics into safety.

What is unique about them is the materials they use to manufacture their shoes. Instead of using commonly-used materials such as polyurethane, KaiTheGent uses rubber for the soles of the shoes. Rubber is a good substitute as it increases sole traction and durability. It is also anti-slip and ideal for all types of weather conditions. Known to be a more breathable material as compared to other sole materials, rubber also provides extra comfort for the wearer.

While the use of fabric and leather in safety shoes are common, KaiTheGent uses mesh to line their shoes. Mesh not only gives these shoes their sporty and contemporary look, it is also able to expand the shoes for movement. Additionally, it promotes air circulation, preventing sweat and oil build-up within the shoes.

Differentiating itself from other brands and revolutionizing traditional safety shoes, KaiTheGent is an up and coming brand that everyone should keep a look out for.

5. Safety Jogger

Safety Jogger is a global brand and has become one of the most reputable safety shoes manufacturer in the world. Safety Jogger has a wide range of safety shoes for all purposes. These include hiking, racing, F&B, and even fashion.

Their soles are not only antistatic and anti-slip against oil and other liquids, they are also puncture resistant. This protects your feet from sharp objects which may potentially pierce through your shoes. Furthermore, the cleates on the outsole provide added traction, making it easier for you to tread on rocky or slippery surfaces.

Protecting your feet from external hazards such as sharp or heavy weight objects is important but it is also vital to prevent musculoskeletal foot injuries. Such injuries may result from lack of cushioning and excessive foot movement like prolonged walking on hard floors. To prevent this, Safety Jogger shoes come with with shock absorbent soles. This provides comfort and protects your feet from injuries during high-impact activities such as running. This provides comfort and protects your feet from injuries during high-impact activities such as running.  The shock absorption comes from the polyurethane material used. Safety Jogger uses double density polyurethane for optimum shock absorption.

Since these shoes provide optimum performance, they’re heavier than traditional shoes. Despite so, Safety Jogger shoes are still comfortable and breathable as materials such as mesh and latex are used. Their shoes are also lined with materials such as Coolmax for maximum comfort and breathability.

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Gone are the days where safety shoes are heavy, bulky and boring. With new technology and better resources and materials, safety shoes are now lightweight and comfortable. They even come in fancy and stylish designs which makes them wearable even outside of work.

Regardless of the design or colour of your shoes, safety is still of utmost importance when choosing the suitable safety shoes.

Having the right safety footwear is important. Take a look at our catalog for our extensive selection of safety shoes from leading brands.