Pressure washers are useful tools that will help you remove grime, dirt, and any other type of stains from surfaces easily. Whether you are looking to clean up your driveway or wash your vehicle, pressure washers will be extremely useful in getting the job done. There are many types of pressure washers and each of them come with different specifications, making them ideal for a variety of situations.

In part 1, we explored the types of pressure washers, the intensity of cleaning tasks as well as the different units of measurements. If you have yet to check it out, you can read all about it here. For this article, we will discuss the uses of pressure washers and the different situations in which you would need to use a pressure washer.

Uses of Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are popular tools in different industries because of their versatility. Here are some of the uses of pressure washers:



Eezee Pressure Washers for aviation

In the aviation industry, safety is the biggest concern. As the runways have paint and rubber deposits on them, it is vital that they are removed and washed away as quickly as possible. This is because the build-up of deposits may reduce the friction levels on the runway. This could potentially cause the aircraft to lose directional and braking control. Thus, pressure washers are required in the aircraft industry to keep the debris away from the runway and ensuring that they are clean and safe for the aircraft. They also use pressure washers to maintain their service vehicles such as their cabin service trucks and honey trucks.


Food and Beverage (F&B)

Pressure Washers wet markets

Cleanliness is an important aspect in the operations of the food and beverage (F&B) industry as companies have to comply with the strict regulatory requirements. The food and beverage industry uses pressure washers to minimize spreading of bacteria and germs in both the kitchen area as well as the dining area. I’m sure you have come across the temporary closure of your neighbourhood hawker centre for cleaning and maintenance once every few months. For such intensive cleaning works, pressure washers are usually used to efficiently and effectively clean the entire premise. This process is important to keep the hawker centre in a hygenic and tenable condition.

In a variety of processing facilities, preparation of food can reach high temperatures, leaving residue, grime, and grease on the cooking equipment and around the kitchen. Hence, the food and beverage industry uses pressure washers to ensure that such equipment are cleaned thoroughly.


Industrial Equipment

Eezee Industrial Pressure Washers

Industrial equipment, such as those used in construction and oil and gas industry, are used under extreme conditions. As these machines perform work in conditions that produce large quantities of grime and dust, it is important to keep them clean. Companies use pressure washers to clean their industrial equipment as they remove dirt particles effectively. As such large scale industrial equipment are huge and bulky, it is not feasible to clean them using your regular sponge and soap. Therefore, pressure washers are used to efficiently clean big surface areas in a short period of time. Also, when you keep industrial equipment clean, it extends their useful life considerably.



Marine Industry Pressure Washers

In the marine industry, decks, docks, and commercial vessels come in contact with debris, algae, oil and sea water constantly. As a result of this, they need to be kept clean, to prevent damage. The marine industry uses pressure washers because of their power and efficiency in cleaning all equipment.


Now that you know the different specifications of a pressure washer as well as the its uses, you must be wondering where you can get a pressure washer and how to select the right one for the job. We will now introduce a few pressure washers that you can get from Eezee.

Bosch 130 Bar Pressure Jet, 1700W, Aqatak 3713

The Bosch Aqatak 3713 combines functionality and versatility as you can use the 3-in-1 nozzle for a range of cleaning tasks. For better mobility, this pressure washer comes with sturdy wheels. Storing this pressure washer is also simple due to its easily foldable handle. For better energy efficiency, it comes with an auto-stop function which automatically stops the flow of water when not in use. This also helps the equipment to last longer, making it much more durable. The Aqatak 3713 requires little time to assemble – all you need to do is to set up the hose and lance, connect it to a power socket and it is good to go.

Motor Capacity 1700W
Flow Rate 370L/h
Pressure – Max 130 bar / 1885 PSI
Weight (without accessories) 6.53kg
Max Flow Temperature 40 °C

Karcher 130 Bar High Pressure Cleaner, 2200W, HD 5/11 P 

The Karcher HD5/11P gives you the best when it comes to portability, performance, and quality. Due to its carry handle and compact dimensions, it is easy to transport the pressure washer, even up the ladder or stairs. It comes with a variety of features such as automatic pressure relief and state-of-the-art power cable and hose that you will only find on high-end machines. You can store all the accessories on-board, making it convenient to use at all times. This also assures that the accessories and connecting parts are stored properly. You can also use them either horizontally or vertically, making this cleaner perfect for use in a variety of situations.

Karcher’s EASY!Force Technology

Another spectacular feature of this pressure washer is the new Karcher EASY!Force HD trigger gun. With this new technology, you can clean with minimum effort and zero holding force. The EASY!Force trigger gun also assures safety as it prevents unintentional usage and offers trigger safety. Additionally, it also prevents any damage to the valves. This is because of the valve is made of a ceramic ball with ceramic sealing heat that is resistant to particles that can cause damage to the valve. Therefore, this new technology from Karcher has revolutionized the way you use pressure washers.

Motor Capacity 2200W
Power Rating 2.2kW
Flow Rate 490L/h
Pressure – Max 130 bar / 1885 PSI
Pressure – Operating 110 bar / 1595 PSI
Weight (without accessories) 20.5kg
Max Flow Temperature 60 °C

Ryobi 130 Bar High Pressure Washer, 1800W, AJP-1610

The Ryobi AJP-1610 is a high pressure washer you can use to clean buildings, machines, and vehicles. It has a motor circuit breaker, which prevents overheating. The housing of the pressure washer is shock absorbent, to make it convenient for the operator. It uses up to 80% less water from a regular garden hose, allowing you to save on water. It also has a detergent tank which you can use at low pressure.

The non-slip spray handle includes a locking mechanism. When activated, the spray handled cannot be used. Also, the automatic stop/start feature stops the motor from working upon the release of the trigger. This would prevent accidental or unintentional usage which can be dangerous for the user.

Motor Capacity 1800W
Flow Rate 400L/h
Pressure – Max 120 bar /1740 PSI
Weight (without accessories) 7kg
Max Flow Temperature 40 °C


Nilfisk Densin High Pressure C150E

The Nilfisk C150E has a class F motor with built-in overload protection. All the materials on the pipes, fittings, and pump are non-corrosive. It has a low-speed pump/motor unit to meet your requirements. All the valves on the Nilfisk C150E are made of stainless steel. Also, it has three ceramic pistons and built-in safety/by-pass valve.

Motor Speed (RPM 50/60Hz) 1400/1750
Power Consumption 2.2/3.0
Power Supply (Kw/HP) 230/1ph/50Hz
Flow Rate 480L/h
Pressure – Max 130 bar / 2175PSI
Max Flow Temperature 35 °C


We hope that you have learnt more about pressure washers and what you should know before getting one. To get more information about the aforementioned models of pressure washers, check out our platform here. Our integrated platform is easy to use and allows you to compare the different types of pressure washers by brands and price range. With our platform, finding the right pressure washer can’t get any simpler.

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