A very happy new year to all our Eezee Sellers! We hope that 2017 has been a great run for you so far!

We have launched Eezee last year in August after four months of intensive development. Three months later, we rolled out new features such as variant search, technical data sheets (MSDS) upload and even the beta launch of our mobile site.

Fast forward another two months, we are launching even more new features to provide quality user experience on our platform for both our sellers and buyers.

We have launched the following features:

  1. Bulk Discount Badge
  2. Brand Images on Search Results Page
  3. Featured Categories
  4. Trending Products
  5. Product Range and Brands on Google
  6. Availability, Pricing and Image on Google

Bulk Discount Badge

We have previously rolled out the bulk discount feature last November. Bulk discounts are currently indicated on the cart page, quotation and invoice only.

Now, we have the bulk discount badge. The bulk discount badge will appear on your products on the browsing page. The highest discount offered will be highlighted in badge. This information is based on the bulk discount table in the seller centre.

Eezee Bulk Discount Badge

Eezee Bulk Discount Badge

If you offer attractive bulk discounts, this is perfect for you. Having discounts will further entice users to purchase your product over the others in the market. Furthermore, the striking yellow badge is sure to capture the user’s attention. After all, we all love discounts, don’t we?

Brand Images at Sidebar of Search Results Page

In the search results page, brand logos of your products will now appear at the bottom of the sidebar. This shows users the different brands available for the product that they are searching for. Therefore, they can easily identify the brands that offers the searched product.

Users can also click on the various brand logos or names. This leads them to the brand page, displaying all products under the brand.

For example, here we have the search results page for the product “drill”. At the sidebar on the right side of the page, the brands that offers the product “drill”, such as AEG and Makita, will appear.

 Eezee Brand Image Sidebar Search Result

Featured Categories on Homepage

Another feature we are proud to roll out is the Featured Categories section. This section will feature the most popular categories on Eezee’s platform.

Included here is the main category as well as the subcategories. This makes it easier for users to view the range of categories of products we have. It also allows for a bird eye’s view of the product assortment available on Eezee’s platform.

Also, the Popular Brands section at the top right is specially curated to showcase our best-selling brands.

Eezee Homepage Featured Categories

 Eezee Homepage Featured Categories

Trending Products on Homepage and Product Pages

After the Featured Categories, we have another section dedicated to showcasing our Trending Products. This highlights the most viewed and frequently browsed items by users.

Eezee Trending Products Homepage

The Trending Products section also appears on individual product pages. After the product details, you will find different trending products under the same category. This would constitute related products under the same category that are most commonly viewed by other users.

For example, here we have the product page for the Dancel PVC 2-Piece Raincoat. As this product is categorised under “Safety Products”, the Trending Products section included other safety products.

Eezee Trending Products

This is will not only increase your product exposure, it is also perfect for cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Showcasing other similar products that users may be interested in will increase the likelihood of additional sales.

Product Range and Brands on Google

The next update we have is improved visibility of your brand and product range on Google’s search results page. When you search for your brand on Google, your brand and product pages on Eezee will appear. With added sitemaps, this will improve the SEO of your products and make them more visible on Google.

Eezee Products Brands Google

The meta description included, as shown below, also improves SEO as well as the ranking of your products on Google.

 Eezee Updates

Pricing, Availability and Image on Google

When your products appear on Google’s search results page, the price, availability as well as image appears together with the name and description of the product. It allows users to view important details instantly at a single glance. This feature will also ensure that product information presented to the user is accurate and up-to-date.

Eezee Price Availability Image Updates

With these exciting features being rolled out, we hope to further enhance your user experience on Eezee’s platform.

These features not only benefit our sellers by making your products more prominent on Google in hopes to reap in more sales, it also benefits our buyers by making such products more searchable and making information more transparent.

Stay tuned to the next round of updates and features coming your way!