To many Singaporeans, purchasing a car is a painstaking process. From bidding for your COE to hunting down the best car deals, being a car owner is definitely not easy. Luckily for you, the team here at Eezee has compiled a list of ways you can care for your car. From dealing with paint scratches to ensuring a clear vision when driving in the rain, here are 6 best car cleaning tips to help you take good care of your car. And we know just the things you’ll need to make your car look like new.

6 Best Car Cleaning Tips from Eezee —
to make your car look like new


1. Crystal Clear View When Driving in the Rain

It might probably be common for you to be driving on rainy days, especially during this time of the year. Personally, it is a hindrance to drive in the rain because the rain makes it hard to see what is around me. It is also very dangerous as well. However, by using the Bullsone RainOK Extreme Rain Repellent For Side Mirror, you will be able to get a better grip on your driving experience.

Bullsone RainOK Extreme Rain Repellent For Side Mirror 50ml


This rain repellent is exclusively made for side-view mirrors. This helps to prevent condensation and rain from obstructing your view. It comes in a spray form, which makes it easy and fuss-free to apply the product on your side-view mirrors. The Bullsone RainOK Extreme Rain Repellent contains nanoscale silica, which forms a layer that repels rain from the surface. It also protects the mirror from dirt and dust, to ensure that you will get a clearer vision.


2. Key to Achieving a Spotless-Looking Car


I have to admit it is not easy to make your car look as shiny as you first got it. People spend hours and big bucks maintaining the lustre of their cars. However, for people who may not have the time or budget to do that, using the Eagle One Nano Wax As-U-Wash product might just be the one for you.


The Eagle One Nano Wax As-U-Wash product is a deep cleaning car wash that as a built-in layer of nano wax protection and shine. This means that while you wash your car, the product also adds wax and shine on the surface of your car. The wax protection in this product contains tiny Carnabua wax particles to provide more surface coverage. It also helps to fill up even the finest microscopic scratches, to maintain a smooth surface, and create more shine.


3. Make everyone envious of your Tire Shine

How do you tell a new car from an old car?

Look at the car’s tires and they will tell you secrets.

Many people often do not clean or care for their tires and as a result you can easily spot grime on their tires and rims. The trick to making you car look new is to properly care for your tires.

RUST OLEUM WIPE NEW TIRE KIT is a tire protection and maintenance kit. It produces a slick, glossy long lasting tire shine to tires that will not crack, chip, peel or flake off. The finish will last up to 6 months or over 100 car washes. It also provides UV protection and helps you keep your tires clean and without greasy residue!

         rust oleum wipe new tires tire maintenance

Wipe New has engineered a unique formula specifically for tires that bonds to the rubber sidewalls to form a protective coating while also enriching colour and enhancing lustre. Apply in layers to achieve your desired level of shine.

make your car look like newbest car cleaning tips make your tire shine

4. Removing Paint Scratches on Your Car

Quixx 2-Step Paint Scratch Remover

Paint scratches are inevitable. Despite how many times you try to be careful, you will probably encounter a scratch somewhere along the way. However, it does not always have to be bad news. With the help of the Quixx 2-Step Paint Scratch Remover, you will be able to easily remove those pesky paint scratches. The Quixx Scratch remover is made in Germany and uses a two-step system to remove minor and deeper scratches. It is able to get ride of scratches, small marks, and scuffs quickly and reliably. It also works on from all colours of paint and all types of finishes, including metallics!


5. Maintaining that Luxurious Leather Look

This is one of the best car cleaning tips we think you should not miss — car leather maintenance. It is important to keep the exterior of your car clean and beautiful — the same goes for the interior. Leather car seats add a classy, sophisticated look to any car and properly maintained leather seats are sure to make any car stand out.

However, if you do not take proper care of your leather seats, you will most probably end up with ugly, worn and cracked seats. Without proper maintenance and conditioning, your leather will age rapidly, losing its lustre and flexibility.

If your car leather is to retain its beauty, it must be cared for, cleaned and conditioned regularly. Believe it or not, leather treatment and regular cleaning is all it takes to keep your leather looking new, supple, soft and in the best condition. ArmorAll Leather Care Gel cleans, conditions and protects your car leather for that lasting, luxurious look.



It’s much easier to spend a little time and money protecting and conditioning your fine leather now, than try to salvage it when it’s beyond repair. You may end up doing an entire leather upholstery that will cost thousands of dollars!


6. Best Car Cleaning Tips | Make Your Car Smell Good

It is important for your car to look good but it is even more important for it to smell good. Regularly cleaning the interior of your car can help eliminate unwanted odour and pests from harbouring in your car.

For removing stubborn odours, we suggest using the Eagle One Odor Eliminator Fogger. Many air fresheners or fragrance sprays only cover up or reduce unpleasant odours temporarily. However, this fogger removes the odour molecules completely by changing their chemical structure. It can remove mildew, dog and cigarette odours.

Simply set off the fogger in your car, wait 10 minutes and then open your doors and allow it to air out for one minute.

Voila, no more foul smell!

In addition, we recommend using a fragrance diffuser to keep your car smelling fresh and pleasant.


Refresh Your Car Diffuser Dual Scent Oil Diffusers are designed to provide a powerful scent the moment the package is opened. Attach one to your vent and control the strength of the fragrance with the adjustable scent control lever.

The diffuser comes with the following fragrances:

  • Alpine Meadow & Summer Breeze
  • Citrus Sparkle & Summer Splash
  • Cool Breeze & New Car
  • Cool Lemonade & Fresh Strawberry
  • Mango Mandarin & Pina Colada

We hope that you have learnt a trick or two on how to care for your car. Feel free to comment and share with us your best car cleaning tips or how you make car look like new.


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