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Safety & Construction
Everything you need for your next construction project. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Construction Materials and other safety products.
Kings Work Shoe KJ424X
SGD 62.47
Safety Jogger Safety Shoe Dakar S3
SGD 59.40
Ktg Steel Toe Sports Safety Work Shoes / Boots Model Ss20 - Grey
SGD 60.00
Hercules R302(302) Safety Shoe
SGD 27.10
Ktg Steel Toe Sports Safety Work Shoes / Boots Model SS47
SGD 60.00
Ktg Steel Toe Sports Safety Work Shoes / Boots Model SS49 - Black
SGD 64.00
Bullard Standard Full-brim Hard Hat S71
SGD 29.00
Msa Safety Hard Hat V-gard Fast-trac Suspension White Psb Certified
SGD 20.00
Bullard Aboveview Full-brim Hard Hat With Interchangeable Clear Front Brim
SGD 59.00
Msa V-gard Fas-trac Slotted Helmet 475 Series
SGD 28.80
Msa V-gard Full Brim Helmet 475 Series
SGD 47.70
Quebee Safety Baseball Cap QB-BC-SC02SS
SGD 24.00
Safety Vest Yellow With Pockets VB4P
SGD 7.50
Kkh Safety Vest
SGD 2.00
3m Safety Vest Yellow 8906
SGD 11.70
Worksafe Hi-vis Safety Vest
SGD 3.00
Accsafe Safety Vest ASV24
SGD 2.40
Hy Safety Vest HYSV10
SGD 3.40
Red Wheel Knitted Cotton Hand Gloves Medium 1 Dozen
SGD 1.80
Absolute Safety Impact Gloves 4544 GHYKN
SGD 30.00
Prosafe NBR Foam Coated Gloves Flexi-27
SGD 3.80
Regeltex 14" Electrician Gloves Electrovolt
SGD 48.00
Accsafe Cut Resistant 3 Safety Gloves 758053
SGD 5.40
3m Scotch Brite Aloe Vera Glove
SGD 3.95
3m™ Securefit™ Safety Glasses SF401AF-FM, Foam, Clear Anti-fog Lens
SGD 9.10
Evon Hd Safety Goggle Wide Vision W/strap G5012cl Len [z87+]
SGD 10.00
Evon Hd Safety Goggle Wide Vision L/blue G5013cllb [z87+]
SGD 10.00
Sy Safety Spectacles Yellow/clear
SGD 1.00
Sy Safety Goggle Clear
SGD 0.90
Horme Safety Goggles With Strap HSG-01
SGD 1.30
Accsafe CR030 Self-retracting Fall Arrester Galvanised Steel Cable With Screw Karabiner
SGD 201.20
Haru HE-35D 3.5m Vertical Self Retractable Lifeline (en360)
SGD 220.00
Quebee Tripod Pn800 C/w Winch Pn801 20m
SGD 1,176.00
Accsafe Safety Strap Vest with Buckle ACCVS01
SGD 4.90
Accsafe P90 Safety Harness with Attaching Point for Sitting and Work Positioning Belt
SGD 180.00
Skyhawk Safety Belt with Small Hook SK07
SGD 9.00
Dancel Knitted Face Mask
SGD 5.89
Vistar Yellow Faceshield
SGD 6.00
Welding Head Shield With Glass
SGD 6.50
Accsafe PVC Faceshield PFS01
SGD 7.60
Accsafe Safety Spectacle Nova 255 (Dozen)
SGD 24.50
Vistar Face Dust Mask Pack of 50pcs
SGD 2.20