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Safety & Construction
Everything you need for your next construction project. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Construction Materials and other safety products.
Metabo 220-240V 400W Bandsaw Bas 261 Precision
S$ 840.00
Kyocera AW1910 Circular Saw
S$ 144.45
Metabo 230V 630mm 2000W Circular Table Saw Ts 254
S$ 1,694.77
Aiguru Sliding Table Saw
S$ 8,800.00
Kyocera ARJK110 Reciprocating Saw
S$ 226.91
Metabo 230V 630mm 2000W Circular Table Saw Ts 254
S$ 1,550.00
Mini Dynafile Dynabrade #15003
S$ 1,515.24
5 Hp Straight-line Die Grinder, Steel Housing 24,000 Rpm, Gearless, Front Exhaust, 53807
S$ 888.40
Utility Arm Serrated Urethane 2' Dynabrade #67203
S$ 537.32
4hp Right Angle Die Grinder #47802
S$ 1,266.00
GP-940 Engraver
S$ 339.40
.1 Hp Straight-Line Pencil Grinder 50,000 Rpm, Turbine Air Motor, Rear Exhaust, 3 Mm Collet, With Ceramic Bearings, 51732
S$ 1,073.28
Black and Decker 12V Cordless Drill Driver Project Kit BDCDD12PJ-B1
S$ 113.87
Black and Decker 20V 2G Cordless Hammer Drill BDCHD18K-B1
S$ 125.70
Black and Decker 12V Cordless Drill Driver Value Set With Blister Pack BDCDD12HS-B1
S$ 72.46
Makita TD111DSAE 12V 2.0AH LI-ION Cxt Brushless Impact Driver Kit
S$ 344.18
Bosch Magnetic Drill GBM 50-2
S$ 1,360.81
Black and Decker 7.2V Compact Drill Driver BDCD8K-B1
S$ 52.94
Atlas Copco QAE30 Generator
S$ 10,000.00
Betex Yoke 14x14x280mm BLF202 - SLF302
S$ 73.00
Betex Yoke 40x40x280mm BLF202 - SLF302
S$ 270.00
Betex Yoke 60x60x280mm BLF202 - SLF302
S$ 340.00
Betex Yoke 20x20x280mm BLF202 - SLF302
S$ 78.00
Betex Yoke 30x30x280mm BLF202 - SLF302
S$ 260.00
Betex Yoke 50x50x280mm BLF202 - SLF302
S$ 300.00