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Safety & Construction
Everything you need for your next construction project. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Construction Materials and other safety products.
Sy SY-GLTRWMP Galvanised Iron Wire Mesh Panel
S$ 13.20
1099mm Cross Brace (new)
S$ 11.15
Aac Block 600MM X 200MM X 75MM
S$ 2.50
Sy Construction (scaffolding) Safety Net
S$ 3.60
BS1139 Bone Joint (new)
S$ 5.60
2198mm Cross Brace (new)
S$ 11.15
Semen Gresik (40kg)
S$ 5.04
Sikagrout Cement Mortar Grouting 25 Kg - 215
S$ 10.09
Three Cement Wheels 50 Kg Per Sack
S$ 6.97
Fosroc Renderoc Plug Instant Set Cement to Stop Leakages and Seepages
S$ 35.95
Self Smoothing Compound As Underlayment - Ardex K310 (25kg/bag)
S$ 24.00
Kth Quick Set
S$ 6.59
Solutec Expanding Foam Adhesive 500GM
S$ 17.00
Alchem - A-POLYSYS Rigichem Polyurethane Foam (puf)
S$ 26.00
X'traseal Snow Filler 300ml
S$ 2.07
Betex 700g Water Based Wood Filler (6 Colours)
S$ 8.50
Dap Plastic Wood Filler - White 6oz 070798005853
S$ 12.14
Sealxpert Pu Expansion Foam (PU750)
S$ 4.20
Mokuba Flat Bar - C4 60
S$ 25.09
Yih Hwa Uv Pe Surface Protection Tape 200m (blue)
S$ 5.85
Makita JV002GM201 Cordless Jig Saw W Rapid Charger (DC40RA), 2 X 40Vmax – 4.0Ah Batteries (BL4040), Makpac
S$ 1,278.67
Rs Pro Taper Bush 1210, 20mm Shaft Diameter
S$ 16.48
Rs Pro Taper Bush 1108, 19mm Shaft Diameter
S$ 13.03
Dock Plate Lightweight, Portable, 3/8" Plate, 5" High, 4100 Lbs. Capacity
S$ 3,288.00