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Procure. The eezee way


Procurement can be a hassle for businesses as the process of sourcing out for various supplies can be far more complicated than it seems. Eezee, as its name suggests, makes procurement easier.

Being Singapore’s first one-stop online marketplace for businesses, Eezee offers a broad and easily searchable selection of industrial goods and supplies from reputable global brands. We aim to efficiently facilitate B2B (business-to-business) transactions by making it more convenient for businesses to view specifications and quotations of supplies instantly and at economical prices, just with a couple of clicks.

Since its establishment in 2016, Eezee is committed to serve and satisfy the needs of both its purchasers and suppliers. Not only do buyers benefit through time and cost savings, sellers are also able to market and sell their products to the right buyer efficiently through our extensive customer base.

The Eezee way of procurement is now the new way to go.


Making B2B easy / Transforming B2B procurement for the future

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