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Safety & Construction
Everything you need for your next construction project. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Construction Materials and other safety products.
Safetyfit Safety Shoe D12807,Black Buffalo Full Grain Leather SLIP-ON Shoe Dual Density Pu Outsole
S$ 44.20
King's Low-cut Lace Safety Shoe KWS200
S$ 36.30
Safetyfit Safety Shoe D12800, Black Buffalo Full Grain Leather Laced Shoe Dual Density Pu Outsole
S$ 39.48
Bata Walkmates Mf Norfolk 2 Lace up Shoes Black - 5/38
S$ 53.00
Industries Safety Shoe
S$ 28.00
Krushers Safety Shoe Florida Black
S$ 44.20
Accsafe Pvc Chin Strap for Helmet
S$ 0.56
3M Hard Hat White 4-Point Ratchet Suspension H-701R
S$ 24.00
Accsafe Industrial Bump Cap HA113
S$ 18.50
Quebee Safety AQM3 White Helmet With P8 Plastic Suspension and P5 Chin Strap QB-AQM3-WHITE-P5-P8-KIT-6
S$ 5.00
Quebee Safety AQM3 Yellow Helmet With P8 Plastic Suspension and P5 Chin Strap QB-AQM3-YELLOW-P5-P8-KIT-
S$ 5.00
H-701R Hardhat White 4 Pt Ratchet Psb
S$ 26.00
Blu Starry 165N Iso Single Chamber Inflatable Life Jacket Red Nylon Cover BLU2109101
S$ 102.00
Elastic Safety Strap Vest (10 Pieces/packet)
S$ 3.90
Elastic Safety Strap
S$ 3.00
Hy Safety Vest With Stripe HY-11
S$ 2.10
Ace Safety Strap Harness Vest
S$ 3.60
Safety Vest Reflective Long Sleeve With Pocket
S$ 14.00
Rs Workz Premium Goat Skin Argon Gloves
S$ 4.80
Worksafe Disposable Powder Free Nitrile Gloves 9Inch
S$ 31.20
3m Comfort Grip Glove
S$ 5.50
Quebee Examination Nitrile Powder Free Glove QB-OCPFNFK-EXAM (100pcs)
S$ 19.20
Quebee Safety VERGE-700 Nbr Foam Coated Glove (pair) QB-VERGE-700-L1
S$ 2.88
Red Wheel Knitted Cotton Hand Gloves Medium 1 Dozen
S$ 1.80
Workgard E3037 Shiny Safety Frame Black
S$ 1.87
Accsafe Safety Overspec Dover
S$ 3.30
Univet Wide Lens Safety Glass 6X1.00.00.00
S$ 46.90
Quebee Safety Harrier Spectacles Clear Lens QB-5400-TAIO-HC
S$ 4.68
Honeywell A800 Clear Frame Anti-Fog Safety Glasses
S$ 4.50
Kings Safety Eyewear
S$ 2.40
Accsafe Safety Strap Vest With Buckle
S$ 3.90
Orex Safety Energy Absorber Double Hook Rope Lanyard
S$ 57.00
Quebee Safety Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline (piece) QB-PN-3000
S$ 128.00
200kg Rescue Tripod
S$ 855.00
Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline
S$ 150.00
PN-41 -1 "d" Ring Full Body Harness W/BELT
S$ 200.00
Protective Face Shield/visor - for F&b/daily Usage
S$ 1.00
Pyrovatex Fire Retardant Frc Hood, [FRC]
S$ 29.88
Polycarbonate Face Shield Flip Type
S$ 8.80
3M 82501 Safety Ratchet Headgear and 82701 Face Shield
S$ 50.00
MASter Safety Helmet Yellow MAS
S$ 4.80
Centurion Polycarbonate Screen (clear) 225MM S590
S$ 19.20