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Our vast selection of construction products guarantees that you can find whatever you need for the next visit to the construction site. We carry a large catalogue of big ticket items: Concrete hoppers, wheelbarrows, gas cylinder racks and pallet cages are just some of the many construction necessities that are available to you. At the same time, being safe during big projects is important as well, which is why we also carry the necessary personal protective equipment to reduce risk: Safety shoes, reflective vests, harnesses and hard hats. You’ll be spoilt for choice!
Have all your miscellaneous workplace safety needs met at Eezee. Need a new pair of safety eyewear? We got you. Need to protect your ears from the deafening sounds of a jackhammer? We have a range of ear plugs you can choose from. Here’s your one-stop shop for everything that you need to keep you out of harm’s way, your portal for products that keep you protected so that you can return home safe at the end of the day. From safety vests, helmets, cones, gloves and outerwear, Eezee has got you covered.
Searching for sturdy and reliable safety shoes or boots for your construction needs? Look no further! Eezee carries an expansive array of protective footwear- from high to low cut safety shoes, from PVC to steel toe boots, walk anywhere without fear of getting your feet injured by personal negligence or unfortunate accidents! Safety boots are a must for anyone serious about workplace safety. Find great deals on brands such as KPR, Nitti, Kings, D&D, KaiTheGent and others right here on Eezee. Order now and have your feet protected by quality shoes made with great care and architecture before starting on your next construction project!
Respiratory protective equipment might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of workplace safety, but it is an important aspect of it nonetheless. Air in workplaces often contain harmful substances such as hazardous gases or small particulate matter, that, when inhaled, might cause serious harm to workers and other people in the vicinity. We at Eezee recommend that you consider purchasing quality respiratory protection to keep yourself and those around you safe from an invisible, but equally dangerous, hazard. Shop for top-grade respirators like the 3M Full Facepiece Respirator 6000 series, simple masks like the AccSafe N95 Mask and different sorts of filters at Eezee today!

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Safety & Construction