Uploading a Product on Eezee

You can upload product onto Eezee by logging into your Eezee Seller account.

If you have not registered a Eezee Seller account, you can learn how to do so here:

Eezee Seller uploading guidelines

Before uploading a product, please do take note of the following:

  • Only upload products with ready stock
  • Prepare product images that fit our required image specifications
  • Submit a list of brands and product categories to sales@eezee.com.sg for a seamless uploading experience

How to upload Product

Step 1. Firstly, login onto your Seller’s Account

Eezee Seller Sidebar

Step 2. Then, click on Products > Add a product located on the sidebar.

Step 3. 
Afterwards, enter product information and details.

Step 4. Upload product images with the resolution 600px by 600px. You can also learn more about our recommended image guidelines here.

Step 5. Finally, click on the Save button located on the top right corner of your toolbar once you are done.

How to give Bulk Discount on Eezee

Step 1. 
Give Bulk Discount on your products by simply toggling the Bulk Discount button to On.

Bulk Discount Feature

Step 2. Click Edit and key in the bulk discount based on the purchase quantity.

Step 3. And once you are done, click on Save.

Bulk discount Save

How to input product variants

Step 1. FirstEnter the base price before adding variants.

Step 2. Toggle the Variant button to On.

Step 3. In the following example, Height is a variant group and 4M”, “5M” & “6M are its variant types.

Step 4. For instance,  our system takes into account the base price and adds the variant price on to it.

Let’s assume the base price of the product is $10.
Variant with InformationBase Price + Variant Price = Final Price

$10 + $4 = $14

Hence, the product with variant “6M” will cost $14.

How to input multi-variants

We are almost done with the guide.

Step 1. 
Add another variant group by toggling the Multiple Variant to On.
For example, Material is another variant group:

Base Price Variant Price + Variant Price = Final Price

E.g. $10 + Height + Material = Final Price

Step 2. 
Simply input the variant group name, it’s variant types and pricing.Multiple variants with info

Step 3. Finally, click on Confirm to finish adding a multi-variant product.

Support & Feedback

Finally, if you happen to experience any technical difficulties or have any feedback for our team, please talk to our handsome and friendly technical support officer.

“Let me know how I can better your user experience”

Jasper Yap

Eezee Technical Support Officer

contact me at jasper@eezee.com.sg

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