Welcome, sellers, to another Eezee updates post!

It has been 3 months since the last updates article and now, we have a new round of features that we’ve been very excited to launch on the Eezee platform. These new updates will mainly revolve around cart and shipping pages to facilitate a better check-out experience for our users. If you haven’t already checked out what Eezee rolled out for our past updates, you can check them out here and here.

In other news, Eezee has just crossed our 1-year mark on 26 April 2018. In retrospect, we have come a long way since. From kickstarting our old WordPress-powered version to launching our current platform with our regular quarterly updates, reaching the 1-year mark is a major milestone for the team at Eezee. Moving forward, we hope to serve you better on our 2nd, 3rd and even the 10th year mark. We’re grateful for the continuous support that you have given us which drives us to propel Eezee forward.

Here are some of the awesome features we have launched in conjunction with our 1-year milestone:

  1. Dynamic Delivery Pricing
  2. Bulk Discount Quantity Prompt
  3. [SELLER’S FEEDBACK] Search for Uploaded Products
  4. Eezee Store
  5. Recommended Products in Cart/Featured Products
  6. Eezee Blog Articles on Home Page
  7. Upgraded Server

Dynamic Delivery Pricing

Due to the wide assortment of products we have that ranges in dimensions and weight, shipping costs tend to fluctuate greatly for different products. Hence, we have launched the dynamic delivery pricing function. The delivery price that users pay will now depend on the weight and dimension of the item. Thus, the bulkier and heavier the item, the more delivery will cost. Similarly, the higher the quantity of an item that a user purchases, the higher the delivery cost.

With this feature, we advise all sellers to correctly input the dimensions and weight of the products uploaded. This information will affect the delivery cost that users have to pay for.

Here, we have a Gison Air Hose Reel with size dimensions of 350 (L) x 290 (W) x 390 (H) mm, weighing 8kg. At single quantity, the delivery cost is priced at $5.50.

Eezee Updates

Once the quantity of the same item increases to 10, the delivery cost goes up to $11.50.

Eezee Updates

Another example we have here is the Prestar Worktainer. The item itself weighs a total of 52kg and reaching almost 2 metres in height. Because of its bulkiness and heavy weight, the delivery cost can amount to $39.

Eezee Updates

Therefore, it is important to key in the correct dimensions and weight for each product as accurately as possible for the system to reflect the correct delivery price.

Bulk Discount Quantity Prompt

Previously, we have rolled out the bulk discount tiered pricing as well as the bulk discount badge. Now, we have incorporated the bulk discount feature into the cart page. When users add bulk discount-eligible items into the cart, there will be a prompt highlighted in orange to indicate the quantity they need to order to be eligible for the bulk discount.

Highlighted in the screenshot below, the prompt indicates that adding 4 more of the same item will entitle the user to a 10% bulk discount.

Once the first tier of bulk discount has been fulfilled, the prompt will now indicate how many more quantity the user has to add to the cart to reach the next tier of bulk discount. As shown below, adding 5 more quantity of the item to the cart allows the user to receive a total of 15% discount (an additional 5% from the previous tier of discounts).

As shown above, the different tiers of bulk discounts will be reflected as users add more quantity of the same item into their carts.

This function shows users how much they can save with the bulk discounts as well as how many more items they need to buy to reach the next tier of discounts. Showing the amount users can save will also prompt them to buy more to get the discounts.

[SELLER’S FEEDBACK] Search Bar for Uploaded Products

Sellers, we’ve heard your feedback about how we can improve the seller center. We appreciate the constructive feedback given. The launch of this feature was made possible thanks to you.

As sellers, you may have a whole assortment of products of varying brands listed on our platform. As a result, it may be hard to track listed products or to search for products of a particular brand. Thus, we have taken your feedback into consideration and have launched a search function for all your uploaded listings.

In the search bar, you can search by the brand or a particular model number. This function allows you to filter the products you have previously uploaded by brand, name or model number. That is not only so, you can also sort the products in ascending or descending order based on the uploaded date. This makes it easier for you to check which product has been uploaded and when it was uploaded.

Eezee Updates

Thanks to your input, we’re working to make the seller center, and the entire Eezee platform as a whole, better for you.

Let us know how else we can improve the platform, we’d love to hear it from you! Feel free to input your feedback in the Hotjar pop-up on the bottom-left corner of the seller center.

Eezee UpdatesEezee Updates

Eezee Store

Another feature we’re rolling out in the cart page is the Eezee Store. Items are now categorized by “stores”. This means that items under the same store are grouped together, charged under one delivery fee.

Each seller gets their own “store” with a randomized number identification to group products under the same store.

Eezee Updates

As seen in these screenshots, the GBC Shredder and Binder are listed under the same seller and thus, are group together in the same store.

Recommended Products in Cart/Featured Product

  • Cart

Our cart page now includes recommended products as well. Once users have successfully added a product to their cart, a pop-up with recommended products will appear based on their recently viewed products.

Similarly, the same recommended products will appear at the bottom of the checkout page.

Users are able to browse through the items that they have previously looked at but have not added to their cart. Users can easily add these items in to their cart just before checkout as well.

  • Featured Products

Our featured products segment is also incorporated with recommended products based on your viewing and browsing history.

 Eezee Blog Articles on Home Page

Love our informative blog articles? Keep up to date with the latest article releases on the Eezee home page.

You can also check out our blog articles on our Eezee Blog, Facebook or on LinkedIn as well.

Upgraded Server

With over 16,000 products listed on our platform, there are many files, images and data sheets that are stored on our platform. This would amount to a large number of data and storage being used. An overload of data can result in a slow running site.

To prevent this, we have upgraded our servers to accommodate to our growing database of products. This is to ensure a fast server speed for an optimum user experience for you. We understand how frustrating a slow-loading and unresponsive website can be, especially when the average user will only tolerate a load time of only 2 seconds.

Therefore, this server upgrade was necessary to maintain the platform’s fast server speed and responsiveness. At Eezee, we pride ourselves with providing an optimum user experience which is attributed to the site’s user-friendliness, reliability as well as speed.

Here’s what you can look forward to…

Free delivery with Minimum Order Amount

Just to give you a little sneak on the upcoming updates that we have planned, we are planning to launch a Minimum Order Amount feature. Each seller will input a Minimum Order Amount. This entitles users to free delivery once the amount ordered from the store hits the stated order amount.

This entices users to add more items to the cart to reach the Minimum Order Amount set by the seller to get free delivery.

Company Pages

We also have the company pages feature launching very soon. Each seller will be entitled to your own company page.

Users can to browse through products in your store and view information about your company profile from the company page. That is not all, you are also able to customize your own banner and add a company logo to add a touch of personalisation for your profile.

Expect to see the above features and many others launching on the Eezee platform very soon!