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Warehouse & Transport
Find all your warehousing & lifting equipment here. Trolleys, pallet trucks, ladders, storage boxes, industrial crates, packaging supplies & more.
Steel Single-Cylinder Truck With Two Pneumatic Axle-Mounted Wheels
S$ 1,172.00
Portable Diy Moving Tool Set 360° Roller Mover Transport Furniture Heavy Bulky Object Slider Lifter Trolley Accessories
S$ 169.00
Muji Polypropylene Wheeled Platform/Horizontally&Vertically Connectable Trolley
S$ 99.00
Steel Single-Cylinder Truck With Two Axle-Mounted Wheels
S$ 988.00
Prestar Trolley 150KG NB-101
S$ 138.00
300kg Prestar Trolley
S$ 185.00
EZRoller Lockable Security Cage
S$ 650.00
Prestar Worktainer WT-85-65-17P (2DR)
S$ 725.00
Stanley 1-29-045 Roller Frame 9" Cage X 1/2"
S$ 3.98
Stanley 1-29-772 Roller Frame 9" Stick
S$ 3.94
Ezroller Roll Container Standard
S$ 395.00
EZRoller Roll Container Single / Double Door
S$ 495.00
Boxo 3 Drawer Service Cart (grey) AS30033A
S$ 586.20
Stainless Steel 3 Tiers Trolley
S$ 360.00
Boxo 3 Drawer Service Cart With 35 Pc Vde Toolset
S$ 1,370.40
Mobile Trolley
S$ 135.00
3 Tier Metal Trolley With Handle
S$ 99.00
Prestar NF-314 Double Deck Trolley
S$ 420.00
Toyu (japan) Ton 685 X 1220MM Pallet Truck/JACK
S$ 1,098.00
Kanazawa KPT685 5 Ton 685 X 1220MM Pallet Truck
S$ 1,380.00
Opk High Catch Pallet truck-500kg
S$ 1,900.00
Opk Cold Room Pallet Truck-2000kg
S$ 1,900.00
Opk Cold Room Pallet Truck-1500kg
S$ 1,800.00
Opk Traverse Pallet Truck (sideway Movement)
S$ 2,450.00
Goldstar / Plastic Basket Container 33L GS-119 Yellow / Blue
S$ 19.75
Biohazard Kangaroo Zip Lock Bag With Document Pouch
S$ 38.00
Large Capacity Canvas Travel Luggage Bag Outdoor Travel Duffle Bag With Coded Lock
S$ 30.00
Goldstar / Plastic Basket Container 32L GS-1002H
S$ 23.00
Canvas Tools Bag
S$ 5.00
Facom Carry Tray and Holder JET.A11
S$ 151.41
Makita Cordless Powered Wheelbarrow (18V) DCU180Z
S$ 1,120.06
Makita Cordless Powered Wheelbarrow (18VX2) DCU604Z
S$ 4,881.38
Holder for Dia Dex Wheel Od25
S$ 5.49