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Warehouse & Transport
Find all your warehousing & lifting equipment here. Trolleys, pallet trucks, ladders, storage boxes, industrial crates, packaging supplies & more.
Oyama Frosted Clear Anti-slip Tape
SGD 33.90
Oyama Yellow Anti-slip Tape
SGD 36.00
Oyama Luminous Anti-slip Tape
SGD 79.00
Oyama Anti-slip Tape Black
SGD 22.60
Hunter Anti-slip Tape 995 60 Ft (18.2m)
SGD 26.40
Iwata Orange Floor Marking Tape 10m
SGD 84.00
Iwata Yellow Floor Marking Tape 10m
SGD 84.00
Warning Tape 75mmx45m (red/white)
SGD 2.15
Safe Distancing Marking Tape 48mm X 33m
SGD 7.80
Grip-on Barricade Strip Yellow "caution Do Not Enter"
SGD 28.80
Yellow & Black Adhesive Warning Tape 2"
SGD 3.50
Tag Identifier Spade Out 100150 Approx. 0.3mm Thickness
SGD 1.04
Vistar Pvc Floor Caution Sign
SGD 3.00
Avaids Low Intensity Aviation Warning Ligh Type ''a'', >10 Cd, Conforming to Icao Regulations, Red Len, Fibre Reinforced Polymer Body, Control Panel With I/PUT & O/PUT Surge Protection, Alarm for Service Lamp Failure, Photocell, IP65, 230V 50/60HZ
SGD 737.00
Tag Operation Red 100020N Approx. 0.3mm Thickness
SGD 0.85
Tag Identifier Spade in 100130 Approx. 0.3mm Thickness
SGD 1.04
Sign Board Plastic
SGD 6.40
Hubbell Dynamo Emergency Light, Wet Loc, Twin Head, 3W Lamp, 6W Capacity, 120/277V, 50/60HZ, IP56
SGD 495.00
Hubbell Dynamo Industrial Led Emergency Light, 2X3W Lamps, 120/277VAC 50/60HZ, 12W Capacity
SGD 517.00
Hubbell Dynamo Emergency Light, 12W Capacity, Spectron® Self Diagnostics, 2X3 W Lamp Heads,
SGD 1,430.00
Hubbell Dynamo Indl Led Emergency Fixture, N4X Rated, UL924, NFPA101/70
SGD 517.00
Legrand Emergency Light Unit Type: Baes Evacuation 62525
SGD 180.00
Ccm Led Exit Light
SGD 52.00