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EMF & Frequency Meters products

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Top Brands for EMF & Frequency Meters
SGD 10,788.32
Elora 2440-ETM Electronic Torque Meter
SGD 3,400.18
Elora 2445 Electronic Inline Transducer Mtt
SGD 5,886.23
Elora 2446 Electronic Stationary Transducer 1/4″ Drive
SGD 1,390.00
Alphalab Air Shipment Milligauss Meter (oersted Meter) ...
SGD 800.51
Elora 2447 Fixing Angle
SGD 215.00
Tenmars TM-190 Multi-field Emf Meter / Gauss Meter
SGD 1,500.00
Reed R8008 Portable Radiation Meter
SGD 270.00
Lutron Line Frequency Montor Model: LF-423
SGD 188.00
Lutron Microwave Emf Tester EMF-810
SGD 155.00
Lutron Emf Tester EMF-832
SGD 260.00
Emfields PF5 Pocket Power Frequencies Meter (elf & Vlf)...
SGD 532.00
Emfields PF4 Elf Power-frequency Meter (10hz to 2khz)
SGD 223.00
Emfields RadAware Personal Microwave Detector (200mhz t...
SGD 279.00
Emfields the Acousticom 2 Microwave Detector (200mhz to...
SGD 68.00
Cem DT-2G Microwave Leakage Detector
SGD 1,200.00
Trifield GM1-ST Dc Gauss Meter With Boot and Carrying Case
SGD 318.00
Trifield TF2 Electromagnetic Meter 3-axis Emf Detector
SGD 298.00
Cornet ED88TPlus Electrosmog Emf Rf/lf/elf (tri-mode) F...
SGD 328.00
Cornet ED85EXPlus Electrosmog Emf Rf/lf (dual-mode) Gau...
SGD 98.00
Cem DT-3G Magnetic Field Meter (30hz to 300hz)