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Elora 2440-ETM Electronic Torque Meter
Product Description

Elora 2440-ETM Electronic Torque Meter

Product code: 2440000000000

  • Description:- To use with Elora No. 2455-MTT or 2446-STT for testing and calibration of all torque wrenches
    Display: huge easy to read LCD Display
    Power supply: commercial quality 9V NiCd-battery corresponding wall plug transformer (both included)
    Memory: up to 1350 torque values in format data: dataset, torque value and measuring unit
    Serial computer interface, 2 way communication with computer, printer (protocol RS232C 9600BPS, 8,1,n)
    Working modes: Track Mode, Peak Hold and First Peak Hold (for calibration of click type torque wrenches)
    Nm, ft-lb in-lb, oz-in, cNm, kgf-lb
    Setting of Tolerances: the setting of the tolerance is all time visible on the LCD Display during the work. Target tolerance value from 1 – 99% or smallest and biggest value
    Display of Tolerances: throughout 3 LED’s and audible buzzer is indicated if the measuring value is below (yellow) within (green) or above (red) the tolerance
    Erase of Display: it is possible to define if the measured value is automatically, after a programmable time of 1 – 9 sec. or manually erased
    Frequency Filter: 5 adjustable frequency filter(170Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1500Hz und 3600Hz) (e.g. for calibration of power tools)
    Transducer Recognition: by a built in Smart chip all data of the Elora Transducer will be read in automatically (plug and play). Of course all data can also been manually calibrated.
  • Width mm:- 83
  • Height mm:- 185
  • Depth mm:- 32
  • Weight g:- 420
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