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SGD 288.00
Kyoritsu Digital Earth Meter 4105A
SGD 95.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2117R
SGD 640.00
Kyoritsu Digital Multi Function Tester 6010B
SGD 71.00
Kyoritsu Digital Analog Multimeter 1109S
SGD 111.00
Kyoritsu KEW 2200R Ac Digital Clamp Meter With True Rms
SGD 56.00
Kyoritsu Digital Multimeter 1009
SGD 130.00
25w Megaphone / Loudhailer
SGD 158.00
Kyoritsu Digital Multimeter 2012RA
SGD 360.00
Kyoritsu Kew Snap Leakage Current Tester 2431
SGD 926.00
Kyoritsu Rcb Elcb Tester Kew 5410
SGD 161.00
Kyoritsu Analog Meggar Meter 3165 500v
SGD 92.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2007R
SGD 340.00
Kyoritsu Digital Meggar Meter 3007A
SGD 268.00
Kyoritsu Clamp Meter 2046R
SGD 168.00
Kyoritsu Analog Meggar Meter 3166 1000v
SGD 313.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2056R
SGD 118.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter KT203
SGD 78.00
Gas Soldering Iron Kit-auto Ignition GS-23K
SGD 128.00
Kyoritsu Kew Fork Current Tester 2300R
SGD 112.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2031
SGD 273.00
Kyoritsu Flexible Clamp Meter Kew 2210R
SGD 5.00
Solder Wire
SGD 295.00
Kyoritsu Clamp Meter 2003A
SGD 229.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2033
SGD 55.00
Carrylite Case
SGD 191.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2002PA
SGD 9.50
Professional Serivce Case
SGD 8.00
Professional Service Case
SGD 10.00
Multi-function Tool Box
SGD 160.00
Mini-portable Waterproof Voice Amplifier
SGD 158.00
Kyoritsu KEWMATE 2012RA 2 in 1 Digital Multimeter With ...
SGD 233.00
Kyoritsu Digital Light Meter 5202
SGD 249.00
Kyoritsu 3132A Analogue Insulation / Continuity Tester
SGD 140.00
EZtalk Portable Smart Voice Amplier
SGD 7.10
Auto Loading Ratchet Screwdriver Set
SGD 140.00
EZtalk Portable Smart Voice Amplifier
SGD 340.00
Kyoritsu 3007A Digital Insulation/continuity Tester
SGD 6.50
Long Nose Plier 136mm
SGD 6.50
Diagonal Cutting Plier ( 110mm )
SGD 80.00
Professional Dynamic Microphone
SGD 120.00
Personal Beltpack Amplifier
SGD 720.00
Wireless Mini Portable Amplifier c/w Headset Mic.
SGD 73.00
Digital Multimeters KEW 1021R
SGD 66.00
Sanwa CD770 Digital Multimeter - Ac/dc Voltmeter (made ...
SGD 700.00
Wireless Mini Portable Amplifier C/w Handheld Mic.
SGD 474.00
Kyoritsu 1061 Digital Muliteters (made in Japan )
SGD 1,460.00
Kyoritsu 4202 Earth Clamp Testers ( Bluetooth )
SGD 132.00
Raaco 45W ESD Drawers Cabinet, Earth Wire Included (ite...
SGD 99.00
Kyoritsu 1011 Digital Multimeter
SGD 295.00
Kyoritsu KEW 2003A Ac/dc Digital Clamp Meter
SGD 455.00
Kyoritsu 3023a Digital Insulation Tester
SGD 371.00
Kyoritsu Clamp Meter 2009R
SGD 70.00
Raaco 45W - 45 Drawer Cabinet (made in Denmark / Item N...
SGD 58.30
Raaco 30 Drawer Storage Unit Steel
SGD 58.00
Kyoritsu KEW 1019R Trus Rms Card Type Digital Multimeter
SGD 65.00
Kyoritsu KEW 1030 Digital Multimeter
SGD 138.00
Kyoritsu KEWMATE 2001A Pocket Sized Digital Multimeter
SGD 12.50
Pro'skit SH-1025 Soldering Tip Cleaner
SGD 62.00
Proskit 8PK-750N Aluminum Frame Tool Case W/1 Pallet (p...
SGD 68.00
Proskit TC-267 Heavy Duty Waterproof Case for Electroni...