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Light Meters & Imaging products

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Top Brands for Light Meters & Imaging
SGD 600.00
Seek Reveal Thermal Camera
SGD 2,900.00
Therm-app Therm-App HZ
SGD 161.00
Lutron Light Meter LX-108
SGD 38.00
SINKYO WT81 Digital Lux Meter
SGD 78.00
Lutron Pocket Light Meter Cd LM-81LX
SGD 195.00
Lutron Uv Light Meter YK-35UV
SGD 11,880.00
Therm-app® Md
SGD 251.00
Lutron Professional Lcr Meter LCR-9184
SGD 143.00
Lutron Light Meter LX-1102
SGD 791.00
Lutron Uvc Light Meter UVC-254A
SGD 166.00
Lutron Light Meter, 4 Light Type LX-1108
SGD 120.00
Tenmars TM-720 Mini Pocket 400,000 Lux Digital Light Meter
SGD 120.00
Tenmars TM-213 Mini Pocket Uvab Light Meter
SGD 140.00
Tenmars TM-201L Led Light Meter up to 200,000 Lux
SGD 130.00
Tenmars TM-202 Lux/fc Light Level Meter With Dc Analog ...
SGD 300.00
Tenmars TM-209M Lux/fc Multi-led Light Meter
SGD 380.00
Seek Compact Thermal Camera
SGD 480.00
Seek Compactxr Thermal Imaging Camera
SGD 800.00
Seek Thermal Compact PRO
SGD 700.00
Seek Thermal Reveal XR
SGD 1,200.00
Seek Thermal Reveal PRO
SGD 1,400.00
Seek Thermal Reveal FirePRO
SGD 1,400.00
Seek Thermal Reveal ShieldPRO
SGD 800.00
Seek Thermal Shot
SGD 1,400.00
Seek Thermal Shot PRO
SGD 3,200.00
Therm-App THerm-app Th
SGD 5,800.00
Therm-app Therm-App PRO
SGD 6,500.00
Reed R2100 Thermal Imaging Camera, 19,200 Pixels (160 X...
SGD 390.00
Seek Compact Thermal Camera
SGD 465.45
Seek Compactxr Thermal Imaging Camera
SGD 774.00
Seek Reveal Thermal Camera RW-EAA
SGD 700.85
Seek Revealxr Thermal Camera RT-ABAX
SGD 246.10
Tes Digital Lux Meter (light Meter) 1335
SGD 283.55
Amprobe Light Meter Manual Ranging LM100
SGD 235.40
Extech Lux Meter EA31
SGD 834.60
Starrett Inspection Video Borescope 699-10
SGD 187.25
Tes Digital Lux Meter (light Meter) 1330A
SGD 304.95
Extech Lux Meter EA30
SGD 513.60
Extech Anemometer Light Sound Meter EN300