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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
Safico Stainless Steel Non-stick Frying Pan
SGD 29.20
Safico Stainless Steel Food Pan 1/6
SGD 4.30
Safico Stainless Steel Food Pan 1/4
SGD 5.40
Safico Stainless Steel Frying Pan
SGD 23.40
Safico Stainless Steel Stock Pot (without Lid)
SGD 36.50
Safico Stainless Steel Food Pan 1/1
SGD 12.00
Eko Modern Dish Racks (lime)
SGD 98.00
Whiskey Stones Reusable Chilling Sus304 Stainless Steel Ice Cubes Gift Set for Scotch Whisky/tequila/vodka/liquors (pack of 8)
SGD 36.90
Chef's Sus304 Stainless Steel 40 Micron Fine Mesh Strainer With Handle
SGD 9.90
Toyogo Chopping Board 2237 (pack of 6)
SGD 36.00
Chef's Perfect Ovenproof Steak Meat Thermometer
SGD 25.00
Duro Bio.germs Toilet Bowl Cleaner (pack of 4)
SGD 16.00
Professional Fish/meat Turner in Sus304 Stainless Steel
SGD 22.90
Chef's Honing Steel (20cm)
SGD 22.00
Chef's Universal Kitchen 304 Stainless Steel Hot Plate Gripper/holder/clip
SGD 12.90
Chef's Pull-lock Cooking Tong in Sus304 Stainless Steel With Rubber Rest
SGD 19.90
Multi-purpose Waiter's Can/wine Bottle Opener
SGD 9.90
Elevated Stainless Steel 4 Piece Carousel Utensil Box Set (spatula/tuner/drainer/ladle)
SGD 35.00
Toyogo Round Colander (no.5) 5503 (pack of 6)
SGD 7.92
Toyogo Round Colander (no.6) 5502 (pack of 6)
SGD 6.50
Toyogo Washing Colander(no.3) 1083 (pack of 6)
SGD 6.50
Toyogo Round Colander (no.4) 5504 (pack of 6)
SGD 9.40
Toyogo Washing Colander(no.2) 1082 (pack of 6)
SGD 5.80
Toyogo Round Colander (no.1) 5507 (pack of 6)
SGD 16.60
Chef's Vegetable/fruits/potato Sus304 Stainless Steel Swivel Peeler & Potato Root Picker
SGD 12.90
Japanese Damascus Stainless Steel Multi Purpose Unibody Knife
SGD 69.90
Multipurpose Non-blade Fruit Cutting Tool - Green
SGD 49.00
Chef's Sus304 Stainless Steel Multipurpose Onion Holder Fork Vegetables Tomato Potato Meat Slicer Guide Slicing Cutter Safe Fork Kitchen Utensil Tools
SGD 13.90
Chef's Heavy Duty Sus304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors With Wooden Handle and Safety Lock
SGD 18.90
Multipurpose Non-blade Fruit Cutting Tool (white)
SGD 4.90
Durable Drying Mat With Drainer - Blue
SGD 18.70
Toyogo 26 Inch Basin 3026 (pack of 6)
SGD 108.00
Toyogo 24 Inch Basin 3024 (pack of 6)
SGD 64.80
Toyogo Rect Basin Id500-red (pack of 6)
SGD 28.80
Toyogo 28inch Basin 3028 (pack of 6)
SGD 144.00
Toyogo Apollo Dish Drainer With Cover 4809 (pack of 6)
SGD 72.00