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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
Yuanyang Hotpot - Red
S$ 68.00
Chef's Oil Separator Bowl in SUS304 Stainless Steel with Handle
S$ 15.00
Lacy's Premium Quality Aluminium Foil 18" (37.5sqft)
S$ 3.90
Somat Dishwasher Tabs 80’S
S$ 46.90
Yuanyang Hotpot - Gold
S$ 68.00
Hippomart Creative Swan Design Soup Ladle With Standing Base, Multiple Colour
S$ 10.90
JM6 Stainless Steel Durian Knife 4 3/4”
S$ 17.50
Light Zone Lighter Gas Refill Bundle 300ml + 50ml Free
S$ 2.70
Orange Cutting Board Pp Food Grade Flexible
S$ 6.50
Measurik Silicone Mat 5pc Set
S$ 25.00
Bamboo Chopping Board
S$ 11.83
Scotch-brite Sponge With Green Wool 3/pieces
S$ 4.00
HippoMart Kitchen DIY Fishball and Meatball Maker
S$ 2.80
Plastic Fork 7" X 50 Pcs
S$ 1.41
Multicomp Pro MP010959 Bottle Opener, PH2/SL6, Alum, Cs
S$ 1.95
HippoMart High Heat Resistant Bamboo Spatula with Convenient Hook Design
S$ 6.50
Hippomart Multipurpose Food Gripper
S$ 4.50
HippoMart Heavy Duty Watermelon Slicer in SUS304 Stainless Steel
S$ 9.80
304 Stainless Steel Household Kitchen Strainer, Arge Strainer/Noodles Strainer, Dumplings, Deep Frying, Hot Pot Strainer Spoon
S$ 11.93
Hippomart Non-Toxic Food Grade Wheat Straw Cutting Board
S$ 8.90
Kennedy KEN4871030K MT3, Solid Centre, 24.1mm X 138mm, Hss
S$ 10.92
Kennedy KEN4871040K MT4, Solid Centre, 31.6mm X 138mm, Hss
S$ 18.29
Kennedy KEN4829540K Drill Drift 4 Mt
S$ 10.92
Kennedy KEN4871020K MT2, Solid Centre, 18mm X 90mm, Hss
S$ 9.44
Kennedy KEN4871010K MT1, Solid Centre, 12.2mm X 78mm, Hss
S$ 8.85
HippoMart Plastic Draining Cup Holder, Glass Cup Organizer, Hanging Rack, Cup Holder , Green
S$ 12.90
Hippomart Plastic Draining Cup Holder, Glass Cup Organizer, Hanging Rack, Cup Holder , Green
S$ 8.90
Unica Basin
S$ 2.57
HippoMart Multi-Purpose PP Extendable Storage/Drying Basket for all Sink Types , Beige
S$ 4.50
Modeco Blue Curvy Plastic Dish Rack
S$ 12.90
HippoMart Household Thickened Wash Basin, Multiple Color & Size
S$ 4.15