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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
Ace Gs Foldable Table
S$ 40.00
4pc Ceramic Containers With Glass Lids
S$ 29.91
Rectangle Cast Iron Hot Plate With Wooden Underliner 22cm X 16cm
S$ 10.50
Set of 1 Bowl and 1 Plate | Picasso Art Collection | Bouquet of Peace 1958
S$ 20.09
Soup Spoon
S$ 5.14
Dessert Spoons Set (6 Pieces)
S$ 16.82
Coconut Wood Fork & Spoon
S$ 6.00
Plastic Spoon 7" 50'S
S$ 1.20
Chef's Heavy Duty Unibody Sus304 Stainless Steel Speghetti Spoon/fork Serving Spoon
S$ 24.90
Disposable 7" White Plastic Fork
S$ 3.40
Zodiac - Premium Chopsticks Set (12 Pairs)
S$ 56.07
Abs Food Grade Bpa-free Plastic Measuring Spoon Set (5ml / 15ml)
S$ 9.90
Hyflux Dew Fruit and Vegetable Washer D818 8885003702265
S$ 441.02
Safico Stainless Steel Trapezium Tray
S$ 85.30
Safico Stainless Steel Table Cleaner / Porcelain Insert Lifter
S$ 7.30
Safico Stainless Steel Table Number Stand
S$ 60.80
Safico Stainless Steel Toast Rack
S$ 69.00
Safico Stainless Steel Table Crumber
S$ 18.60
Safico Stainless Steel Long Serving Spoon
S$ 17.20
Safico Stainless Steel Round Multi-level Riser
S$ 187.90
Safico Stainless Steel Nut Bowl Stand
S$ 74.50
Fire Starter
S$ 18.00
Elops 100 Back Pannier 13L Bike Basket
S$ 16.10
Safico Stainless Steel Tissue Box
S$ 71.20
Silikomart Silicon Mold Globe N15 SF164
S$ 15.30
Sanneng Baguette Baking Pan 4 Rows
S$ 55.80
Sanneng Anodised Oven Tray 60X40
S$ 29.40
Toyogo 3 Tier Catering Cart With Wheels 682
S$ 120.00
Tomiz Muffin Pan 6 Cups DIA45XH29MM
S$ 12.90
Tomiz 6CAV Doughnut Pan Ø70XH25MM
S$ 11.80