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Power Supply products

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Top Brands for Power Supply
S$ 94.80
Silverstone SST-SX300-B 300W Standard Sfx Active Pfc 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply
Bulk Discount
S$ 52.50S$ 75.00
Din Rail Energy Meter
Bulk Discount
S$ 88.00S$ 110.00
Din Rail Energy Meter
Bulk Discount
S$ 160.00S$ 200.00
Din Rail Energy Meter
S$ 67.20
Gamemax Sfx Micro 80+ Power Supply GS-300
S$ 70.80
Fsp Micro Atx Power Supply 80PLUS 300W FSP300-60GHS-R
S$ 86.40
Gamemax Sfx 80+ Bronze Power Supply GS-450W
S$ 23.30
Certadrive 20W 0.5A 40V I 230V
Bulk Discount
S$ 4,050.00S$ 4,500.00
Power Meter / Logger (portable Clip)
Bulk Discount
S$ 5,400.00S$ 6,000.00
Power Meter / Logger (portable Clip)
S$ 122.23
Telwin Converter 310 Usb 829444
S$ 19.44
Mean Well Power Supply O/P: 12VDC, 0-2.1A RS-25-12
S$ 35.94
Delta Pmc Panel Mount Power Supply 24V 150W 1 Phase
S$ 16.20
Certadrive 10W 0.25A 40V I 230V Cn
S$ 35.00
250w (20a) 12vdc 110/240v Power Supply 200x115x55mm
Bulk Discount
S$ 28.50S$ 30.00
200w (16.6a) 12vdc 175/265v Power Supply 165x98x45mm
S$ 209.00
T-229/4P Charger
S$ 54.00
125VA Transformer Rewinding
S$ 22.86
Neuton Power Seal Lead Acid Battery NP1229M
S$ 408.00
Scs Workstation Dual Wire Monitor, No Power Adapter 724MO
S$ 222.00
S$ 451.39
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Pwr-c2-640wdc
Bulk Discount
S$ 16.92S$ 18.80
100w (8.5a) 12vdc 110/240v Power Supply 100x78x36mm
Bulk Discount
S$ 19.47S$ 20.50
120w (10a) 12vdc 110/240v Power Supply 110 X 78 X 36mm
Bulk Discount
S$ 47.25S$ 52.50
Yuasa Vrla Lead Acid Battery NP12-12 12v 12Ah
S$ 24.67
Power Cord C13 - C14 BMCB-C13C14-1
S$ 25.45
Delta ADP-65HB Bb ADP-65JH Db 19V 3.42A Ac Adapter P190342PC16DT
S$ 209.00
Fukuda Agm Battery MSE88-12V
S$ 286.80
Mean Well Power Supply SE-1000-12
S$ 109.91
Milwaukee Battery Charger, Fast, 12V and 18V Multi-Voltage, 220V, 50/60Hz. M1218FC
S$ 942.73
Cisco Ac Power Supply Catalyst C3KX-PWR-715WAC
S$ 33.32
Snom A6 - 10W Power Supply Unit SNM_4326
S$ 3.30
Fortimo Led Strip 2ft 2200lm 1R
S$ 28.70
Fortimo Led Strip 2ft 2200lm 940 Fc HV4
S$ 76.73
Cisco CP-PWR-CUBE-3= Ip Phone Power Transformer for the 7900 Phone
S$ 3,780.00
Kepco Dc Power Module HSP28-36R
S$ 16.20
Certadrive 10W 0.25A 40V I 230V