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Here at Eezee, we have the tools and products for whatever electrical project you’re working on and we’re are proud to be able to offer you our extensive catalogue at all the best prices! Whether you just need a cable extender for your office or a surge protection device for your workplace, we have the top-rated brands with the highest quality. We also offer electrical accessories as well, including sturdy wall-mounted brackets to keep that TV in the meeting room on the wall, or emergency flashlights for use in emergencies, only on Eezee.
Any good electrician will invest in a reliable multimeter for his profession. Being able to quickly measure voltage, resistance and current is indispensable in being able to complete a project on time and efficiently. Our selection of multimeters vary in size and price, allowing you to find your trusty tool from reputable brands at the lowest prices, without hassle. Shop multimeters right here on Eezee!
Here at Eezee, we believe in healthy air quality for all. Whether you’re looking for a air quality meter for a construction site or your home, you’ll find something in our collection for your air testing needs. We have meters measuring carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, humidity or temperature – or all of them if that’s what you need! The air we breathe affects our health, it’s our responsibility to make sure its fresh and clear using these specialised tools right here on Eezee.
We know that precision measurements are paramount at worksites, and that’s why we are proud to be able to offer an extensive array of distance measurement tools for you. Need a quick measurement? We have handheld laser range meters for that. Need to make more precise measurements across a large area? We have tripod-mounted laser distance measurers for that as well. From self-levelling range measurers to rotational laser levels, you’re bound to find something that suits your project!
Being able to take quick and accurate measurements at construction sites helps save time and increases productivity, so why not invest in some specialised tools to help you with that? Our collection includes handheld infrared thermometers, moisture detectors and also thermo-hydrographs. The vast amount of choices in terms of size, price and measurement has you covered for all your humidity and temperature measurement needs.
In certain construction or workplaces, having a certain amount of light is necessary for work to go on well. What better way to check that the lighting in an area but investing in a durable and precise light meter. From light sound anemometers to compact thermal cameras, your imaging and light measuring needs are covered with us on Eezee. Shop the top-rated brands for tried and tested quality products!
Coordinate large groups of workers with amplifiers, microphones, loudspeakers and loudhailers and ensure the words you speak are heard! Got your hands too full to carry around a megaphone? Grab one of our Personal Beltpack Amplifiers or Wireless Mini Portable Amplifiers and give your instructions on-the-go with little to no hassle! Our sound amplification devices are absolutely essential for construction sites, large-scale meetings and evacuation procedures. No more straining your voice to reach a mass of people. No more coordination lapses due to unclear instructions. Get your personal sound amplification system at Eezee today and make yourself heard.
Electrical works require much care and concern. Proper measurements should be taken to make sure that any electrical works are done correctly, and what better way to check than using precision testing tools? We stock voltage detectors, digital clamp meters, earth meters, insulation testers and also current testers. With over 70 products to choose from, we have any electrical measurement tool you need to get your job done well and safely. Shop with Eezee for top brands like Hioki, Fluke and Kyoritsu at the most affordable prices now.
Does your office lack the necessary number of power sockets for everyone? Here at Eezee, we offer an extensive selection of power extenders to suit your needs. Whether you need 2, 3 or 6 plugs, we have just the right extender for you. We even offer cable reels that allow you to extend your power needs to anywhere you require. What’s more, our catalogue of cable defenders guarantees that you’ll be able to find a suitable one for your most important electrical cables, in order to protect them against the elements. Look no further than Eezee!
Whether you require a high lumen floodlight or a handheld one to enter tight spots, Eezee has it all. For the busy construction worker who needs the full use of both hands, why not give our head lights a try to improve your visibility and efficiency when working? Or for the office worker who needs to read a lot of fine print, why not invest in a good table light to prevent eyestrain? All this and more, shop now on Eezee!
Fuses are an important part of any electrical product or building and must be taken with extreme caution to prevent electrical failures. Our extensive range of fuses, sorted by current ratings, guarantees that you’ll be able to find the one that’s most suitable for your machinery or building. Furthermore, we also offer fuseholders so that you’ll be able to purchase everything you need in one stop, at all the best prices in the market. All right here on Eezee!

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