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Electrical lightings, measurement tools, welding equipment, & other electrical components for every electrical engineer.
Philips DN020B G4 LED20/CW 20W 220-240V D200
S$ 13.93
Schneider Electric DL1BDB4 Led Bulb, Harmony Xvb, Ba 15d, Red, Steady Light, 24V AC/DC
S$ 73.70
Schneider Electric DL1BDM4 Led Bulb, Harmony Xvb, Ba 15d, Red, Steady Light, 230V Ac
S$ 91.30
Schneider Electric DL1BDB6 Led Bulb, Harmony Xvb, Ba 15d, Blue, Steady Light, 24V AC/DC
S$ 73.70
Schneider Electric DL2EDB3SB Led Bulb, Harmony Xvm, Super Bright, BA15d, Green, Steady Light, 24V Ac Dc
S$ 43.50
Schneider Electric DL1BDM3 Led Bulb, Harmony Xvb, Ba 15d, Green, Steady Light, 230V Ac
S$ 91.30
Wiha 41286 SB24670 Light Multi Flashlight With Led, Laser & Uv Light
S$ 304.33
Torchlight Ultra Bright XHP70 Led Torch Light Rechargeable Usb Flashlight Small Flash Mini Outdoor Powerful
S$ 22.00
Uv Black Light Flashlight 100 Led Blacklight for Home & Hotel Inspection, Pet Urine & Stains - Ultra Intensity 18W 385-395nm Leds Spot Counterfeit
S$ 60.00
TESA ECT6B Industrial FLashlight
S$ 23.90
Pelican Flashlight, Emergency Lighting Station, Led, 3AAA, Photo Lumininescent, Lumen 378/39 3310ELS
S$ 63.37
High Power 3W Cob + 0.5W Led Working Light W51 / 5W Cob + 0.5W Led Working Light W52
S$ 22.60
Philips A60 Led Bulb 12W E27 6500K 230V
S$ 5.50
Starled Led Hiwide Dimmable Highbay Light, Wattage Adjustable & Cct Adjustable (3000K/4000K/5000K)
S$ 298.00
Philips A60 Led Bulb 10W E27 3000K 230V
S$ 4.80
Jtke Rechargeable Magnetic Lamp LED 3 Color Touch
S$ 12.30
Philips Master Led 6.5-50W 3000K 12V MR16 24D GU5.3 Ww
S$ 15.90
Home Wireless Self-adhesive Battery Powered Pir Motion Sensor Lamp/ Room Aisle Long Lasting Power Saving Automatic Switch Night Light
S$ 10.80
Multicomp Pro MP007519 Light Pipe, Circular, 9.5MM, Clr, Panel
S$ 0.51
Philips Lamp Master PL-C 18W/840/2Pin
S$ 6.27
Multicomp Pro MP007515 Light Pipe, Circular, 3.2MM, Clr, Panel
S$ 0.47
Philips TLE22W/865 Tube Fluo Circular 22W GQ10 Cdl
S$ 8.70
Philips Corepro,LED,TUBE,15.5W/865,4FT
S$ 8.30
Philips TL5-28W/830-ESS Tube Fluo 28W 1163MM 17MM Ww
S$ 3.20
Ceag 11147000001 Search Light Halogen 5.5W 4.8V
S$ 1,657.20
Facom 779.CL5PB Light, Led, Inspection
S$ 687.44
Rs Pro 1864626 Led Inspection Lamp
S$ 99.11
Edison EDI9045180K EIW005 360deg 5W Cob + 1 Led Inspection Worklight
S$ 43.18
Rs Pro 1117927 Led Inspection Lamp
S$ 93.84
Rs Pro 1864627 Led Inspection Lamp
S$ 102.11
2022 New Superfire A12 Flashlight Walking Adventure Camping 15W Work Emergency Portable Outdoor Zoom Rechargeable Torch
S$ 42.80
Super Bright 10W Usb Rechargeable Lamp / Light / Torch / Red Flashing / Power Bank
S$ 22.80
Zippo Lighter Fluid Refill 355ML
S$ 9.50
Pelican Flashlight Led Yellow, Lumen 160, ex-proof Class I/II/III Div 1/IECEx Ia 3315
S$ 56.25
Pelican 7110 Flashlight Tactical Led Rechargeable Black Lumen 445/214/23 071100-0000-110
S$ 93.75
Portable Black Rechargeable torchlight with Clip
S$ 8.80
Maxspid MTL/NM/L203 Nc Light Emergency
S$ 166.67
Nanhua BC-8 Alarm Beacon and Siren
S$ 499.00
Rs Pro 1468981 Led Emergency Lighting, Bulkhead, 2 X 0.5 W, Maintained, Non Maintained
S$ 82.42
Maxspid UFOR/NM/110 Downlight Emergency Led 1W 230V
S$ 90.00
LED Twin-Flood Emergency Light
S$ 85.00
Vsafemkt Sirim Solar Flashing Warning Light Led Light Blue Color Dia 300mm
S$ 230.70