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Electrical lightings, measurement tools, welding equipment, & other electrical components for every electrical engineer.
Wiha 45219 Clamp Meter up to 1,000V Ac Cat Iv Includes 2x Aaa Batteries
S$ 1,103.06
Sanwa PM11 Pocket Type Digital Multimeter, Tough but Compact Dmm (made in Japan)
S$ 100.00
Wiha 45215 Digital Multimeter up to 1,000V Ac Cat Iv Includes 2 X Aaa Batteries
S$ 681.91
Multicomp Pro MP730988 Digital Multimeter, Trms Rms, 1KV
S$ 58.65
Fluke C50 Carrying Pouch
S$ 140.40
Sanwa CD800A Digital Multimeter
S$ 55.00
Condtrol Vektor 60 Laser Measurer
S$ 169.00
Peak Light Lupe 10x
S$ 45.00
Wiha 28034 409 2100 2m 16 X 109mm Wooden Folding Rule Combination Mm / Inch
S$ 12.79
Wiha 42068 410-2008 2m Electric Longlife Folding Ruler
S$ 36.14
Condtrol Smart 60 Laser Measurer
S$ 119.00
Topcon LS-80X Long Range Leveling Laser Receiver Sensor
S$ 580.00
Honeywell GDTR-HA1-MGAP1 (XT-WHM-Y-OR) Bw Gas Alert Max Xt Ii, 4-GAS
S$ 1,364.71
Multicomp Pro MP780120 Air Velocity Meter, 0.4M/S to 30M/S
S$ 53.38
Honeywell GDTR-GCP-SGCH2 Gas Clip, Single Gas Clip, H2S Detector
S$ 157.89
Honeywell Bw™ Microclip X3 Portable Multi-Gas Detector
S$ 1,220.00
Honeywell Bw™ Max Xt 2 Multi-Gas Detector
S$ 1,252.00
Honeywell Bw™ Microclip Xl Portable Multi-Gas Detector
S$ 910.00
Vogel Digital Lux Meter 100000 Lux Light Meter
S$ 112.00
Kyoritsu 5202 Light Meter
S$ 331.25
Infiray C200 Thermal Imager
S$ 1,980.00
Infiray M620 Thermal Imager
S$ 7,580.00
Proskit MT-4617LED Light Intensity Meter
S$ 69.59
Kyoritsu 5202 Light Meter
S$ 289.84
Megger DLRO10 10 a Digital Low Resistance MICRO-OHMMETER
S$ 9,421.57
Megger MFT-X1 Multifunction Tester
S$ 3,753.13
Megger BITE5 Battery Tester
S$ 7,246.00
S$ 11,049.11
Boxo Voltage Tester (110~240v)
S$ 4.50
Megger 4-35KV Led Phasing Tester W/POLE
S$ 6,395.70
Bosch Detector D-tect 150 Sv 0 601 010 008
S$ 923.82
Rs Pro Magnetic Field Detector 0.3mT 1000V Ac
S$ 56.48
Extech Magnetic Field Meter AC/DC SDL900
S$ 1,475.33
Bosch Multi Detector GMS120
S$ 275.22
Bosch Detector D-tect 120 0 601 081 3K0
S$ 269.20
Bosch Detector Gms 120 0 601 081 000
S$ 126.29
Schneider Electric METSEPM2230 Easylogic PM2230 - Power & Energy Meter - up to 31st H - Led - RS485 - Class 0.5
S$ 1,058.51
Schneider Electric METSEPM5561 PM5561 Powermeter W 1mod2eth - Upto 63th H - 1,1M 4DI/2DO 52alarms - Flush Mid
S$ 4,523.57
Schneider Electric METSEPM8240 Powerlogic PM8000 - PM8240 Panel Mount Meter - Intermediate Metering
S$ 11,416.15
Schneider Electric METSEPM2220 Easylogic PM2220 - Power & Energy Meter - up to 15th H - Led - RS485 - Class 1
S$ 893.33
Schneider Electric METSEPM5560 PM5560 Powermeter W 1mod2eth - Upto 63th H - 1,1M 4DI/2DO 52alarms - Flush Mount
S$ 3,515.05
PCE-MFM 2400 Electromagnetic Field Meter
S$ 1,471.38
Kyoritsu 8031F Phase Indicators
S$ 310.54
Kyoritsu 8035 Phase Indicators
S$ 417.54
Kyoritsu 8031 Phase Indicator
S$ 136.05
Kyoritsu 8030 Phase Indicators
S$ 125.26
Fluke 9040 Phase Rotation Indicator
S$ 588.79
Kyoritsu 8031 Phase Indicator
S$ 115.05
Schneider Electric NSYCCOTHO Simple Thermostat 250V - Climasys Cc (4-29-00-4304)
S$ 15.64
Rs Pro Non-Reversible Temperature Sensitive Label, 116°C to 132°C, 4 Levels
S$ 2.52
Multicomp Pro MP007419 Humidity Sensor W/CASE, 20-90RH, 1V, Th
S$ 4.09
Multicomp Pro MP007420 Humidity Sensor W/O Case, 90RH, 1V, Th
S$ 3.60
Multicomp Pro MP780863 Mini Temp & Humidity Meter, 0% to 100%
S$ 80.75
S$ 38.00
Gmm H03A-NS Body Bmi Health Scale Ultrasonic Height, Weight & Fat Analyzer
S$ 690.00
Michelin Tire Gauge R1821
S$ 145.00
Digitech DTG-20N Force Gauge 20N
S$ 990.00
Digitech DTG-100N Force Gauge 100N
S$ 990.00
Digitech DTG-10N Force Gauge 10N
S$ 990.00
Digitech DTG-50N Force Gauge 50N
S$ 990.00
Multicomp Pro MP780905 Sound Level Meter, 30DB to 130DB
S$ 240.73
Multicomp Pro MP780859 Mini Sound Level Meter W/BT, 35-130DB
S$ 54.54
Multicomp Pro MP780860 Mini Anemometer W/BLUETOOTH, 1.1-25M/S
S$ 87.75
Multicomp Pro MP780904 Sound Level Meter, 30DB to 130DB
S$ 103.59
PCE-WVS 50 Mini Pen Type Vibration Meter With Magnetic Holder
S$ 726.08
Lutron Vibration Meter VB-8201HA
S$ 547.00
Magnaflux Spotcheck Cleaner, Developer or Penetrant
S$ 20.80
Magna® - NDT Developer Non Destructive Test Non Flammable Fast Drying Low Sulphur Ozone Friendly Surface Flaw Detector 400ml Aerosol
S$ 16.80
Magna® - Ndt Cleaner & Remover Non Destructive Test Non Flammable Surface Flaw Detector 400ml Aerosol
S$ 11.00
Reusable Uv Test Card + Uv Light Lamp
S$ 1.00
Magnaflux SK-3 Kits (cleaner,developer,penetrant)
S$ 62.40
Magnaflux Spotcheck 14HF Oil-Based Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Ink
S$ 32.00