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Electrical lightings, measurement tools, welding equipment, & other electrical components for every electrical engineer.
Kyoritsu Digital Multimeter 2012RA
SGD 158.00
Fluke Digital Multimeter 115
SGD 338.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2117R
SGD 90.00
Brymen Professional Digital Multimeter BM869s
SGD 327.10
Kyoritsu Digital Analog Multimeter 1109S
SGD 68.00
Fluke Digital Multimeter 116
SGD 332.00
Bosch Laser Distance Measurer 30M GLM30
SGD 102.00
Irwin Magnetic Tip Measuring Tape
SGD 4.50
Bosch Laser Range Finder GLM500
SGD 186.00
Bmi Abs Long Tape White Enamel
SGD 104.00
Leica Disto D510 Laser Meter
SGD 979.85
Stanley 8m Powerlock Tape/ 26 Ft Measuring Tape
SGD 18.50
Msa 10178560 Altair 4XR Multigas Detector
SGD 1,520.40
Navis Windy 6 Handheld Cup Anemometer
SGD 230.00
Lutron Hot-Wire Anemometer AM-4204HA
SGD 409.00
Bw Technology Honeywell Gasalertmax Xt Ii Multi-gas Detector W/built in Sampling Pump (2 Gas)
SGD 1,870.00
Bramc BR-SMART-128SE 5-in-1 Air Quality Monitor Pm2.5 Pm10 Formaldehyde(hcho) Co2 Vocs
SGD 398.00
Bramc BR-SMART-126SE 4-in-1 Air Quality Monitor Pm2.5 Pm10 Formaldehyde (hcho) Vocs
SGD 328.00
Kyoritsu Digital Light Meter 5202
SGD 215.00
Lutron Pocket Light Meter CD LM-81LX
SGD 78.00
Seek Thermal Compact PRO
SGD 800.00
Seek Reveal Thermal Camera
SGD 600.00
Seek Compact Thermal Camera
SGD 380.00
Lutron Light Meter, 4 Light Type LX-1108
SGD 166.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2007R
SGD 89.00
Fluke Twistguard Test Lead Kit Tl-175
SGD 61.00
SGD 93.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2056R
SGD 310.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter KT203
SGD 115.00
Kyoritsu KEW 2200R Ac Digital Clamp Meter With True Rms
SGD 80.00
Zircon Studsensor Pro Lcd
SGD 79.00
Extech Magnet Detector MD10
SGD 24.08
Stanley Fatmax Stud Finder S300 77407
SGD 56.85
SGD 112.35
Zircon Multiscanner MS-i520
SGD 212.00
SGD 256.80
Trifield GM1-ST Dc Gauss Meter With Boot and Carrying Case
SGD 800.00
Lutron Line Frequency Montor Model: LF-423
SGD 270.00
Cornet ED85EXPlus Electrosmog Emf Rf/lf (dual-mode) Gauss Meter With Sma Connector & Data Logger
SGD 328.00
Cem DT-3G Magnetic Field Meter (30hz to 300hz)
SGD 98.00
Trifield TF2 Electromagnetic Meter 3-axis Emf Detector
SGD 298.00
Reed R8008 Portable Radiation Meter
SGD 1,500.00
Lutron 3phase & Motor Rotation Meter RT-608
SGD 136.00
Cem AT-8 High Accuracy Digital Contact / Non-contact Tachometer
SGD 130.00
Lutron Tachometer (photo/contact) DT-2268
SGD 212.00
Cem DT-6236B High Accuracy Digital Contact / Non-contact Tachometer
SGD 90.00
Lutron Tachometer (Photo/Contact) DT-2230
SGD 215.00
Lutron Tachometer (photo/contact) DT-2236
SGD 302.00
Fluke Infrared Thermometer 561
SGD 394.00
Dostmann Humidity and Temperature Data Logger LOG20
SGD 118.80
Swema FLOW126 Air Flow Hood
SGD 5,400.00
Fluke Infrared Thermometer 62 MAX
SGD 194.00
Daily Chart Paper for Isuzu Thermo-hygrograph
SGD 188.00
Extech Compact Moisture Meter MO50
SGD 68.00
GMM-C305 10kg/1g Digital Electronic Postal Weighing Kitchen Scale
SGD 20.00
Enerpac Gauge GP10S
SGD 441.73
GMM-FS550 25kg/1g Digital Electronic Postal Weighing Scale
SGD 40.00
Furi WPS-30KA 30kg/1g Waterproof Ip65 Digital Weighing Scale
SGD 260.00
GMM-PCR 200kg/100g Digital Postal Scale With Counting Function
SGD 90.00
SGD 95.00
Lutron Sound Level Meter, Class 2 SL-4030
SGD 144.00
SGD 3,077.40
Lutron Vibration Meter VB-8201HA
SGD 497.00
Reed SD-8205 Sd Series Vibration Meter, Datalogger
SGD 1,700.00
Ubibot WS1 Wifi Temperature Humidity Light Vibration Data Logger Iot System
SGD 145.00
Extech Low/high Range Digital Sound Level Meter 407732
SGD 280.00
Pgs Litmus Paper 100 Sheet
SGD 2.50
Tn/ts Septum Blue 12mm 50/pkt
SGD 63.14
Trico 4OZ Glass Constant Level Oiler 1/4" Npt Outlet + Wireguard
SGD 172.00
Aalborg Ss Flowmeter Kit
SGD 2,024.00
Pgs Universal Indicator Strip 100 Sheet Ph 0 - 14
SGD 20.00
Johnson Ph Paper 100 Sheet Ph 0 - 14
SGD 15.00