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Electrical lightings, measurement tools, welding equipment, & other electrical components for every electrical engineer.
Sanwa YX360TRF Analogue Multimeter
SGD 46.20
Brymen Practical True-rms Digital Multimeter BM257s
SGD 177.00
Ingco Digital Multimeter
SGD 19.00
Vernier Caliper 6"
SGD 8.80
Cem Heavy Duty Industrial Digital Multimeter DT-965T
SGD 204.00
Fluke Digital Multimeter 113
SGD 254.00
Knight Measuring Tape MGA3613
SGD 2.50
Stanley White Series Tough Case Bi-material Measuring Tape
SGD 6.30
Elora 1517 Digital Vernier Caliper Measuring Range 150 Mm
SGD 384.59
Knight Measuring Tape MGA7525
SGD 6.50
Elora 1519 Brass Pocket Caliper Measuring Range 100 Mm
SGD 25.20
Knight Measuring Tape MGA5025
SGD 5.00
Air Quality Meter
SGD 700.00
Lutron Hot-Wire Anemometer AM-4204HA
SGD 409.00
Kestrel 2000 Wind Meter
SGD 128.09
Testo 557 Refrigeration System Analyzer Set With Bluetooth
SGD 760.00
Kestrel 1000 Wind Meter
SGD 182.90
SINKYO WT82 Digital Anemometer
SGD 38.00
Lutron Pocket Light Meter Cd LM-81LX
SGD 78.00
Seek Reveal Thermal Camera
SGD 600.00
SINKYO WT81 Digital Lux Meter
SGD 38.00
Therm-app® Md
SGD 11,880.00
Lutron Light Meter LX-101AS
SGD 107.00
Lutron Light Meter LX-108
SGD 161.00
Elora 566 VDE-Voltage Tester
SGD 5.81
Sanwa YX360TRF Analog Muiti-tester Drop Shock Proof Meter (made in Japan)
SGD 55.00
Fluke TL75 Hard Point Test Lead Set
SGD 43.20
Fluke Twistguard Test Lead Kit Tl-175
SGD 61.00
Metrel MI 3125 Eurotest Combo
SGD 2,150.00
Hioki Card Hitester 3244-60
SGD 61.00
Bosch Multi Detector GMS120
SGD 153.00
Zircon Multiscanner MS-i520
SGD 212.00
Zircon Studsensor Pro Lcd
SGD 79.00
Stanley Fatmax Stud Finder S300 77407
SGD 56.85
Extech Magnet Detector MD10
SGD 24.08
Bosch Metal Detector D-tech 120
SGD 282.00
Cornet ED88TPlus Electrosmog Emf Rf/lf/elf (tri-mode) Field Strength Power Gauss Meter Datalogger
SGD 298.00
Elora 2446 Electronic Stationary Transducer 1/4″ Drive
SGD 5,886.23
Cornet ED85EXPlus Electrosmog Emf Rf/lf (dual-mode) Gauss Meter With Sma Connector & Data Logger
SGD 328.00
Elora 2440-ETM Electronic Torque Meter
SGD 10,788.32
Lutron Emf Tester EMF-832
SGD 155.00
Elora 2445 Electronic Inline Transducer Mtt
SGD 3,400.18
Lutron Tachometer (photo/contact) DT-2236
SGD 302.00
Imrotaro 3.0 Digital Hand Tachometer (contact & Non Contact)
SGD 462.00
Lutron Tachometer (photo/contact) DT-2268
SGD 212.00
Cem DT-6236B High Accuracy Digital Contact / Non-contact Tachometer
SGD 90.00
Lutron Tachometer (Photo/Contact) DT-2230
SGD 215.00
Contact & Non-Contact Portable Tachometer
SGD 242.00
Ingco Industrial Infrared Thermometer HIT015501
SGD 39.00
Gmm K3 Automatic Wall & Tripod Mounted Hand-Free Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer
SGD 140.14
Omega Iserver Microserver for Temp, Humidity, and Dew Point With CAL-3-HU ITHX-SD-CAL-3-HU
SGD 1,341.60
Conotec Temperature Controller FOX-1PH
SGD 99.00
Tfa Dostmann Digital Thermo-hygrometer HT-02
SGD 65.00
Thermometer Contactless Movetable Stand With Free Hand Sanitizer
SGD 270.00
Mitutoyo Singlas Cal Certificate 513-454-10E
SGD 170.50
Sika Digital Pressure Gauges - E2.60
SGD 605.00
Marshall 1/4" Mnpt Bottom Mount-Dry Gauge 2" Dial Brass Inlet (0-160PSI), MEJ504
SGD 22.20
Refco Digital Vacuum Gauge REF-VAC
SGD 336.00
Marshall 1/4" Mnpt Bottom Mount-Dry Gauge 2" Dial Brass Inlet (0-300PSI), MEJ600-02
SGD 22.20
Elora 188-M Feeler Gauge
SGD 6.91
Lutron Sound Level Meter, Class 2 SL-4023SD
SGD 306.00
Cem DT-8852 Sound Level Meter With Data Logger
SGD 300.00
Fluke 805ES External Vibration Sensor for 805 Fc Vibration Tester
SGD 2,008.00
SINKYO WT85 Digital Sound Level Meter
SGD 38.00
Lutron VB-8213
SGD 897.00
Soundtek ST-109R Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter Data Logger
SGD 2,000.00
Kolor Kut Gasoline Gauging Paste
SGD 7.50
Vecom Gasoline Finder 60gm
SGD 10.00
Wm-h2 400 H2 Generator
SGD 17,631.40
Macherey-Nagel Pehanon Ph 6,0 - 8,1 90417
SGD 25.34
Trico 4OZ Glass Constant Level Oiler 1/4" Npt Outlet + Wireguard
SGD 172.00
5L Tedlar® Plv Gas Sampling Bag With Thermogreen® LB-2 Septa
SGD 209.50