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S$ 11.99
Klenco Kleanway M-cloth Microfibre - 30 X 30cm (10/pkt)
S$ 24.30
5L Klenco Sanifect High Level Disinfectant Solution
S$ 89.10
Kleanway Ecomix 25L Bucket w/ Wringer
S$ 91.10
Brush for Klenco Single Disc Scrubber Cyclone S380
S$ 13.20
Vileda Blue Sponge Pad 10/pack
S$ 188.20
Fresh Curve Air Freshener
S$ 14.20
Klenco Power Lemon General Purpose Liquid Soap
S$ 19.83
Klenco Hand Rub Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitizer 5L
S$ 2.20
Klenco Trigger Sprayer W/ 390ml Tumbler Bottle (red)
S$ 16.20
Klenco Power View Glass Cleaner
S$ 197.30
Fresh Wave 2 Urinal Deodorizer
S$ 27.32
Klenco Metered Air Freshener Dispenser
S$ 70.80
Cif Multi-Purpose Anti-Bacteria Wipes (12 Packets X 90 Sheets)
Bulk Discount
S$ 13.76S$ 17.20
Klenco Kleanway M-cloth Microfibre - 40 X 40cm (10/pkt)
S$ 41.50
Vileda MICRO-WINDOW Cloths <yellow> - (10/pack)
S$ 13.20
Vileda White Sponge Pad 10/pack
S$ 13.20
Vileda Black Sponge Pad 10/pack
S$ 841.54
Klenco Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Typhoon 463
S$ 83.60
Filmop Easy Wash Flat Wet Mopping Kit
S$ 58.70
Filmop Baggy Kit
S$ 12.10
Klenco Velvet Universal Hand Soap
S$ 16.42
Kleanway 4-Facet "caution Wet Floor" Safety Cone - 67cm/89cm
S$ 11.10
Klenco Kleanway M-cloth Microfibre - 30 X 30cm (10/pkt)
S$ 68.00
Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner (24 Bottles X 500ml)
S$ 90.00
Envon Disinfectant Spray
S$ 74.52
Envon Metered Air Freshener
S$ 15.20
Klenco Dust Pan Large 13" C/W Broom – Grey, KWNM-H1132
S$ 70.80
Klenco Disposable Non-Woven Wipes (24 rolls/ Carton)
S$ 13.20
1L Klenco Sanifect High Level Disinfectant Solution
Bulk Discount
S$ 10.44S$ 11.60
Klenco Stainless Steel Window Squeegee With Rubber Blade
S$ 172.00
Vileda Mop Cloths <white> 60x60cm <4x25 Sheets>
S$ 165.00
25 X 500ml Hand Rub (foam Pump)
S$ 16.20
Vileda FLOOR-CLOTH <blue> 50x59 Cm - (pack of 5)
S$ 20.20
Vileda Dust Cloths <yellow> 24x60cm - (50/pack)
S$ 66.10
Klenco Hand Rub Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer 20L/pail 105007-020
S$ 40.50
Klenco Wipro Cloths 36x42cm - (20/pack)
S$ 21.30
Klenco MICRON-QUICK Cloths Pack of 5