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KLENCOMulti Purpose Cleaners
KLENCO singapore

KLENCO Multi Purpose Cleaners

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S$ 16.20
Klenco Power View Glass Cleaner
S$ 34.80
Cif Professional Cream Cleaner (16 Bottles X 500ml)
S$ 14.20
Klenco Power Lemon General Purpose Liquid Soap
S$ 26.30
Klenco Action 170S Spray Extraction Detergent
S$ 14.20
Klenco Four Seasons Neutral Multi Purpose Cleaner
S$ 41.90
Cif Professional Glass Spray Cleaner (12 Bottles X 520ml)
S$ 24.30
Cif Mould Stains Spray Remover With Bleach (6 Bottles X 435ml)
S$ 68.00
Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner (24 Bottles X 500ml)
S$ 24.30
Cif Perfect Finish Stainless Steel Cleaner (6 Bottles X 435ml)
S$ 34.40
Cif All-Purpose Cleaner With Anti-Bacterial Action (12 Bottles X 520ml)
S$ 34.80
Cif Lemon Cream Cleaner (16 Bottles X 500ml)
S$ 4,271.00
Klenco Duplex Turbo 380 Cordless Multi-surface Cleaner
S$ 23.80
Klenco Progreen Environmentally Safe Multi Purpose Cleaner
S$ 18.00
Klenco Power Floral Concentrated Odour Mask
S$ 17.70
Klenco Power Lime Multi-Purpose Cleaner