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SGD 160.50
Extech Waterproof PH100 Meter
SGD 264.00
Extech RH390 Precision Psychrometer
SGD 354.00
Extech Autoranging Digital Insulation Tester 380260
SGD 243.60
Extech True Rms Heavy Duty Industrial Multimeter EX520
SGD 304.95
Extech Lux Meter EA30
SGD 513.60
Extech Anemometer Light Sound Meter EN300
SGD 24.08
Extech Magnet Detector MD10
SGD 74.90
Extech Voltage & Current Detector DVA30
SGD 235.40
Extech Lux Meter EA31
SGD 228.00
Extech Ez Flex Combustible Gas Detector EZ40
SGD 149.80
Extech Tone & Probe Generator-40180
SGD 112.35
Extech Combustible Gas Leak Detector FG100
SGD 32.10
Extech Non Contact Voltage Detector With Flash Light DV26
SGD 74.90
Extech Multi Meter MN16A
SGD 69.55
Extech Volt Pen-381676
SGD 68.00
Extech Compact Moisture Meter MO50
SGD 262.15
Extech Waterproof Chlorine Meter CL200
SGD 280.00
Extech Low/high Range Digital Sound Level Meter 407732
SGD 401.25
Extech Coating Thickness Tester With Bluetooth CG304
SGD 481.50
Extech AN300 Anemometer
SGD 497.55
Extech Combination Pin/pinless Moisture Meter MO260
SGD 144.45
Extech Digital Sound Level Meter 407730
SGD 160.50
Extech Pocket Moisture Meter MO210
SGD 642.00
Extech Portable Indoor Air Quality Co2 Meter CO250
SGD 856.00
Extech Anemometer 407123-NIST
SGD 1,234.25
Extech Battery Tester BT100
SGD 128.40
Extech Trms Multi Meter With Ncv EX350