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Hazmat products

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Top Brands for Hazmat
SGD 132.00
Schoeller Microsorb Pillows, Yellow, Size: 40cm X 40xm,...
SGD 60.50
Allegro Alcohol Free Towelettes 5" X 8" (100/box)
SGD 385.00
3m P-200 Mini Sorbent Booms 12 Ea / Case
SGD 308.00
3m P-300 Chemical Sorbent Pillows 16 Ea / Case
SGD 462.00
3m T-270 Petroleum Sorbent Boom 8" X 10 Feet Case
SGD 21.40
3m Petroleum Sorbent Mini Boom T4 - 3'x4ft
SGD 51.40
3m Oil Sorbent Pad C-PD914DD (25 Pieces / Box)
SGD 132.00
3m Petroleum Oil Sorbent Pad Hp156 (100pc/bale)
SGD 715.00
Quebee Emergency Spill Control Kit
SGD 1.16
Spilfyter Oil Absorbent Pad
SGD 97.02
Spilfyter Obw-70 Absorbent Pad
SGD 119.02
Spilfyter Osw-30 Absorbent Sock/th Fee
SGD 97.02
Absorbent Pad Inclu. Th Fee Box of 200 Pads
SGD 239.47
Absorbent Sheet, 81cm X 30m X 9.5t
SGD 189.20
Pig Universal Hvy-weight Mat Pads (100pads/box)
SGD 1,509.20
Pig Spill Kit in a 95 Gallon Wheeled Overpack Salvage Drum
SGD 201.30
Pig Blue Absorbent Socks (40socks/box)
SGD 220.00
Pig Small Pillow ( 40pil/box )
SGD 333.30
Pig Universal Mat Roll-Double Weight
SGD 90.00
Cep Oil Only Polypropylene Sorbent Socks (3" X 10')
SGD 150.00
Al-gard Hazpad Yellow Chemical Absorbent Pads
SGD 130.00
Al-gard Universal Absorbent Pads
SGD 136.00
Cep Gs4 Universal General Purpose Sorbent Socks
SGD 140.00
Cep Grey Universal Bonded Oil Sorbent Pads Black Uq100-...
SGD 140.00
Cep Universal Fine Fibre Oil Sorbent Pads Yellow Up100-...
SGD 150.00
Cep Hazsoc9-12-y Yellow Hazmat Socks
SGD 116.00
Cep Yellow Hazmat Pillows
SGD 140.00
Cep Universal General Purpose Sorbent Pillows GPIL40
SGD 116.00
Cep Oil Only Fine Fiber Absorbent Pads Q100-FF
SGD 170.00
Cep PS12 Oil Only Polypropylene Sorbent Socks 3 X 48"
SGD 240.00
Cep Sorbents General Purpose Fine Fibre Sorbent Roll
SGD 260.00
Cep Sorbents General Purpose Fine Fibre Split Sorbent Roll
SGD 203.00
Qb Chemical Absorbent Pad (40cm X 50cm)
SGD 130.00
Qb Chemical Absorbent Boom (3" X 4')
SGD 69.00
Qb Chemical Absorbent Folded Roll
SGD 132.00
Qb Chemical Absorbent Pillow (10" X 14")
SGD 69.00
Qb Chemical Absorbent Roll (16" X 65")
SGD 148.00
C-FL550DD Chemical Sorbent Folded
SGD 133.75
Pig Haz - Mat Pads Double Weight ( 100pads/box) NPCMAT351
SGD 299.60
Quebee Spill Response PPE KIT Chem.3
SGD 390.00
Pig Universal Mat Roll-double Weight ( 1roll/bag ) NPCM...
SGD 219.00
Pig Universal Mat Pads ( 100pads/box ) NPCMAT240
SGD 256.80
Pig Haz-mat Heavy Weight Abs (100pads/bag) NPCMAT301
SGD 422.65
Pig Haz-mat Roll -double Weight ( 1roll/bag ) NPCMAT309
SGD 187.25
Pig Oil-only Spill Pads ( 100pads/bag ) NPCMAT403
SGD 347.75
Pig Oil-only Spill Roll-double Weight ( 2rolls/bag ) NP...
SGD 202.00
Pig Blue Absorbent Socks (40socks/box) NPC4048
SGD 1,158.00
Quebee Spill Emergency Response Kit W/ Wheel
SGD 72.75
Pig Grippy Absorbant Mat 24"x16" Med-wt (10pcs/bag) NPC...
SGD 8.25
Schoeller Microsorb Pillow Yellow 16/box
SGD 2.02
New Pig Absorbent Mat Pad in Dispenser Box 100 Pads
SGD 1.41
New Pig Hazmat Chemical Absorbent Handy Pad in Dispense...
SGD 2.29
New Pig Hazmat Mat Pad 38 Cm X 51 Cm
SGD 1.75
New Pig Hazmat Chemical Absorbent Mat Pad in Dispenser ...
SGD 6.40
New Pig Mediumweight Grippy Adhesive-backed Absorbent M...
SGD 5.91
New Pig Absorbent Pillow - 40pillows/box PIL204
SGD 11.92
New Pig Heavyweight Universal Mat Roll MAT230
SGD 10.93
New Pig 4 in 1 Mat Roll in Dispenser Box MAT284
SGD 0.89
Schoeller Hexadyn Heavy Weight Pads With Reinforced Upp...
SGD 0.81
Schoeller Single Layer Heavy Weight Chemical Sorbent Pa...