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Fall Protection products

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Top Brands for Fall Protection
S$ 5.40
Glove Guard Clip Yellow GC-1939YW
S$ 31.20
Anchor Webbing 300G 2032.080
S$ 624.00
Cig Tripod CIGKM800
S$ 40.00
Accsafe AZ700 Anchor Sling
S$ 624.00
Quebee Safety Retractable Fall Arrester Block 10M (piece) QB-PN-PCGS-10M
S$ 18.00
Inspection Service Charge for PN-351 Double Lanyard
S$ 44.40
PN-209 -Rope Lanyard W/pn-113 & Pn-131
S$ 36.00
Inspection Service Charge for QB-RESTRAINT Kit
S$ 18.00
Inspection Service Charge for PN-26 Harness
S$ 18.00
Inspection Service Charge for PN-23 Harness
S$ 7.20
Quebee Tools Lanyard QB-PN-TL-01
S$ 640.56
Msa V-TEC Mini Pfl 6' (1.8m) Twin-Leg AL36CL Snaphooks 63111-00A
S$ 828.00
Inspection Service Charge for PN-PCGS-10M Retractablelife Line
S$ 1,260.00
Quebee Safety PN800 Tripod With Wrench QB-PN-800+PN-801
S$ 28.80
Quebee Safety Steel Karabiner (turn Locking)(piece) QB-PN-113
S$ 18.00
Inspection Service Charge for PN-209 Lanyard
S$ 66.00
Quebee Full Body Harness PN-26
S$ 0.70
Pte Label Dl Lanyard C/w Metal Clip 1cm
S$ 400.00
Haru Vertical Retractable Lifeline
S$ 102.00
PN-41 -1 "d" Ring Full Body Harness W/BELT
S$ 7.20
Inspection Service Charge for PN-805 Anchorage Siling
S$ 7.20
Inspection Service Charge for PN-113 Karabiner
S$ 18.00
MISC-RS-SERVICE Inspection Service Charge for PN-41 Harness
S$ 72.00
Transport Charge ( 2 Way)
S$ 14.40
Inspection Service for PN-804 Anchorage Siling
S$ 185.00
Accsafe WR040 Srl
S$ 144.00
Quebee Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline QB-PN-3000
S$ 58.00
Skyhawk Fall Arrester Rope 12mm
S$ 108.00
Accsafe Fall Arrester AC010
S$ 0.36
Galvanized Wire Clip 6MM
S$ 535.00
Haru HE-20 Vertical Retractable Lifeline (en360)
S$ 76.73
Accsafe P50 Safety Harness
S$ 87.12
Accsafe AW170LB102 Safety Twin Lanyard
S$ 27.50
Single Lanyard With Shock Absorber
S$ 16.80
Anchor Webbing Sling 80cm
S$ 25.00
Hawke 501/453/UNIV/OS M20 Atex Brass Exd Universal Armoured Cable Gland
S$ 990.00
Miller Falcon Self Retracting Lifelines Srl Mp 6,2M Ss Tdc, 710MFP1011729