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Fall Protection products

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Top Brands for Fall Protection
SGD 37.00
Rope Lanyard W/pn-113 & Pn-131
SGD 3.00
1Ton / 1 Ton Toho Webbing Sling/Webbing Sling X 2M
SGD 2.50
1Ton Webbing Sling/Lifting Belt X 1M
SGD 76.00
Sling Polyester 250mm X 3m 10 Ton Bemax
SGD 5.50
1Ton Webbing Sling/Lifting Belt X 4M
SGD 710.00
Toho Rescue Tripod - 200kg
SGD 3.50
2Ton Toho Webbing Sling/Lifting Belt X 1M
SGD 4.50
Auto Carabiner
SGD 16.05
Carabiner Safety Auto Locked - Approved Type
SGD 70.00
Orex Safety Full Body Harness With Energy Absorber Doub...
SGD 20.90
Worksafe Energy Absorber With Single Kernmantle Rope La...
SGD 28.60
Worksafe Energy Absorber Double Kernmantle Rope Lanyard...
SGD 850.00
200kg Rescue Tripod
SGD 33.60
2ply Webbing Sling C/w Mom
SGD 3,643.20
Proteket Mobile Anchor AK SYAM
SGD 1,176.00
Quebee Tripod Pn800 C/w Winch Pn801 20m
SGD 18.00
Anchorage Webbing Sling W/2 D-rings 1.5m
SGD 14.00
Steel Karabiner (turn Locking)
SGD 8.50
AccSafe AZ011 Screw Lock Openning 18mm Carabiner
SGD 1,619.00
Haru Confined Space and Rescue Tripod
SGD 57.00
Orex Safety Energy Absorber Double Hook Rope Lanyard
SGD 185.00
Accsafe WR040 Srl
SGD 508.20
Miller Mk00 Telescopic Pole Set 7.5m 1002898
SGD 960.30
Miller Jiraf Telescopic Pole Set 9.4m 1002979
SGD 624.00
Cig Tripod CIGKM800
SGD 30.00
Swelock Full Body Harness K451
SGD 58.85
Skyhawk Fall Arrestor W/PSB Mark SK18
SGD 9.00
Skyhawk Safety Belt With Small Hook SK07
SGD 728.80
Accsafe Tm-9 Safety Tripod
SGD 26.00
Worksafe Energy Absorber Safety Lanyard Kernmantle Rope...
SGD 0.70
Pte Label Dl Lanyard C/w Metal Clip 1cm
SGD 1.00
Cord Strap Buckle
SGD 5.00
5cm Safety Strap Pull Buckle
SGD 31.50
Orex Trauma Relief Strap Single
SGD 60.00
Quebee Energy Absorber and Fork Lanyards PN351
SGD 180.00
Haru I-beam Trolley
SGD 531.60
Accsafe CR200 Self-retracting Fall Arrester Plastic Cas...
SGD 10.90
AccSafe AZ011T Twist Auto Lock Karabiner Openning 18mm
SGD 45.00
Safety Spring Hook (5 Pieces)
SGD 40.00
Quebee Full Body Harness PN-26
SGD 4.30
Accsafe Safety Strap Vest With Buckle ACCVS01
SGD 674.10
Worksafe Steel Cable Retractor WSFCR200 -15m
SGD 328.90
Climbtech Super Slider Beam Anchor BWA012N
SGD 624.80
Climbtech Beam Trolley Anchor 5000-lbf BTA012N
SGD 74.00
Skyhawk Full Body Safety Harness Set - Sk08 + Sk02k
SGD 91.00
Skyhawk Full Body Safety Harness Set - SK08A + SK02KA
SGD 91.00
Skyhawk Full Body Safety Harness Set - SK08E + SK02K
SGD 91.00
Skyhawk Full Body Safety Harness Set - SK08F + SK02K
SGD 63.00
Osprey Full Body Safety Harness Set - OS08 + OS02K
SGD 348.00
Osprey Self-retracting Lifeline White - 24-SPA-7040
SGD 39.00
Accsafe AZ700 Anchor Sling