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Power Tools
The best electrical power tools and pneumatic air tools from the best brands in the trade. Find pneumatic air riveters, power drills and many more.
Toku Chipping Hammer AAOB
SGD 320.96
Majesta Air Hammer Round Shank Set HM-250
SGD 170.00
Volcano™ Heavy Duty Air Hammer
SGD 25.00
Majesta Air Hammer Round Shank Set HM-190
SGD 150.00
Toku Chipping Hammer AA3B
SGD 500.32
Toku Baby Hammer MH5111
SGD 132.16
Majesta Air Rivet Nut M6 to M8 Rn-511b
SGD 820.00
Cherrymax® Power Riveter Standard Model-Riveter Only G704B
SGD 1,853.77
Majesta Air Rivet Nut M3 to M5 Rn-510b
SGD 720.00
Majesta Air Riveter HR-801
SGD 140.00
Majesta Air Rivet Nut M8 to M10 Rn-512b
SGD 920.00
Usatco Rivet Guns Avc® Type .401 Shank 17-13SP
SGD 514.00
3M 20317 5” Orbital Sander, Non Vacuum
SGD 255.00
Bristle Blaster® Belt, Stainless Steel 11mm BB-103-10
SGD 773.00
Dst Random Orbital Sander 5” X 3/16” Diameter 20317
SGD 480.70
Bristle Blaster Industrial Pneumatic SP-647-BMC
SGD 2,760.00
Bristle Blaster® Belt, Stainless Steel 23mm BB-102-10
SGD 773.00
Bristle Blaster® Belt, Carbon Spring Steel 11mm BB-034-10
SGD 668.00
Elora 5016 Angle Grinder 125 Mm
SGD 684.56
Shinto 6mm Die Grinder SP-1200
SGD 118.80
Elora 5017 Angle Grinder 180 Mm
SGD 1,683.38
Emax Air Die Grinder 6mm AT-7033(M)
SGD 57.60
Emax 4" Air Angle Grinder-roll Type AT-7036(G)
SGD 201.60
Emax Air Die Grinder AT-7034(M)
SGD 81.60
Emax 1/2" Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench Set AT-5049BK
SGD 222.00
Majesta 1/2" Air Impact Wrench Mini WR-402E
SGD 275.00
Elora 5011 35 Nm Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench 1/4″ Mini
SGD 426.44
Majesta 3/4" Air Mini Extreme Composite Impact Wrench 750ft-lb WR-6120
SGD 640.00
Elora 5010, 5012 Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench 90 Nm
SGD 437.67
Emax 3/8 " Air Impact Wrench AT-1063A
SGD 249.60
Elora 5007 Pocket Blow Pen
SGD 27.50
Makita Electric Blower UB1103
SGD 90.00
Orex Plastic Air Blow Duster Gun Blue
SGD 7.90
Interchangeable Air Blow Gun, 7pcs
SGD 73.80
Elora 5008, 5009 Air Blow Gun
SGD 158.24
Makita Cordless Blower 18V*2 Lxt Bl Brushless DUB362Z
SGD 464.40
Volcano™ ⅜" Reversible Air Drill
SGD 25.00
Toku Drill MD3311B 3/8" (10MM) Driver Chuck
SGD 184.08
Elora 5005, 5006 Reversible Pneumatic Drill
SGD 662.11
Toku Drill MD3310B 3/8" (10MM) Driver Chuck
SGD 132.16
Majesta 1/2" Air Reversible Drill 2 Gear DR-214DP
SGD 140.00
Volcano™ ⅜" Reversible Air Drill
SGD 25.00
China Air Stapler 422J
SGD 37.45
China Air Stapler 1022J
SGD 40.66
China Air Stapler F30
SGD 40.66
Rapid Pneumatic Nailer
SGD 190.10
Intelligent FILTER,VSP-030
SGD 720.00
Frl Combination Air Line Filter
SGD 85.70
Hepa Filter
SGD 120.00
3m Microklean D Series 1µm, Cotton Media, Ss304 Core, 39” Length Doe Cartridge
SGD 72.00
Vesda Filter Cartridge VSP-005
SGD 117.70
Esop Air Line Lubricator
SGD 34.30
Majesta Air Screw Driver H/duty Sc-303
SGD 395.00
Majesta Air Screw Driver 8h SD-502
SGD 270.00
Majesta 1/4" Air Adjustable Screw Driver SD-336
SGD 200.00
Majesta Air Screw Driver 5h SD-501
SGD 130.00
Majesta 1/4" Air Adjustable Screw Driver SD-337
SGD 220.00
Majesta Air Screw Driver H/duty Sc-302
SGD 375.00
Toku Concrete Breaker TPB40
SGD 1,623.68
Toku Digger & Trencher TCA7
SGD 424.80
Toku Concrete Breaker TPB30
SGD 1,500.96
Toku Concrete Breaker TPB60
SGD 1,840.80