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Office & School
All your office essentials for your business. Find projectors, printers, shredders, laminators, stationery, paper products and other office products.
Pilot White Board Marker SMN-07
S$ 1.21
Suremark 2-hole Puncher With Guide 7621G
S$ 2.58
Color L Folder A4
S$ 0.32
Binder Clip Black 12 Pieces/pack
S$ 0.48
Letter Tray w/ Steel Riser 3 Tier A4 Black
S$ 5.64
D-best Paper Clip DC-2510 DC-3210
S$ 0.35
Stanley Snap-off Blade Knife 18mm 10-143
S$ 2.90
Sdi Cutter Small
S$ 0.39
Carl Heavy Duty Cutter A4 DC210
S$ 166.73
Carl Rottary Cutter A4 DC212
S$ 108.89
Carl Heavy Duty Cutter A3 DC230
S$ 187.15
Carl Rotary Cutter A3DC218
S$ 153.12
Loytape 18mm X 50 Yards X 3 Inch Core
S$ 1.80
HI-BOND Double Sided Tape 12MM X 10M
S$ 0.84
Scotch® Magic™ Tape 810, 3/4 in x 36 yd
S$ 3.83
Loy Cellulose Adhesive Tapes - 25 Yards (box)
S$ 9.60
Suremark Tape Dispenser Sq9250 Small
S$ 2.40
Nikko Stationery Tape - 18mm (8 rolls/box)
S$ 5.20
Pilot Rexgrip Mechanical Pencils 0.5mm
S$ 1.50
Stabilo Swing Highlighter
S$ 1.10
Name Pen Marker
S$ 0.80
stabilo swing Highlighter
S$ 1.18
PPL-BG Pilot Polymer Pencil Leads (2B)
S$ 0.60
Pilot Rexgrip Ball Pen
S$ 1.40
Whiteboard - Corkboard - Dual
S$ 49.00
S$ 35.00
PT-2240 Cardboard Poster Tube - 24" (60cm)
S$ 3.60
Shachihata Ink STSG-1
S$ 13.61
Glue Stick Hotmelt - 11mm X 200mm (熔胶棒)
S$ 4.90
15018-w Ice Cream Stick - Natural Color
S$ 1.50
Casio Financial Calculator FC100V
S$ 51.04
Canon Calculator As-120 12 Digits
S$ 9.50
Casio Calculator Desktop Horizontal Keypad
S$ 16.85
Aurora Dualpower Calculator DT642
S$ 10.50
Casio JS-120TVS Desktop Calculator
S$ 42.85
Citizen Basic Calculator SDC-868
S$ 11.91