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Office & School
All your office essentials for your business. Find projectors, printers, shredders, laminators, stationery, paper products and other office products.
D-best Staples Pin No.10-1m
SGD 0.25
N-88 Transparent L-Shape Acrylic Stand - A5
SGD 6.30
L Shape Clear Holder (A4 Size) 50pcs
SGD 0.30
Kohseng Pvc Ring File Laminated A4
SGD 2.00
Stabilo Retractable Pen 308 Fine
SGD 0.40
Max 10 Staples
SGD 0.40
Penknife Hand Cutter
SGD 0.70
Suremark Cutting Mat A3 SQ8823
SGD 8.90
Nt Brand - Economy Cutter Series - (日本制美工刀)
SGD 5.50
Nt Cutter Spare Blade Light-duty 5 Pieces/pack BA-100
SGD 2.00
Penknife Hand Cutter
SGD 0.50
Scissors - Office - 170mm
SGD 1.50
Artline Glue-stick Eg - 25G
SGD 2.16
Clipper Clear Opp Tape 24mm X 45m (180 rolls/ctn)
SGD 216.00
Jupiter Cloth Tape
SGD 180.00
Star Double Sided Tape DSCT-S0609
SGD 76.80
Supreme Opp Adhesive Tape 72mm
SGD 1.32
Jupiter Opp Tape OPP-J4845BE
SGD 216.00
Stabilo Boss Highlighter
SGD 1.10
Pentel Wow Retractable Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm BK417-C (blue Ink) 12pcs/box
SGD 4.80
Pilot V7 Hi-Tecpoint Pure Liquid Ink 0.7mm
SGD 2.10
Stabilo Retractable Pen 308 Fine
SGD 0.54
Pilot V Board Master Whiteboard Marker
SGD 1.50
Correction Tape
SGD 5.50
1448-WF World Flag Eraser
SGD 4.50
3m Post-it Flags 680-9 Sign Here
SGD 3.80
Derwent Academy PP Visual Art Diaries
SGD 5.30
Plastic Ruler
SGD 0.36
3 Chamber Pealess Whistle With Lanyard
SGD 4.80
80G Mahjong Paper 33.26" X 33.26" 50's
SGD 7.50
Aurora Calculator DT260
SGD 8.00
Casio Scientific Calculator fx-570MS
SGD 45.00
Aurora Calculator DT-168
SGD 8.90
Aurora Calculator DT731
SGD 12.30
Canon Calculator LS-120 Hi Iii
SGD 15.60
Aurora Desktop Calculator 12 Digits DT128
SGD 6.50