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Office & School
All your office essentials for your business. Find projectors, printers, shredders, laminators, stationery, paper products and other office products.
Max Stapler Hd-10 (td)
S$ 3.50
Stabilo Retractable Pen 308 Fine
S$ 0.45
D Best Stapler DS-1010
S$ 1.40
Suremark SQ-0260 Binder Clips 50mm Box of 12
S$ 3.08
Desktop Organiser Drawer with Clear Tray , 3 Tier
S$ 25.90
D Best Binder Clip No 200 1-5/8" (41MM) DB-200
S$ 2.16
Nt Cutter BD-100 5's
S$ 2.45
Nt Cutter Blade BD-100
S$ 2.20
Kennedy KEN5971150K Shave Tool, Blade 42mm (pack of 5)
S$ 5.31
Kennedy KEN5972080K Replacement Blade, Blade 42mm (pack of 5)
S$ 3.83
Slice 10537 Replacement Blades, Ceramic, Craft, Seam Ripper (pack of 4 Blades)
S$ 43.80
Kennedy KEN5972100K Replacement Blade, Blade 16mm
S$ 7.37
Epson Compatible LK-4BWV Laminated Sticker Label Tape (12mm White on Black)
S$ 17.64
Loy Cellulose Adhesive Tapes - 25 Yards (box)
S$ 9.60
Hi-Bond Double Sided Tapes Various Sizes (rolls)
S$ 0.50
Heavy Duty Waterproof Double Sided Tape
S$ 24.50
Brother Label Tape Cartridge 12mm Tze-231
S$ 18.65
Panfix Self-Adhesive Cellulose Tapes - 10 Yards
S$ 11.40
Pilot Rexgrip Ball Pen
S$ 1.40
Uni-Paint Marker Px21
S$ 2.20
Pilot Refills RFNS-GG-F [for Super Grip (f) Pen / BP145]
S$ 0.60
Stabilo Swing Highlighter
S$ 1.20
Zebra Name Pen Black
S$ 1.20
Uni-PX20 Paint Marker
S$ 2.20
15018-w Ice Cream Stick - Natural Color
S$ 1.50
Deli FLDRDEE5505 File Folder Bag With Snap A4 Pack of 10 E5505 (translucent White)
S$ 8.67
1871/13 Schwan Stabilo 12 Colour Half Length Pencil
S$ 1.95
Mount Board - Backing Board - Art Board
S$ 3.00
Steel Ruler
S$ 1.05
D Best Plastic Ruler 12" SR12 12"
S$ 0.50
Ace Calculator Desktop 12 Digits Horizontal Layout Check and Correct
S$ 8.50
Casio FX-991EX Engineering Scientific Calculator Black
S$ 49.00
Casio Desktop Calculator AX-120B Metal Casing
S$ 14.00
Ace Calculator Desktop 12 Digits Compact
S$ 8.50
Casio Calculator 12 Digit AX-120ST
S$ 15.30
Ace Calculator Desktop 12 Digits Large Size A5 With Adjustable Tilt Screen
S$ 13.55