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Office & School
All your office essentials for your business. Find projectors, printers, shredders, laminators, stationery, paper products and other office products.
Herma Colour Label 2255 (green) 19mm 1280's
SGD 5.80
Herma Colour Label 2251 (yellow) 19mm 1280's
SGD 5.80
Suremark 2-hole Puncher With Guide 7621G
SGD 2.40
Max Electronic Stapler Eh-20f
SGD 385.00
Clip Box With Magnetic - 0988(磁性盒)
SGD 1.00
Triangle Clip 100 Clips/box
SGD 0.24
Stanley Snap-off Blade Knife 18mm 10-143
SGD 1.95
Cutter Trimmer Guillotine - Wooden Base - 8003(裁纸刀)
SGD 49.90
Shredder Machine - 9940(碎纸机-两用)
SGD 329.00
Nt Cutter Hand Cutter L-500GRP
SGD 13.00
Deli Cutting Blade 18mm - #2011(美工刀片)
SGD 1.80
Utility Cutter Blade - L
SGD 1.15
A3 Laminating Pouch
SGD 34.00
Handy Tape Dispenser 2"
SGD 3.20
Polar Bear Opp Tape Clear / Brown
SGD 1.10
Nikko Insulation Tape IT-N1910BK (ul Listed)
SGD 0.45
Hunter Double Sided Foam Tape Black
SGD 3.80
Jupiter Opp Tape Opp-j4845be
SGD 1.50
Uni Laknock Fine Ballpen
SGD 1.61
N850 Pentel Permanent Marker
SGD 1.10
﴾Leaden-Af﴿ Faber-Castell Grip X5 Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm Needle Point Nib in Blue, Black or Red
SGD 9.30
Pilot Retractable Ball Pen 0.5mm
SGD 1.20
﴾Leaden-Af﴿ Faber-Castell Grip X7 Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm Needle Point Nib in Blue, Black or Red
SGD 9.30
Pilot Permanent Marker
SGD 1.20
Mount Board - Backing Board - Art Board
SGD 3.00
Nikki Plasticine Modelling Clay 150g
SGD 0.90
Pte Label Ice Cream Stick Natural 50 Pieces/pack
SGD 0.70
Display Book - Clear View Holder
SGD 2.90
Pte Label Certificate Scroll Holder Red 33cm
SGD 4.00
Plastic Ruler
SGD 0.24
Casio Calculator 12 Digit AX-120ST
SGD 14.50
Electric Calculator/best Office Use
SGD 8.00
Casio Calculator 12 Digit MJ-120D
SGD 17.00
Tally Counter Desktop Type - Yc230e
SGD 7.90
Handheld Tally Counter - Calculating Tool
SGD 5.90
Casio Scientific Calculator fx-350MS
SGD 72.80