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Office Supplies products

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Top Brands for Office Supplies
S$ 0.19
Deli Retractable Pen Blue
S$ 13.20
Whiteboard Cleaner Spray With Magnetic Eraser & 3-Colour Markers and Refills Set
S$ 44.00
Envelope / Strong Kraft Paper - String Tighten - (牛皮纸公文袋)
S$ 9.10
Rubber Band - 1kg/pack
Bulk Discount
S$ 1.05S$ 1.10
Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighter
S$ 0.20
Iso Cr80 Blank White Pvc Cards for Card Printer
S$ 0.30
Max Staples No. 10-1M
Bulk Discount
S$ 4.05S$ 4.50
B8+ Flexi Laminating Film
S$ 17.80
NT-020 A4 0.2mm Clear Pvc Binding Cover
S$ 1.80
Ace Paper Basket
S$ 22.00
#019 Eyelet Punch
S$ 5.80
Ace Metal Mesh Office Waste Bin
S$ 19.50
A4 Pp Colour Binding Cover
S$ 7.20
Bindermax A4 11 Hole Pocket 100's W25-1/0.06mm
S$ 4.30
Shiny "paid" Pre-inked Stamp NP03
S$ 12.90
A4 230g Buyor Buffalo Card/Binding Cover
S$ 0.29
Semi-Rigid Convention Name Tags
S$ 1.83
Shiny Ink Stamp Pad S-821-7 Red
S$ 179.00
Binding Machine Plastic Comb A4 21-Ring SD1201
S$ 9.50
Shiny Self-inking Stamp s400 Date
Bulk Discount
S$ 25.20S$ 28.00
Aurora A3 Laminating Pouch
S$ 15.12
Aurora A4 Laminating Pouch (100/box) P100A4
S$ 30.24
Aurora A3 Laminating Pouch (100/box) P100A3
S$ 19.44
Suremark A4 Laminating Pouch (100/box) SQ6040
S$ 4.90
Shiny "received" Pre-inked Stamp NR04
S$ 2.50
Shiny Stamp Pad Blue R-542-7
Bulk Discount
S$ 5.94S$ 6.60
Kds Pocket Tape F16-35bp
S$ 229.00
Binding Machine Plastic Comb A4 21-Ring CB200
S$ 225.00
Binding Machine Plastic Comb A4 21-Ring HP5016
S$ 0.65
Flat Pencil Brush
S$ 229.00
Bright Office A3 Hot & Cold Laminator, Superb Quality, Great Ease of Use With Free Box of A3 Laminating Pouch
S$ 20.40
Ibico A3 Laminating Pouch 100/pack
Bulk Discount
S$ 5.04S$ 5.60
A7 Flexi Laminating Film
S$ 7.92
Laminating Pouch Film
S$ 1.62
100gm Raffia String
S$ 0.66
Paper Clips Giant Plain (51mm) 100/box
S$ 12.00
Thermal Laminating Pouch 70mm X 100mm X 100 Micron (pack of 100)