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Network Switches products

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Top Brands for Network Switches
SGD 327.48
Cisco SG220-26-K9-EU 26-port Gigabit Smart Switch
SGD 1,047.95
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf550x-24p-k9-na 24prt 0/100 Poe ...
SGD 651.36
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf550x-24-k9-eu 24-port 10/100 St...
SGD 3,924.40
(cisco Refresh) Industrial Ethernet Switches 4000 Series
SGD 3,897.27
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Catalyst Ethernet Switches WS-C29...
SGD 1,656.39
(cisco Refresh) Cisco 3560-C Series Compact Switches WS...
SGD 16,736.71
(cisco Refresh) Cisco WS-C385012X48US 48Port(12mGig+36G...
SGD 692.47
Cisco SG350-28 28-port Gigabit Managed Switch SG350-28-...
SGD 822.22
(cisco Refresh) Cisco SG250-50 50-Port Gigabit Smart Sw...
SGD 186.93
Cisco 8-Port Poe Gigabit Desktop Switch SG110D-08HP-EU
SGD 186.51
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Wireless Controller Rack Mount Tray
SGD 8,973.38
(cisco Refresh) Cisco SG350XG-48T-K9-UK 48-port 10GBase...
SGD 1,053.09
(cisco Refresh) Cisco WS-C2960+24TC-L Catalyst 2960 Plu...
SGD 15,311.31
(cisco Refresh) Cisco WS-C3850-48U-S Catalyst 3850 48 P...
SGD 1,033.57
Cisco SG350X-24 24-port Gigabit Stackable Switch
SGD 2,282.89
Cisco SG350X-48P 48-port Gigabit Poe Stackable Switch
SGD 967.06
Cisco SG350-28P 28-port Gigabit Poe Managed Switch
SGD 621.18
(cisco Refresh) SG200-26P 26-port Gigabit Poe Smart Switch
SGD 4,117.44
(cisco Refresh) SG550XG-24F 24-Port 10G Sfp+ Stackable ...
SGD 1,354.21
Cisco SG350-28MP 28-port Gigabit Poe Managed Switch
SGD 2,403.13
Cisco SG350-52MP 52-port Gigabit Max-PoE Managed Switch
SGD 1,621.99
Cisco SG350X-48 48-port Gigabit Stackable Switch
SGD 528.04
(cisco Refresh) SG350-10MP 10-port Gigabit Poe Managed ...
SGD 290.00
Cisco Sg350-10 Managed Switch With 10 Gigabit Ethernet ...
SGD 556.02
Cisco SG350-10MP 10-port Gigabit Poe Managed Switch
SGD 3,576.05
(cisco Refresh) Cisco SG550X-24P 24-prt Gb Poe Stackabl...
SGD 149.25
Cisco SF110D-08HP 8-Port 10/100 Poe Desktop Switch
SGD 443.15
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350-10p-k9-eu Switch
SGD 1,500.00
Cisco Sg350x-24p 24-port Gigabit Poe Stackable Switch
SGD 1,923.30
Cisco Sg350-52p 52-port Gigabit Poe Managed Switch
SGD 3,700.00
Cisco Sx350x-24f Stackable Managed Switch With 24 Ports...
SGD 15,073.73
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Ws-c3850-12xs-s Switch
SGD 4,500.00
Cisco Sg550xg-8f8t Stackable Managed Switch With 16 Por...
SGD 75.07
Cisco Sf110d-16 Desktop Switch With 16 Ports 10/100 Desktop
SGD 668.77
Cisco Sg110-24hp 24-port Poe Gigabit Switch
SGD 1,915.62
Cisco Sg350x-24mp Stackable Managed Switch With 24 Giga...
SGD 11,404.91
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Ws-c3850-12s-e Switch
SGD 141.50
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf110d-08hp 8 Ports Switch
SGD 397.11
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf250-48-k9-uk 48-port Smart Mana...
SGD 1,108.88
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350-28sfpk9eu Switch
SGD 7,989.85
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Ws-c3850-24p-s Switch
SGD 246.10
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg110-24-eu Poe Network Switch
SGD 188.58
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf350-08-k9-uk 8-port 10 100 Mana...
SGD 316.39
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf302-08pp-k9eu Poe Switch
SGD 2,283.17
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350-52mp-k9eu Switch
SGD 1,047.95
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf550x-48-k9-eu Switch
SGD 611.70
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Ws-c2960c-8tc-s Switch
SGD 650.02
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf350-48-k9-eu Switch
SGD 1,414.16
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf350-48mp-k9eu Switch
SGD 1,414.16
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf350-48mp-k9-uk Switch
SGD 418.84
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg250-10p-k9-eu Switch
SGD 3,067.52
(cisco Refresh) Cisco SG550X-24-K9-EU-RF Switch