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Top Brands for IT Cables
SGD 54.40
Ccm 2.0v High Speed Male Hdmi Cable 20m
SGD 201.00
Omega Rtd Probe With Insulated Wire and Shrink-Tube Sup...
SGD 0.40
470 Resistor
SGD 0.40
220kohm/0.25w Resistor
SGD 10.20
Daiyo Fiber Optic Patch Cord - 3m CP 2562
SGD 105.93
Omega Style 3 Rtd Element, 4 Wires
SGD 69.00
Pwrcord250vac20arightanglc19nemal6-20plugus Remanufactured
SGD 38.00
Ccm 2.0v High Speed Male Hdmi Cable 10m
SGD 47.60
Ccm 2.0v High Speed Male Hdmi Cable 15m
SGD 16.30
Ccm 2.0v High Speed Male to Male Hdmi Cable 2m
SGD 19.10
Ccm 2.0v High Speed Male to Male Hdmi Cable 3m
SGD 21.80
Ccm 2.0v High Speed Male to Male Hdmi Cable 4m
SGD 24.50
Ccm 2.0v High Speed Male to Male Hdmi Cable 5m
SGD 2.53
Cable Xlpe/swa/pvc 3c-2.5mm2
SGD 2.53
Xlpe/swa/pvc 3c2.5mm2 (br/bu/gy)bk
SGD 27.17
Xlpe/swa/pvc 4c 50mm2
SGD 2.53
Xlpe/swa/pvc 3c X 2.5mm (br/blu/gy)bk
SGD 2.53
3cx2.5mm2 Cu/xlpe/swa/pvc
SGD 2.53
Xlpe/swa/pvc 3c2.5mm2 Brown/blue/green-y
SGD 2.53
Xlpe/swa/pvc 3c2.5mm2 (br/bl/gy) Cable
SGD 1,089.69
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-100g-aoc3m
SGD 464.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-h40g-aoc2m Compatible 40g Qs...
SGD 206.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-h40g-cu5m Compatible 40g Qsf...
SGD 635.29
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-h40g-cu0.5m
SGD 681.69
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-4x10g-ac7m Active Direct Att...
SGD 763.29
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-4x10g-ac10m Actve Copperspli...
SGD 600.09
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-4x10g-aoc3m Compatible 40g Q...
SGD 198.09
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sfp-h10gb-acu7m Sfp+ Direct Attac...
SGD 464.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-h40g-aoc1m Compatible 40g Qs...
SGD 546.09
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-h40g-aoc7m Compatible 40g Qs...
SGD 654.69
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-h40g-aoc15m Compatible 40g Q...
SGD 1,086.69
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-100g-aoc1m Compatible 100g Q...
SGD 225.09
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sfp-h10gbacu10m Cable
SGD 1,195.29
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-100g-aoc5m Compatible 100g Q...
SGD 681.69
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-4x10g-aoc7m Compatible 40g Q...
SGD 464.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-h40g-aoc3m Compatible 40g Qs...
SGD 178.89
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-100g-cu3m Compatible 100g Qs...
SGD 57.09
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sfp-h10gb-cu25m Cable
SGD 116.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sfp-10g-aoc2m Compatible 10g Sfp+...
SGD 211.69
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Stack-t2-3m Cable
SGD 137.89
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Qsfp-h40g-cu2m Cable
SGD 0.40
0.25w 6.8kohm 5% Resistor
SGD 0.35
271012 C16-8 Lug Cable 16mm X M8
SGD 0.40
6.8k Resistor
SGD 0.40
0.25w 470 Ohm 5% Resistor
SGD 0.40
10k Resistor
SGD 0.40
1k Resistor
SGD 0.35
271011 C16-6 16mm X M6
SGD 0.40
4.7k Resistor
SGD 0.40
15kohm/0.25w Resistor
SGD 6.00
Daiyo Utp Cat.6 Patch Cord 1m CP 2531
SGD 85.09
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Cab-rps2300-e Spare Rps Cable for...