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Top Brands for Other Consumables Products
SGD 13.00
Dykem Cross Check Torque Seal Orange, 1oz
SGD 288.00
Clear Transparent Roll
SGD 33.33
Australia Coarse Salt 50kg
SGD 24.00
Scana Multiclean Wiper 2 Ply, Embossed 26cm X 330m Perf...
SGD 48.00
Scana Puratex Oilplus Blue, 3 Ply, Embossed and Perfora...
SGD 468.00
Kaneko Gasket for K1-50-C Position no.10
SGD 7.50
Label No Unauthorised Entry / Confined Space
SGD 1.00
Corrugated Carton Box - (瓦楞纸盒)
SGD 28.00
Cotton Rag Coloured Unsew - Large 20kg
SGD 19.20
Rag Unsewn Mixed 18kg
SGD 45.60
Rag Unsewn White 18kg
SGD 0.26
Tombo Ptfe Sealing Tape
SGD 10.90
Tape Dispenser - Pen Holder - 30U
SGD 18.00
Colour Sewn Cotton Rag
SGD 75.00
Air-con R410A Refrigerator Gas
SGD 130.00
Canvas Pvc Green With Eyelets 4MX8M
SGD 35.00
Water Softener Salt 25kg
SGD 4.30
Pe Tarpaulin Sheet
SGD 1,030.37
G1314-60100 Deuterium Lamp for the G1314
SGD 72.49
Whatman 1820-8013 Circle,filter,fiber Glass,13mm
SGD 1,653.19
Agilent 5182-1530 Deuterium Lamp 1100-1200 Dad
SGD 908.82
HYP#28105-154630 Hypersil Bds C18 Col
SGD 339.63
Pyrex Uk 1450/10D Evaporating Dish 320mL
SGD 281.11
HP G7129-87017 Seat Assembly Peek 0.17mm
SGD 442.04
5181-3360 10ul Tapered Syr 6/pk
SGD 139.70
Sharps Container 1L Yellow (pack of 18)
SGD 481.14
HYP#28105-014001 10x4mm 5um Bds 4/pkt
SGD 35.53
Disposable Weighing Dishes 611-1354 (pack of 50)
SGD 196.46
Quickfit® three-neck round-bottom Flasks With Angled Necks
SGD 272.75
Pyrex® Ramsbottom Tube (pack of 24)
SGD 93.00
Canvas Pvc Green With Eyelets 4.5MX4.5M
SGD 48.00
Cotton Rag White-unsew-large 18kg
SGD 6.90
Good Morning Towel
SGD 11.00
Dykem Cross Check Torque Seal Blue, 1oz
SGD 16.00
Colour Unsewn Cotton Rag
SGD 10.70
Pte Label Raffia String 1.5kg
SGD 189.00
Pe Canvas
SGD 8.20
Label Danger H2S
SGD 0.28
(vm) Tombo Ptfe Sealing Tape
SGD 25.00
Ccm 3ply Protective Mask(50pcs/box)
SGD 780.00
Oil-glo® Complete Leak Detection Kit
SGD 780.00
Spi-vlwgg- Water-glo® Complete Leak Detection Kit
SGD 151.80
Non Asbestos Wire Reinforced Graphite Jointing 3.0mm X ...
SGD 580.80
4956-14MGT3-55 Gates Powergrip GT3 Belt
SGD 333.60
4326-14MGT3-55 Gates Powergrip GT3 Belt
SGD 4.80
Label Raffia String
SGD 270.00
High Temperature Silica Fibre Insulation Tape
SGD 1.20
Cut Polyfoam Sheet
SGD 110.00
Canvas Pvc Green With Eyelets 3MX8M
SGD 95.00
Canvas Pvc Green With Eyelets 3MX6M
SGD 52.20
Canvas Pvc Green With Eyelets 8ft X 8ft
SGD 8.00
Good Morning Towel 12/pkt