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Hardware tools from hardware stores. Find yourself trustworthy hand tools for your next big engineering project, choose from local and international brands.
Stanley Dynagrip Chisel
SGD 9.30
Elora 263 Cape Chisel Octagonal
SGD 11.48
Ingco TOP500 4 Pcs Wood Chisel Set HKTWC0401
SGD 14.00
Irwin Marples 3-pc W/chisel Set 10505864
SGD 32.25
Irwin Marples 6-pc W/chisel Set TM444/S6
SGD 76.55
Ingco TOP500 Cold Chisel HCCL082412
SGD 6.00
Elora 461 Revolving Punch Plier
SGD 44.82
Elora 460 Revolving Punch Plier With Leverage
SGD 95.65
Elora 458S Eyelets
SGD 11.00
Elora 1644-20 Punch and Joggler/ Flanging Tool
SGD 342.97
Elora 458 Revolving Punch and Eyelet Plier
SGD 61.47
Rapid Leather Punch Set
SGD 37.80
Boter Nylon Hammer
SGD 4.00
Wedo Sledge Hammer With Plastic Coating Handle
SGD 9.01
SGD 4.80
Stanley Rubber Mallet Hammer 57527
SGD 5.52
Orex Sledge Hammer With Fiberglass Handle
SGD 25.60
Stanley Rubber Mallet Hammer 57528
SGD 6.20
Elora Parallel Pin Punch Set in Plastic Stand, 6-pcs., ELORA-266KS
SGD 70.74
Elora 270 Pin Punch With Guide Sleeve
SGD 13.41
Elora Drift Punch, ELORA-264-120x10x2,0
SGD 6.84
Stanley Pin Punch
SGD 3.25
Elora 271 Parallel Pin Punch
SGD 10.76
Elora 359 Mounting Punch
SGD 79.25
Hunter Number Stencil Plate Set 0-9 HNS25
SGD 5.90
Hunter Letter Stencil Plate Set A-z HLS25
SGD 12.60
Hunter Number Stencil Plate Set 0-9 HNS25
SGD 5.28
Elora Letter Punch Set 27-pcs 400B-6
SGD 98.90
Elora Number Punch Set 9-pcs 400Z-6
SGD 32.88
Engraving Pen
SGD 17.00