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Hardware tools from hardware stores. Find yourself trustworthy hand tools for your next big engineering project, choose from local and international brands.
Elroa 365 Electrician Chisels
SGD 9.11
Irwin Marples 6-pc W/chisel Set TM444/S6
SGD 76.55
Elora 361 Slit or Car Body Chisel, Extra Flat
SGD 25.85
Elora 361HS Hand Guard for Slit or Car Body Chisel
SGD 11.25
Irwin 6pc Protouch Strike Cap Chisel in Wooden Box 1/4" to 1-1/4",10503430
SGD 93.85
Irwin Bluechip Wood Chisel M444
SGD 8.75
Elora 458 Revolving Punch and Eyelet Plier
SGD 61.47
Elora 1644-20 Punch and Joggler/ Flanging Tool
SGD 342.97
Elora 461 Revolving Punch Plier
SGD 44.82
Elora 460 Revolving Punch Plier With Leverage
SGD 95.65
Acas Revolving Leather Punch Plier 9"
SGD 7.50
Acas Revolving Leather Punch Pliers 9"
SGD 5.50
Elora 1660 Soft Faced Hammer
SGD 18.34
Orex Rubber Mallet Fibre Handle
SGD 5.90
Elora 1661E Spare Plastic Face for Plastic Hammer 1661 Desmopan
SGD 3.35
Allways F.g. Cross Pein Hammer
SGD 4.85
Elora 1661 Plastic Hammer
SGD 22.37
Hunter Plastic Hammer HPH22
SGD 7.50
Elora 359 Mounting Punch
SGD 79.25
Gedore 119 Pin Punch Octagonal (mm)
SGD 9.41
Elora 746 Square Awl With 2C-Handle
SGD 28.73
Elora 745 Round Awl With 2C-Handle
SGD 28.01
Stanley Pin Punch
SGD 3.25
Gedore 99 Drift Punch Octagonal (mm)
SGD 5.92
Engraving Pen
SGD 12.50
Hunter Number Punch Set
SGD 9.50
Hunter Letter Punch HLP15
SGD 26.75
Hunter Letter Stencil Plate Set A-z HLS25
SGD 13.40
Hunter Number Stencil Plate Set 0-9 HNS25
SGD 5.28
Hunter Letter Stencil Plate Set A-z HLS25
SGD 12.60