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Hardware tools from hardware stores. Find yourself trustworthy hand tools for your next big engineering project, choose from local and international brands.
Nietz Chipping Hammer 0.5kg 551-22-050
S$ 5.77
Nietz Chipping Hammer 0.3kg 551-22-030
S$ 4.63
Facom Wedge non-spark 180 X 50 X 19mm WF180.50SR
S$ 203.90
Facom Straight Chisel Hexagonal Shank V.320HA1
S$ 33.79
Elora 283HS Hand Guard
S$ 9.38
Elora 262 Flat Chisel Octagonal
S$ 9.74
Elora 461 Revolving Punch Plier
S$ 44.82
Facom Compact anti-static Pliers Semi Flush Cut Oal 110mm 406.E
S$ 109.65
Stanley Plier Set Vde, 3 pcs- Combination, Diagonal, Long Nose in Pvc Case, Working 1000V, Tested 10,000V 84-011
S$ 67.82
Facom Rack Type Compression Plier for Inside Circlip Plier 310mm 479.32
S$ 161.85
Facom Compact Electronics Pliers Axial Cut Oal 110mm 405.MT
S$ 93.97
Facom Compact Electronics Pliers Flush Cut Oal 110mm 407.MT
S$ 111.56
Elora 1672K Grammes Club Hammer With 3 Component Handle
S$ 88.79
Stanley Hammer Ball Pen Wood (32Oz/24Oz/16Oz/12Oz)
S$ 13.64
Elora 1620 Rubber Mallet
S$ 23.78
FUZI Hand Made Brick Chipping Hammer
S$ 7.50
Stanley Combination-Cast Hammer 18 Ozs 57-531
S$ 50.56
Elora 1670 English Pattern Engineers Hammer
S$ 33.82
Elora 265 Centre Punch
S$ 7.38
Ridgid Set of 5 Pins 32560
S$ 29.57
Eishin Auto Centre Punch 010-037-1300
S$ 21.42
Heytec Pin Punches Set
S$ 41.00
Heytec Punch and Chisel Set, 6pc
S$ 41.00
Proto Punch Center, S2 Steel, 3/8'' Hex Shank, 4.7/8''L, Black 413/8
S$ 12.14
Nietz 0-9 Number Punches 507-30-060
S$ 11.76
Hunter Number Stencil Plate Set 0-9 HNS25
S$ 5.28
Hunter Letter Stencil Plate Set A-z HLS25
S$ 12.60
Hunter Carbon Steel Letter Punch Marking, 6 Mm (1/4'') Letter A-Z L6.0
S$ 45.60
Nietz A-Z Letter Punches 507-31-060
S$ 33.90
Hunter Carbon Steel Number Punch Set 6mm (1/4") 9pcs Set N6.0
S$ 18.00