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Hardware tools from hardware stores. Find yourself trustworthy hand tools for your next big engineering project, choose from local and international brands.
Kobe KBE2893001Y 175 Mm Taper Punch
S$ 20.06
Jex-24 Needle Scaler Jet
S$ 232.94
Kobe KBE2893046Y 160mm Panel Cutter
S$ 23.60
Sitesafe SSF5051360K Electricians Chisel, Chrome Vanadium Steel, 55mm X 230mm
S$ 20.06
Kobe KBE2893002Y 175 X 19mm Rivet Cutter
S$ 20.06
Kobe KBE2893005Y 175 x19mm Spot Weld
S$ 21.53
Elora Revolving Punch Plier 461
S$ 36.11
Kennedy KEN5583780K 250mm, Punch Pliers
S$ 38.05
Elora Revolving Punch Plier With Leverage 460
S$ 77.05
Rs Pro 4458841 6-Piece Punch Pliers, 288 Mm Overall
S$ 19.10
Rs Pro 2545758 Punch Pliers, 36mm Jaw
S$ 90.40
Kennedy KEN5583800K 270mm, Punch Pliers
S$ 71.68
Brass Hammer
S$ 68.00
Stanley Rubber Mallet Hammer 57527
S$ 11.10
Capri Tools 10099 C099 Deadblow Hammer Orange Pu, 4 Lb.
S$ 136.00
Abn Dead Blow Hammer, 4 Lb Pound – Unicast Mallet With Non-Marring Rubber Coating
S$ 130.00
Elora Plastic Hammer 1661-32
S$ 25.93
Neiko 02849A 4 Lb Dead Blow Hammer, Neon Orange | Unibody Molded | Checkered Grip | Spark and Rebound Resistant
S$ 126.00
Kennedy KEN4881010K Revolving Centre 1MT Standard Duty
S$ 139.52
Kennedy KEN4881020K Revolving Centre 2MT Standard Duty
S$ 172.56
Atlas Workholders ATL4881020K 2MT Revolving Centre
S$ 161.35
Atlas Workholders ATL4881040K 4MT Revolving Centre
S$ 252.80
Kennedy KEN4881320K Revolving Centre Set 2MT Medium Duty
S$ 551.61
Kennedy KEN4881050K Revolving Centre 5MT Standard Duty
S$ 409.43
Modern 3D Auspicious Golden Plaque Number With Self Adhesion Tape
S$ 6.95
Kennedy KEN5608440K 3.0mm, Y, Positive Indent, Fount Character
S$ 7.67
Kennedy KEN5608280K 3.0mm, I, Positive Indent, Fount Character
S$ 7.67
Kennedy KEN5606410K 2.5mm, a to Z, Positive Indent, Hand Stamp
S$ 86.13
Kennedy KEN5608410K 3.0mm, V, Positive Indent, Fount Character
S$ 7.67
Senator SEN5603500K 5.0mm, a to Z, Standard, Hand Stamp
S$ 123.30