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Whether you need hardware supplies for your next construction worksite or a DIY home project, we have the tools to keep you covered. We offer power tools for any purpose, fasteners for installing materials together and even paints to top everything off at the end. But it doesn’t stop there. We stock castors, plumbing equipment, abrasives, hand tools, building materials and so much more. For any construction project you can envision, Eezee has the items that you need to pull it off swiftly and more efficiently. Shop quicker, shop smarter.

Material Handling

From trolleys to lifting equipment, Eezee has got it all. Need some storage boxes to fit your tools till next time? We have those. Need some shelves to put those storage boxes? We have those too! Need some ladders to access the top shelves? Right here as well. With our wide selection of material handling equipment, you’ll be sure to find everything that you need to store, carry, tie or transport your goods with us. For pulleys, pallet trucks, strap hooks to shackles, look no further than Eezee for transport and storage.

Hand Tools

Every good handyman should have their trusty hand tools by their side: Hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tape and wrenches should be staples in every toolbox. Here at Eezee, our selection of choice tools caters to every level of professionalism and need. We carry top brands of fastening, demolition, cutting and sawing tools, giving you a wide variety to choose from while keeping the prices competitive. Whether you’re doing a home DIY renovation or a industry professional, our selection guarantees reliability and durability. Prepare for better projects when you shop at Eezee!

Chemical Products

At Eezee, we provide a large range of chemical products for your next home renovation or workplace project. Our wide selection of sealants come in different colours and types: whether you need a white sealant to fill in bathroom tiles or an aqua sealant to prevent water damage, you’ll be able to find what you need here at Eezee. Furthermore, we also carry a sizeable catalogue of lubricants for all your needs. From small bicycle lubricants to industrial grade ones for large machinery, we offer the best prices on the top rated brands in the industry.

Outdoor & Gardening

Gardens require a lot of upkeep. Whether you’re a gardening company or a home owner tending to your garden, we have an extensive range of outdoor and garden products: pest control products, pots, mowers, water sprayers and hand tools. With almost 1000 products to chose from, you’ll find great support regardless of whether you’re a master gardener or just an amateur starting out. We even sell coolers - for when you need to kick back with a drink in your freshly minted garden!

Power Tools

From impact drivers to glue guns, a reliable power tool is necessary for finishing the job at hand quickly and efficiently. Here you can find high quality powered tools for sale, suited for your needs! For the amateur handyman, your next home improvement project could benefit from a handy Bosch power drill while the consummate construction professional would be able to save time with a Makita industrial-grade impact driver. Ultimately, having the right power tool can help save valuable time and effort for you. Check out our extensive range – guaranteed to make your next project easier and more enjoyable!

Locks & Iron Mongery

It goes without saying that you’d want to keep your home and workplace safe from theft and intruders. Investing in a good lock can help give you the ease of mind you need as you go by your day, knowing that your belongings are well protected. From padlocks to digital door locks, Eezee has all your safeguarding needs covered. Need even more protection for certain items? Our large selection of safe boxes in different sizes and levels of protection gives you more choice in guarding the things that are important to you. Buy a peace of mind, right here on Eezee.


Get all your sanding, grinding and cutting needs met in one place. Our selection of durable and powerful abrasive tools guarantee that you’ll be able to finish your projects adroitly. We carry top rated brands that promise longevity and efficiency, ranging from discs to wheels and stones. What’s more, our range of products come in all types and price points, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need to get back and complete your project as soon as possible. We might be selling abrasives, but we aim to make the purchasing experience anything but.

Castors & Wheels

Need to move heavy loads with ease or looking for replacement wheels? Look no further than our wide selection of castors and wheels. From rigid, swivel to lockable castors, we’ve got you covered. Shop based on load bearing capacity, wheel material or brand – we’re sure you’ll find what you need within our catalogue. Find the right castors for trolleys and carts, wheels for wheelbarrows and more, right here on Eezee!

Air Equipment

For more complex projects, air tools might be necessary to get the job done. We are proud to be able to curate an extensive selection of air equipment to you. Our array of air hose reels is guaranteed to be of the highest quality while remaining affordable. Also, we offer air screwdrivers that provide increased productivity due to better torque control, further enhancing comfort of use. A worthy consideration for your next construction project, all available for the best prices on Eezee.


Need to hang up a family photo securely on the wall or tightening an industrial pipe? Eezee covers every application of fasteners across the spectrum. From washers, screws, nails and rivets, we are proud to offer you a massive catalogue of the top-rated brands at the best prices. Whether you’re installing light fixtures or working on auto bodies, we have just the right fastener for your needs. Search for the one you need by brand, size or type and get right back to your project. No hassle!

Plumbing & Sanitary

Having adequate plumbing equipment is the best insurance against bathroom accidents – you’ll never know when you need them. Here at Eezee we offer a curated range of water pumps, pipe cutters, drain cleaners and filtration systems all in one site. Whether you’re just looking to stock up on supplies as insurance or wanting to start work on bathroom renovations, we have an entire catalogue of 650+ bathroom fittings and related equipment just for you. Never worry about bathroom projects again.


We offer a wide variety of high-quality paints for every occasion from the top brands at the best prices. Giving your new home a fresh coat of paint or an entire facelift? We have the paints that allow you to express yourself any way you like! Odourless, gloss or anti-mould, our unparalleled selection extends past just colours. At Eezee, we have your every paint need covered.What’s more, we have any other tools you might need to get the job done as well. You can get your supplies- from paint rollers to painter’s tape- all in one place.

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