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Cables & Adapters products

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Top Brands for Cables & Adapters
SGD 2.50
Nsi/cable Twr-hw3.5 Heater Wire 180
SGD 2.30
Cable Neoprene 2c 4mm2
SGD 16.00
Neoprene 3c 25mm Sq Cable
SGD 2.90
Cable Neoprene 4mm 3c
SGD 880.00
130559,crousehinds,sdr-50n,static Discah
SGD 7.15
Pvc Casing 2" X 2m
SGD 14.40
Ccm Twisted Black & Red Copper Wire 55m BRC-60
SGD 350.00
Cable Neoprene 4mm 4c C100m
SGD 12.10
Cable Neoprene 10mm 5c Flexible 80/0.4m
SGD 0.12
Cable Lug (4mm X M5)
SGD 18.00
Cable Neoprene 16mm 5c
SGD 5.50
3996134 Uk to Europe Adaptor at 1
SGD 0.80
Cable Lug 35mm X M10
SGD 5.05
Ceag Ghg9601941r0034 M25 Lock Nut
SGD 6,818.00
P&f 125520
SGD 65.00
Jda213 Hdmi to Vga Video Audio Adaptor
SGD 1.90
Cable Neoprene 2.5mm 3c Flexible 50/0.2
SGD 23.65
E2fw M25 Cable Gland C/w Ip Washer Lockn
SGD 0.10
Cable Lug (2.5mm X M5)
SGD 10.00
Cable Pvc 70mm Grn/yel
SGD 10.90
5v 2a Singapore Safety Mark Adapter
SGD 160.00
Px2kxpb M25 Cable Gland
SGD 0.80
Cable Lug 35mm X M8
SGD 7.60
Ceag Ghg9601955r0004 Cable Gland
SGD 0.30
Cable Lug (10mm X M6)
SGD 0.20
Cable Lug (6mm X M5)
SGD 90.00
Jda214 Vga to Hdmi Video Audio Adaptor
SGD 45.00
Ex-brass 737 Adaptor M40 to M50
SGD 1,000.00
Phoenix Contact Quint-ps-100-240ac/24dc
SGD 72.00
Ex Stopper Plug Brass M63
SGD 28.40
E1fu M25 Armoured Gland (gland Size 25)
SGD 285.55
E2fw M63 Cable Gland C/w Ip Washer Lockn
SGD 29.00
E2fu M25 Lead Sheathed Armoured Gland
SGD 22.00
Nsi/cmp 20se1fx1ra M20 Cable Gland
SGD 13.00
Ex Stopper Plug Brass M32
SGD 29.00
E2fu M25 Lead Sheathed Armoured Cable Gl
SGD 4.50
Fr Xlpe/lszh Orange 3cx2.5mm2 (br/bu/gy)
SGD 58.00
E2fw M40 Cable Gland C/w Ip Washer Lockn
SGD 41.00
Fym Extension Socket W/usb
SGD 6.77
Schneider Electric 2 Gang Switched Socket
SGD 120.00
Schneider cat6 UTP Data Cable 23awg 1000ft
SGD 73.70
Megger 35871 Usb-adapt
SGD 12.90
Hdmi (m) to Vga (f) Adapter
SGD 7.20
Ta17 Cable Neoprene 16 Mm Sq X 2c
SGD 281.60
Megger Bi-10004
SGD 831.60
Megger 35865 Probe Ext
SGD 534.60
Megger Bi-10005 Kelvin Clip Set
SGD 281.60
Megger Bi-10006 Q Uick Disconect Set
SGD 11.80
Ccm 5c X 10mm2 Neoprene Cable H07rn-f (mr)
SGD 180.20
Ccm 3c X 2.5mm Neoprene Cable H07rn-f(100m)
SGD 265.00
Ccm 3cx4mm Neoprene Cable H07rn-f(100m)
SGD 1,378.00
Ccm 5cx16mm2 Neoprene Cable (100m)
SGD 572.40
Ccm 5cx6mm2 Neoprene Cable (100m)
SGD 360.40
Ccm 3cx6mm Neoprene Cable H07rn-f(100m)
SGD 21.00
Fym Extension Cable 3m/6m
SGD 3.50
Ck 3way 13a Adaptor W/out Neon Light CK8396
SGD 48.90
Defender Industrial Cable Reel E86 Series