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Vacuums & Floor Care products

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Top Brands for Vacuums & Floor Care
SGD 599.00
Wet & Dry WD772 Vacuum
SGD 85.00
Ingco 20v Vacuum Cleaner (Machine Only)
SGD 314.00
Lavorpro Windy 120if Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 8.249.0001
SGD 12.10
Kleanway Aluminium Flat Mop Frame Blue 40cm
SGD 31,050.00
Outdoor Cleaning Robot
SGD 822.00
Robinair Hvac Vacuum Pump, 15434
SGD 237.60
Karcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner NT30-1
SGD 3,940.20
Kerstar Keva Cleaner W/HEPA - 2 230V, 45H Z22 VAC
SGD 6,710.00
Den-sin Merlion Plus E-500 Heavy Duty High Pressure Wat...
SGD 5,760.00
Nilfisk Wet and Dry Vacum Cleaner, VHS110 Z22 EXA AU
SGD 31,050.00
Indoor Commercial Cleaning Robot
SGD 1,110.28
Karcher Steam Vacuum Cleaner Sv 7
SGD 80.00
Automatic Mop Floor Cleaner
SGD 113.00
Ingco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner With Large Bin
SGD 216.00
Bosch Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner GAS15PS
SGD 161.40
Black and Decker 2-in-1 Cordless Vaccum Cleaner Sva420b...
SGD 4,620.00
Nilfisk VHS110 Z22 EXA
SGD 668.00
Santoemma Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum Cleaner - BT350
SGD 850.00
Lavorpro 2-motor Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner- Domus IF
SGD 527.80
Dewalt 30L Standard Dust Extractor DWV900L
SGD 1,500.00
Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaner GM80 1200w C/w Standard Accessories
SGD 600.60
Lentech™ 90 Lentech 90L Wet Dry Vacuum, 2 Motor
SGD 73.72
Morries Ms VC1800 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Multi-Cyclone 600W
SGD 21.15
Carpetkleen 5L Orapi
SGD 91.10
The Brush for Klenco Single Disc Scrubber Cyclone S380
SGD 15.33
Bona® Floor Cleaner With Lemon Mint
SGD 15.33
Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner With Cedar Wood
SGD 38.50
Klenco Spotlight High Performance Floor Finish
SGD 52.00
Ingco Lithium Ion Vaccum Cleaner
SGD 116.00
Ingco Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
SGD 9,350.00
Den-jet Mastermariner CE20-500
SGD 256.91
Black and Decker Fsmh1300fx Steam Mop Gen 3 5056174502715
SGD 338.23
Black and Decker 18v Lithium 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Cs18...
SGD 276.54
Black and Decker Cs1820t 18v Lithium Vacuum Cleaner 503...
SGD 595.00
LENTECH MS92 Compact Sweeper [manual Sweeper, Mechanica...
SGD 155.00
Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner
SGD 220.00
Sprintus Dry Vacuum Cleaner - Floory
SGD 1,050.00
Lavorpro Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner - Taurus 78L
SGD 2,477.00
Kerstar Kav45 Type H Compressed Air Vacuum
SGD 845.00
Lentech 90 - 3 Motor Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner -
SGD 8.98
B&d 5147239-00 Filter for Dustbuster PV1205 BDFP1205
SGD 33.56
B&d Dustbuster Extension Kit For(PV1210) 4536178700054
SGD 40.70
B&d NV1210AV-B1 Auto Dustbuster 5035048503201
SGD 131.58
B&d PDB315JP 10.8v Cordless Flex Hand Vacuum 5035048526378
SGD 33.56
B&d PVA03 Pivot Floor Head Attachment 5035048524824
SGD 15.20
B&d VPF20S Replacement Filter for CS1820 & CS1830 50350...
SGD 74.36
B&d ADV1200 Car Vacuum 12V 5035048508893
SGD 91.70
B&d NSVA315 10.8V 4-in-1 Lithium Stick Vacuum 5056174502647
SGD 9.69
B&d Filter for DVA315JF FILTERDVA315J
SGD 76.50
B&d PD1200AV 12V Flexi Car Vac 5035048508213
SGD 76.50
B&d PV1200AV Car Vacuum 12V 5035048503263