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Indoor Bins products

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Top Brands for Indoor Bins
SGD 6.80
Deli Waste Bin Black 9562
SGD 70.00
Rect. Steel Recycling Bin C/W Self-Closing Lid
SGD 68.00
55 Litres Squarish Plastic Foot Pedal Step-On Bin
SGD 70.00
Rectangle Powder Coated Steel Standing Bin C/w Abs Self...
SGD 130.00
Round Recycle Bin SB300R
SGD 60.00
Chute Bin
SGD 55.98
Java Artistic Soft Close Step Bin JH8856-MT
SGD 9.10
Deli Mesh Waste Bin Black E9189
SGD 90.00
12 Litres Side Throw Stainless Steel Bin
SGD 2.14
Pvc Waste Paper Basket
SGD 25.00
20 Litres Round Outdoor/ Indoor Galvanized Garbage Can ...
SGD 126.50
Indoor Metal Recycling Bin
SGD 45.00
Ladies Plastic Sanitary Bin C/w Step-on Foot Pedal & An...
SGD 45.00
18 Litre Feminine Hygiene Sanitary Waste Bins Female To...
SGD 7.49
Mesh Waste Bin (black)
SGD 5.90
Metal Mesh Wire Waste Bin - Round
SGD 35.00
Rubbermaid Waste Bracket 39l Black FG295700BLA
SGD 89.90
Step On Bin 45L
SGD 51.90
Pelican Touch Bin - 20l (grey/blue)
SGD 200.00
Ausko Classic Bin
SGD 199.00
Ecocasa - Triple Liners (15l + 15l + 15l)
SGD 38.00
Sanitary Bin
SGD 10.00
13 Litres Highly Flexible Hdpe Wastepaper Basket
SGD 110.00
130 Litres Large Volume Square-ish Bin
SGD 275.00
Rubbermaid Wall Mounted Profile Container FG782200BRN
SGD 72.00
Triangle Swing Top Hood Bin TSH35 / Tsh55
SGD 500.00
Ek9075 Bin
SGD 165.00
Ashtray Top Bin AT5
SGD 137.50
Ashtray Stands ASH-094
SGD 160.00
Open Top Bin (ot2)
SGD 165.00
Dome Top Bin (dt3)
SGD 70.00
Dome Top Bin (dt1)
SGD 145.00
Dome Top Bin (dt2)
SGD 140.00
Open Top Bin (ot4)
SGD 75.00
Flat Top (ft1)
SGD 70.00
Open Top Bin (ot3)
SGD 75.00
Open Top Bin (ot1)
SGD 80.00
Open Top Bin (ot7)
SGD 150.00
Rectangular Bin (rb5)
SGD 135.00
Semi Round Bin / Open Top (sr/tl2)
SGD 155.00
Flat Top (ft2)
SGD 160.00
Open Top Bin (ot6)
SGD 105.00
Rectangular Bin (rb6)
SGD 195.00
Rectangular Bin (rb2)
SGD 105.00
Rectangular Bin (rb7)
SGD 125.00
Rectangular Bin (rb11)
SGD 151.20
Ecocasa Recycling Bin 15l+15l+15l
SGD 200.00
Open Top Bin (Otp2-ss)
SGD 200.00
Swing Top Bin (Stp2-ss)
SGD 200.00
Open Top Bin (Otp1-ss)
SGD 74.00
Rothopro Geo Metallic Waste Bin 60l