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Cleaning Tools products

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Top Brands for Cleaning Tools
S$ 6.90
Mop Bucket W/Stainer 033
S$ 9.25
Pva Squeeze Mop
S$ 9.60
Stainless Steel Water Pusher W Handle (45cm)
S$ 4.80
24 Mop Head
S$ 11.99
Klenco Kleanway M-cloth Microfibre - 30 X 30cm (10/pkt)
S$ 1.64
Scouring Sponge 10S' 1210
S$ 4.90
Stainless Steel Window Squeegee
Bulk Discount
S$ 14.25S$ 15.00
Supersteam Superior Floor Squeegee 18" Set
S$ 36.25
25L Empty Drum With Discharge Tap Multi-purpose Container
S$ 2.80
Ace Lily Broom With Handle
S$ 18.20
Klenco Kleanway G-cloth Microfibre - 40 X 40cm (10/pkt)
S$ 2.38
Mop With Handle 4feet
S$ 89.10
Kleanway Ecomix 25L Bucket w/ Wringer
S$ 14.02
Pe Apron
S$ 20.20
Vileda MICRO-GLASS Cloths <blue> - (5/Pack)
S$ 87.00
Kleanway 3-shelf Food Service & Utility Cart
S$ 161.90
Kleanway Eco Cleaning Cart
S$ 27.10
Unger Pro Window Squeegee
S$ 3.75
Warehouse Cleaning Cloth//Cleaning Rag
S$ 3.36
Myanmar Paddy Broom
S$ 1.68
Toilet Brush 442
S$ 3.27
Hard Nylon Mosaic Floor Brush Broom w/4ft Wooden Handle UA-5117
S$ 168.00
40 Litre General Purpose Spill Kit SK40GP
S$ 2.20
Klenco Trigger Sprayer W/ 390ml Tumbler Bottle (red)
S$ 285.00
Disinfectant Spray Machine 4.5L + Free Disinfectant Chemical 5L
S$ 2.99
Floor Mop w/4ft Wooden Handle UA-412
Bulk Discount
S$ 5.94S$ 6.60
Supersteam Window Squeegee 45 Cm Set
S$ 1.56
Nylon Broom With Handle
S$ 7.00
Dustpan Broom Set 1635
Bulk Discount
S$ 18.90S$ 21.00
Consolidated - Kleenmaid Plastic Floor Safety Cone 95cm
S$ 2.00
Paddy Hand Broom
S$ 11.00
Wooden High-grade brush
S$ 4.80
Ace Extendable Telescopic Pole C047
S$ 2.67
Mop With Handle 4feet
S$ 354.53
Schoeller 120L Chemical Spill Kit in Yellow Wheeled Container 930ETZ120CHEMKIT
S$ 126.00
Oil Only Pads Dimpled, Laminated, Perforated 480x430mm 400gsm (100/bale) WP203
S$ 116.67
Oil/Fuel-Pads Dimpled and Perforated 480x430mm 400gsm (100/bale) WP203