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Chemical Products
Industrial-grade chemical products for gluing, cleaning and painting. Find chemical adhesives, multipurpose cleaning liquids, degreasers & stain removers here.
Loctite 425 Adhesive Blue 20g
SGD 24.50
Dunlop General Purpose (gp) Adhesive
SGD 2.20
Suremark Glue Stick
SGD 0.60
Acrylic Glue Adhesive (300ml) Solvent Cement - Deer Brand 500
SGD 11.00
Deer Brand 101, Contact Glue Adhesive (300g)
SGD 3.90
Acrylic Glue Adhesive (400ml) Solvent Cement - Deer Brand 500
SGD 13.50
Quick Wrap 10cm X 360cm. Orapi
SGD 90.00
Waterproofing Flex Tape 4"x5'
SGD 6.00
Selleys Ezi Press No More Gaps White 9300697125408
SGD 16.35
Loctite 98404 Dispensing Needle 25GA, HELIX,1/2"SS, 50/pk Henkel Authorized Distributor
SGD 25.00
Quiadsa Brik-Cen Ms-Aqua ( Special For Pools )
SGD 12.00
Waterproof Aluminium Seal Repair Tape 48mmx8m
SGD 12.00
Davco Sanitized Coloured Grout Eco CFG 25 Kg
SGD 57.00
Davco Sanitized Coloured Grout Eco CFG 25Kg
SGD 30.00
3m Super Heavy Duty Tape - Skd-19 Flat&smooth (metal Glass Tile Wood) 4m
SGD 15.00
Aba Vinyl and Carpet Tile Adhesive 5l
SGD 37.33
Davco Sanitized Coloured Grout Eco CFG 2 Kg
SGD 5.50
Pye Grout Waterproof Tile Grout 1 Kg White WAGR-10
SGD 2.50
Megapoxy 34 100% Solids Epoxy Resin Formulation
SGD 120.00
Loctite E-20hp Epoxy Adhesive 50ml Henkel Authorized Distributor
SGD 19.70
Bostik 2402, 250ml
SGD 48.00
Loctite PC7254 Fixmaster Aluminum Putty, 1LB Henkel Authorized Distributor
SGD 145.53
LOCTITE E-20HP Epoxy Adhesive
SGD 36.00
Chemgrip 610 - Methyl Methacrylate Structural Adhesive, 50ml
SGD 19.50
Hardex Aqua Stick Epoxy Putty 1OZ HD-AS2
SGD 3.12
Loctite Ea 3463 Magic Metal 10minute 2-Part Epoxy Putty 4oz Structural Bonding Loctite Authorized Distributor
SGD 22.50
Wessbond Aquapatch EP1494
SGD 7.15
Devcon Zip Patch 11500
SGD 138.00
Wessbond Aquapatch EP1494
SGD 8.40
Hardex Aquastick 114GM HA-ADH-AS7
SGD 5.64