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Chemical Products
Industrial-grade chemical products for gluing, cleaning and painting. Find chemical adhesives, multipurpose cleaning liquids, degreasers & stain removers here.
Loctite 403 Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesive 20g Henkel Authorized Distributor
SGD 27.20
Loctite® 454™ Prism Instant Adhesive Gel (20ML)
SGD 30.00
Deer Brand 101, Contact Glue Adhesive (70g)
SGD 3.00
Loctite Sf7109 Accelerator 52ml Henkel Authorized Distributor
SGD 39.70
LOCTITE® 495™ Prism (20ML)
SGD 6.00
Weicon Silicone Ht 300 85 Ml Red
SGD 10.95
Sealxtreme Fiberglass Tapes Sft0
SGD 22.00
SS10 Shower Seal (building Product)
SGD 10.00
Quick Repair Kit for Pipe Leaks WS0206
SGD 46.80
Gupoflex Leak Detector, 345gm
SGD 33.00
Waterproofing Flex Tape 4"x5'
SGD 6.00
Quick Repair Kit for Pipe Leaks WS0206
SGD 46.80
Mrs Mckenic Tile and Grout Wonder 8885000350551
SGD 9.25
Mrs Mckenic Tile and Grout Wonder 8885000350568
SGD 22.62
Davco Sanitized Coloured Grout Eco CFG 2 Kg
SGD 5.50
3m Super Heavy Duty Tape - Skd-19 Flat&smooth (metal Glass Tile Wood) 4m
SGD 15.00
Pye Grout Waterproof Tile Grout 1 Kg White WAGR-10
SGD 2.50
Davco Sanitized Coloured Grout Eco CFG 25Kg
SGD 42.00
Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Rapid-cure 71g 14210
SGD 28.80
Araldite 2011 A/B 50ML- MULTI-PURPOSE 2-PART Epoxy Adhesive
SGD 35.60
Loctite E-60hp Epoxy Adhesive Cartridge Off-white 50ml Loctite Authorized Distributor
SGD 30.90
Loctite 7387 Dihydropyridine Activator 52ml Loctite Authorized Distributor
SGD 19.50
Araldite 2014 (av138 + Hv998)
SGD 150.00
Loctite Ablestik 286 Part A+ B Thermally Conductive Adhesive - White
SGD 166.00
Wessbond Aquapatch Epoxy Putty 28.4g WB-AP4
SGD 2.90
Ardex Ca20p Multipurpose Construction & Underwater Repair Kit
SGD 38.00
Wessbond Aquapatch EP1494
SGD 7.15
Devcon Zip Patch 11500
SGD 131.43
Hardex Aquastick 114GM HA-ADH-AS7
SGD 5.64
Sealxtreme Repair Patch Srp
SGD 17.60