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Chemical Products
Industrial-grade chemical products for gluing, cleaning and painting. Find chemical adhesives, multipurpose cleaning liquids, degreasers & stain removers here.
Gorilla Wood Glue
SGD 11.90
LOCTITE® 495™ Prism (20ML)
SGD 5.00
Richem Super Glue 20gm-ca502
SGD 1.95
Dunlop General Purpose (gp) Glue GP3L
SGD 2.20
Deer Brand 500, Acrylic Glue Adhesive (400ml)
SGD 9.00
Threebond Replacement Adhesive 500g - TB2083L
SGD 48.00
Quikcontrol Sealing Tape Qst
SGD 17.60
Devcon Hr-303 16303
SGD 498.00
Devcon Zip Patch Permanent Repair System 4" X 9" - 11500
SGD 138.00
Sealxtreme Leak Repair Kit SFT0205
SGD 25.30
Waterproofing Flex Tape 4"x5'
SGD 6.00
Waterproof Aluminium Seal Repair Tape 48mmx8m
SGD 12.00
Pye Tile Adhesive Ready Mixed Tile Adhesive 1.5kg Light Grey ADTI-15
SGD 12.10
Troseal 350 Hydrophobic Single Component Pu Grouting 10kg
SGD 90.00
Davco Sanitized Coloured Grout Eco CFG 2 Kg
SGD 5.00
3m Super Heavy Duty Tape - Skd-19 Flat&smooth (metal Glass Tile Wood) 4m
SGD 15.00
Mapei Kerabond T
SGD 15.40
Pye Grout Waterproof Tile Grout 0.5 Kg White WAGR-10
SGD 5.80
Araldite AW 106 + HV 953
SGD 135.00
Threebond Epoxy Adhesive 200g - 2082C
SGD 38.40
Araldite 5 Min Rapid 17 ml
SGD 4.70
Wessbond 4 Min Steel Epoxy 56.8g Wb-se5
SGD 3.20
LOCTITE E-20HP Epoxy Adhesive
SGD 32.00
Loctite Epoxy Adhesive Hysol 907
SGD 29.99
Wessbond Aquapatch EP1494
SGD 7.80
Sealxtreme Repair Patch Srp
SGD 17.60
Wessbond Epoxy Putty Aquapatch 114g WB-EP1494
SGD 7.80
Resimac 301 Thixotropic Solvent Free Epoxy Resin and Hardener 300g - RES301
SGD 28.80
Wessbond Aquapatch Epoxy Putty 28.4g Wb-ap4
SGD 2.90
Cold Patch Tube & Tire Repair Kit
SGD 3.40