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SGD 5.50
Orex Door Seal Brush
SGD 3.00
Orex Pe Tarpaulin Canvas Sheet
SGD 186.00
Orex Air Compressor 9l 1hp 09010
SGD 24.80
Orex Steel Stool Ladder Anti-slip Pad
SGD 110.00
Orex Industrial Fan With Wall 66cm
SGD 80.00
Orex Garden Hose Reel Cart With 20m Hose & Accessories
SGD 10.50
Orex Safety Glove With White Polyester & Gray Nitrile
SGD 34.70
Orex Mid Cut Safety Shoe With Steel Toe & Rubber Sole W...
SGD 21.00
Orex Laced Safety Shoe With Steel Toe-cap & Mid Sole
SGD 5.76
Orex Canvas Tool Bag
SGD 108.00
Orex Foldable Trolley Black
SGD 27.00
Orex Spray Paint 400ml (12 Cans)
SGD 17.90
Orex Pvc Vinyl Tubing Clear
SGD 25.00
Orex Pvc Braid Reinforced Hose Clear 45meter
SGD 565.00
Orex Concrete Mixer
SGD 14.80
Orex Adjustable Slip Nut Wrench up to 3inch
SGD 17.60
Orex Flexible Inspection Mirror 55mm With Handle for De...
SGD 101.00
Orex Distribution Box 3 Way X 16a
SGD 133.00
Orex Plastic Trolley 300kg Black/yellow
SGD 17.90
Orex Magnet Pick up Inspection Mirror 32mm
SGD 42.80
Orex Cutter Tubing Skh-9 Blade 0.4-3.2cm
SGD 13.70
Orex 4pcs Impact Screwdriver Bits Set
SGD 22.90
Orex Mid Cut Safety Shoe With Steel Toe-cap & Sole #600
SGD 46.00
Orex A-type House Ladder Stool 2 X 3 Step
SGD 5.90
Orex Hard Point & Square Handle Hand Saw
SGD 13.70
Orex Aerosol Spray Paint 400ml
SGD 122.00
Orex Standing Industrial Fan With Round Base
SGD 70.00
Orex Safety Full Body Harness With Energy Absorber Doub...
SGD 9.60
Orex Stainless Steel Flat Nose Plier 4"
SGD 50.00
Orex Garden Hose Reel Cart With Accessories
SGD 7.10
Orex Quick Release G-clamp
SGD 1.30
Orex Spring Clamp Black
SGD 16.00
Orex Outside Micrometer
SGD 29.40
Orex Digital Caliper
SGD 6.10
Orex Claw Hammer Tpr Handle
SGD 105.00
Orex Cordless Drill Driver 1cm
SGD 6.30
Orex Stainless Steel Flexible Hose
SGD 3.84
Orex Rico Paint Brush
SGD 17.10
Orex Led Floor Light With Aluminium Body
SGD 31.90
Orex Led Hand Torch & Rechargable 20w
SGD 24.90
Orex Pvc Pipe Cutter 42mm With Stainless Steel Blade
SGD 177.00
Orex Cordless Drill Driver 14.4v X 10mm
SGD 124.00
Orex Rechargeable Led Light With Holder 20w
SGD 83.00
Orex Rechargeable Led Light With Holder 10w
SGD 21.70
Orex Working Glove 10inch
SGD 2.10
Orex Rico Paint Tray 175mm
SGD 0.80
Orex Permanent Paint Marker
SGD 9.20
Orex Jab Saw With Hack Saw Blade 10inch
SGD 9.50
Orex Aluminium Hand Riveter
SGD 3.80
Orex Rico Perlaflor Paint Roller
SGD 3.20
Orex Rico Yellow Paint Roller 6inch