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SGD 303.00
Milwaukee M12 Fuel™ Right Angle Die Grinder (tool Only)...
SGD 51.36
Milwaukee Bandsaw Blade 48390531 44-7/8"X24TPI
SGD 248.00
Milwaukee 18V LI-ION Compact Hammer Drill Driver M18BPD...
SGD 329.70
Milwaukee 1/2" Impact Wrench IPWE400RQ
SGD 201.90
Milwaukee 18V Cordless Heat Gun M18BHG-0
SGD 167.12
Milwaukee Battery, 18V, 5.0Ah, Li-ion M18B5
SGD 109.91
Milwaukee Battery Charger, Fast, 12V and 18V Multi-Volt...
SGD 134.58
Milwaukee Soldering Iron M12SI-0
SGD 111.04
Battery, 12V, 6.0AH, Li-Ion M12B6
SGD 673.00
Milwaukee Hammer Drill Driver, 1/2''(13mm), Brushless, ...
SGD 752.00
Milwaukee Impact Wrench, 1/2'' Sq (449 ft/lb,610Nm) Bru...
SGD 689.80
Milwaukee Brushless Hammer Drill Driver 1/2'' 18v Cordless
SGD 19.90
Milwaukee Magnetic Measuring Tape
SGD 235.00
Milwaukee 12V LI-ION Bandsaw Saw, M12BS-0 (bare Unit)
SGD 278.00
Milwaukee 12V 2.0AH LI-ION Recipro Saw, C12HZ
SGD 219.00
Milwaukee 12V LI-ION Jig Saw M12JS-0 (bare Unit)
SGD 144.45
Milwaukee 12V LI-ION Recipro Saw 2420-20 (bare Unit)
SGD 599.00
Milwaukee Bandsaw Saw HBS120E for Metal CUTTING-220V
SGD 571.20
Milwaukee Jigsaw M18 Kit 264522
SGD 544.00
Milwaukee 18V 3.0AH LI-ION Heavy Duty Sawzall, HD18SX
SGD 570.00
Milwaukee 18V 4.0AH LI-ION Jigsaw, HD18JS
SGD 418.00
Milwaukee 12V 4.0AH LI-ION Brushless Recipro Saw, M12CHZ
SGD 1,288.28
Milwaukee 28V 3.0AH LI-ION Heavy Duty Sawzall, HD28SX
SGD 7.95
Milwaukee Fine Point Inkzall Jobsite Marker, Black 4/pa...
SGD 4.05
Milwaukee Sds+ Drill Bit
SGD 78.00
Milwaukee Charger 12V - C12C
SGD 256.80
Milwaukee LI-ION Battery 28V 3.0AH- M28BX
SGD 205.20
Milwaukee 12V LI-ION M12 Grease Gun (bare Unit)
SGD 122.00
Milwaukee 12V LI-ION Rotary Tool C12RT-0 (bare Unit)
SGD 112.65
Milwaukee LI-ION Battery 12V 4.0AH- M12B4
SGD 99.91
Milwaukee Charger 12V~18VOLT- M1218C
SGD 92.94
Milwaukee LI-ION Battery 18V 2.0AH- M18B2
SGD 101.65
Milwaukee LI-ION Battery 12V 3.0AH- M12B3
SGD 160.00
Milwaukee 12V LI-ION Right Angle Drill, C12RAD-0 (bare ...
SGD 144.45
Milwaukee 18V LI-ION Battery 4.0AH- M18B4
SGD 160.00
Milwaukee 12V LI-ION Multi Tool C12MT-0 (bare Unit)
SGD 405.00
Milwaukee 18V LI-ION Circular Saw M18CCS55-0 (bare Unit)
SGD 21.90
Milwaukee Flip Open Utility Knife 1901
SGD 20.00
Milwaukee 10 in 1 Multi Bit Driver 2101
SGD 21.40
Milwaukee Curved Jaw Locking Plier 10", 3420
SGD 21.90
Milwaukee Aviation Snip Straight Cut, 4030
SGD 78.00
Milwaukee 100mm Compact Angle Grinder, 1000w, AG10-100
SGD 70.41
Milwaukee LI-ION Battery 12V 2.0AH- M12B2
SGD 69.90
Milwaukee 100mm Slim Angle Grinder, 720w, AG7-100S
SGD 23.90
Milwaukee Straight Jaw Locking Plier 10", 3510
SGD 239.00
Milwaukee 26MM Sds+ 3 Mode Rotary Hammer, 725W, PH26
SGD 224.90
Milwaukee 20MM Sds+ 2 Mode Rotary Hammer, 620W, PLH20
SGD 165.00
Milwaukee 4V 2.0AH LI-ION 1/4" Hex.shank Stick Driver, M4D
SGD 265.00
Milwaukee Impact Wrench C12IW
SGD 199.00
Milwaukee 12V 2.0AH LI-ION 3/8" Drill, M12BDD
SGD 280.00
Milwaukee Universal Drill Mounted Dust EXTRACTOR- M12DE
SGD 165.25
Milwaukee 12V LI-ION 3/8" Drive Ratchet Wrench M12IR-0 ...