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SGD 270.00
Makita TD111DSAE
SGD 98.90
Makita Jigsaw, 450w, 4327M
SGD 829.25
Makita Planer, 1650w, 2012NB
SGD 123.10
Makita 300mm Electric String Trimmer, 450w, UR3000
SGD 119.00
Makita T-01797
SGD 9.00
Makita T-01812
SGD 9.50
Makita T-01828
SGD 10.00
Makita T-01834
SGD 15.00
Makita T-03274
SGD 88.00
Makita DF001DW 3.6v In-line Cordless Screwdriver With B...
SGD 246.10
Makita Jig Saw 4300BV
SGD 147.00
Makita 160mm Circular Saw 5606B
SGD 135.00
Makita Wheel Cutter 4100NH
SGD 424.00
Makita Hand Router 3612BR
SGD 149.60
Makita 185mm Circular Saw, 1050w, 5806B
SGD 272.85
Makita Jigsaw, 390w (110v), 4300BVB
SGD 165.85
Makita 185mm Circular Saw, 1050w, 5740NB
SGD 518.95
Makita 260mm Circular Saw, 1750w, 5201N
SGD 492.20
Makita 180mm Wheel Cutter, 1400w, 4107R
SGD 128.40
Makita 6.5mm Hand Drill, 230w, 6501
SGD 359.00
Makita 16mm Hand Drill, 480w, 6016
SGD 659.00
Makita Groove Cutter, 1160w, 3501N
SGD 369.15
Makita 41cm Electric Lawn Mower, 1600w, ELM4110
SGD 195.00
Makita Power Planer, 580w, 1902
SGD 310.30
Makita Power Planer, 840w, 1911B
SGD 501.20
Makita Power Planer, 1140w, 1805N
SGD 530.90
Makita Power Planer, 960w, 1804N
SGD 395.30
Makita Power Planer, 750w, 1100
SGD 337.05
Makita Impact Wrench, 360w, 6904VH
SGD 572.00
Makita 335mm Circular Saw, 1750w, 5103N
SGD 716.90
Makita 305mm Angle Cutter, 2400w, 4112HS
SGD 460.10
Makita Impact Wrench, 440w, 6905B
SGD 668.70
Makita Impact Wrench, 850w, 6906
SGD 449.40
Makita 185mm Metal Cutting Saw, 1100w, 4131
SGD 743.00
Makita 415mm Circular Saw, 1750w, 5402
SGD 390.50
Makita Hand Router, 1500w, 3600H
SGD 284.00
Makita Jigsaw, 600w, 4304
SGD 984.40
Makita Sash Router, 530w, 4403
SGD 230.00
Makita 13mm Hand Drill, 550w, 6300NB
SGD 663.40
Makita Portable Cut-off, 1430w, 2416S
SGD 385.20
Makita Hand Router, 930w, 3601B
SGD 83.00
Makita 10mm Hand Drill 6412
SGD 85.50
Makita Hand Trimmer, 530w, 3709
SGD 83.00
Makita 10mm Hand Drill, 450w, 6413
SGD 526.00
Makita Li-ion Drill DDF483RTE - (18v/5.0ah)