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SGD 1.40
Makita Flexible Grinding Disc 100MM AC60 A-85139
SGD 1.50
Makita Flexible Grinding Disc 100MM WA80 B-18443
SGD 780.00
Makita Band Saw LB1200F
SGD 829.25
Makita Planer, 1650w, 2012NB
SGD 220.80
Makita 6300NB 13mm 550W Hand Drill
SGD 369.15
Makita 41cm Electric Lawn Mower, 1600w, ELM4110
SGD 310.60
Makita 25MM LS1040 Ac Compound Miter Saw / Makita Ahpoh...
SGD 513.50
Makita DDF481RFE 13MM (1/2") Cordless Driver Drill / Ma...
SGD 183.60
Makita Li-ion Drill DDF483RTE - (18v/5.0ah) Without Bat...
SGD 240.00
Makita CLX224SAX1 12V Cordless Combo Kit (DF333 + TD110)
SGD 480.00
Makita Hand Drill 18V DHP484RTE / Makita Ahpohstore
SGD 10.56
Makita D-41791 Drill Bit Set for Brick & Concrete (8 Pi...
SGD 792.84
Makita Cordless High Pressure Washer DHW080ZK
SGD 12.00
Makita Grindstone A36M 150mmx16mmx12,7mm B-51904
SGD 659.00
Makita Groove Cutter, 1160w, 3501N
SGD 984.40
Makita Sash Router, 530w, 4403
SGD 664.80
Makita Li-ion Drill DDF483RTE - (18v/5.0ah)
SGD 270.00
Makita TD111DSAE
SGD 10.37
Makita Grinding Wheel GC120HV
SGD 90.00
Makita Electric Blower UB1103
SGD 157.00
Makita GA6010 Ac Grinder 150MM 1050W
SGD 180.72
Makita Cordless Driver Drill DF333DWYE
SGD 136.80
Makita 18V Lxt® Lithium‑ion 5.0Ah Battery BL1850B
SGD 236.00
Makita DGA408Z Dc Angle Grinder 18V Bl 100MM P
SGD 572.00
Makita 335mm Circular Saw, 1750w, 5103N
SGD 88.00
Makita DF001DW 3.6v In-line Cordless Screwdriver With B...
SGD 145.20
Makita M2401B Portable Cut Off 355mm
SGD 320.00
Makita Demolition Hammer Breaker HM0810TA
SGD 1.50
Makita Flexible Grinding Disc 100MM WA80 B-18677
SGD 1.30
Makita Flexible Grinding Disc 100MM AC80 B-18219
SGD 145.50
Makita DCF300Z 18v Li-ion Fan (bare Unit)
SGD 618.00
Makita Cordless Grass Trimmer DUR366LZ (bare)
SGD 122.00
Makita 300mm Electric String Trimmer, 450w, UR3000
SGD 663.40
Makita Portable Cut-off, 1430w, 2416S
SGD 390.50
Makita DDF482RTE Cordless Drive 18V / Makita Ahpohstore
SGD 176.00
Makita UC4041A Chain Saw UC4041A
SGD 293.40
Makita JR3070CT Ac Recipro Saw Avt
SGD 92.70
Makita BL1830B 18V Lxt® Lithium‑ion 3.0Ah Battery
SGD 133.20
Makita BL1850B 18V Lxt® Lithium‑ion 5.0Ah Battery
SGD 160.20
Makita BL1860B 18V Lxt® Lithium‑ion 6.0Ah Battery
SGD 84.00
Makita DC18RC 18V Lxt® Lithium‑ion Rapid Optimum Charger
SGD 173.70
Makita DC18RD 18V Lxt® Lithium‑ion Dual Port Rapid Opti...
SGD 180.50
Makita DUH523Z Dc Hedge Trimmer 18V 520MM
SGD 150.00
Makita 5806B 7" Circular Saw
SGD 254.50
Makita 4300BV Ac Jigsaw 230V/ Jig Saw / Makita Ahpohstore
SGD 324.50
Makita Demolition Hammer Breaker HM0810TA / Makita Ahpo...
SGD 166.50
Makita JR3050T Recipro Saw / Makita Ahpohstore
SGD 578.00
Makita DJR187RTE Dc Recipro Saw 18V Bl C/W 2 Batteries ...
SGD 171.50
Makita HR2470X5 Ac Combination Hammer 24MM
SGD 464.40
Makita Cordless Blower 18V*2 Lxt Bl Brushless DUB362Z
SGD 265.20
Makita 4300BV Jigsaw / Jig Saw
SGD 103.90
Makita 9556 Hp Angle Grinder 110V