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SGD 4.50
Irwin Magnetic Tip Measuring Tape
SGD 13.85
Irwin 7pc 1.5~6.0mm Pro Xl Hex Key Set [T9097099]
SGD 27.10
Irwin Step Drill Bits
SGD 52.20
Irwin Guide for Tul223a
SGD 29.57
Irwin 3 Easy Steps Door Lock Installation Kit 3111002
SGD 10.20
Irwin Groove Joint Pliers
SGD 8.55
Irwin 2-pc Screwdriver Set, 1/4"x100mm (-) & (+) T1864827
SGD 8.75
Irwin Bluechip Wood Chisel M444
SGD 18.00
Irwin Pro Circular Saw Blade Wood
SGD 19.90
Irwin Groovelock Water Pump Pliers
SGD 19.90
Irwin Fast Release V/grip Curved Jaw Lock Plier
SGD 26.50
Irwin Hd Tri Mitre Square
SGD 9.50
Irwin Jigsaw Blade T244d 5ppp-10504224
SGD 99.00
Irwin Former for Tul223a
SGD 1,081.00
Irwin Record Hd Engineer's Quick Release Vice 8", T114
SGD 2.80
Irwin Mansory Drill Bit
SGD 730.00
Irwin Universal Pipe Bender (w/o Vice & Formers) TUL223
SGD 21.72
Irwin Vde Long Nose Pliers
SGD 17.95
Irwin Locking C-clamp With Swivel Pads
SGD 12.85
Irwin Combination Pliers
SGD 20.35
Irwin Vde Diagonal Cutting Pliers
SGD 26.95
Irwin Vde Bent Nose Pliers
SGD 24.30
Irwin Locking Pinch-off Tool
SGD 36.03
Irwin Locking Chain Clamp
SGD 30.90
Irwin Large Jaw Locking Pliers
SGD 10.70
Irwin General Purpose G Clamp T120 Series
SGD 19.80
Irwin Speedhammer Max Flat Chisel
SGD 8.35
Irwin Medium Duty Forged G Clamp T119 Series
SGD 22.95
Irwin Heavy-duty G-clamp T121 Series
SGD 24.00
Irwin Deep Throat G-clamp T122 Series
SGD 45.00
Irwin Speedhammer Max Drill Bit 2 Cutting Edges
SGD 48.00
Irwin Quick Adjustable Pipe Wrench 58mm 10503642
SGD 1.65
Irwin Pro Entry Snap Off Knife
SGD 2.20
Irwin Carbon Steel Blade
SGD 10.80
Irwin Std Snap Off Knife 18mm Carded 10504556
SGD 20.95
Irwin Hd Cable Cutter
SGD 19.80
Irwin Speedhammer Max Pointed Chisel
SGD 6.30
Irwin Carbon Steel Hooked Blade
SGD 23.54
Irwin Vde Combination Pliers
SGD 28.95
Irwin Quick Grip XP600 Series Clamp
SGD 67.20
Irwin T-bar Clamp 136 Series
SGD 49.85
Irwin Bolt Grip 5pc Set (10 11 13 14 16) 10504634
SGD 32.25
Irwin Marples 3-pc W/chisel Set 10505864
SGD 32.10
Irwin Power Grip 7pc Set 3/16"1/2 Inch T394100
SGD 693.00
Irwin Record Hd Engineer's Quick Release Vice 6", 112
SGD 99.51
Irwin Heavy-duty Bolt Cutter - Close Cutting/clipper Cut
SGD 98.80
Irwin Heavy Duty Drill Press Vice 106mm T414
SGD 169.85
Irwin Chain Pipe Vice 182C 6-100mm
SGD 41.85
Irwin Tubular Handled Bolt Cutter
SGD 39.80
Irwin Bolt Grip Expansion 5pc Set-10504635
SGD 76.55
Irwin Marples 6-pc W/chisel Set TM444/S6
SGD 74.90
Irwin Handiwrench T240 Series