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Ingco products

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SGD 19.00
Ingco Digital Multimeter
SGD 70.00
Ingco 20v Jigsaw (Machine Only)
SGD 55.00
Ingco 20V 4.0AH Battery
SGD 9.60
Ingco 6 Pcs Screwdriver Set HKSD0628
SGD 15.00
Ingco Glue Gun Stick AKTGS3011
SGD 216.00
Ingco Air Impact Wrench 3/4" Dr.max Torque 1600NM AIW341302
SGD 34.00
Ingco TOP500 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet AHM008
SGD 204.00
Ingco Socket, Spanner, and Hand Tool Set HKTHP20771
SGD 102.00
Ingco Lithium-Ion Impact Drill CIDLI1222
SGD 8.40
Ingco Hand Riveter 2.4- 4.8MM HR104
SGD 19.20
Ingco Self Adjust Wire Stripper, Cutting , Crimping HWS...
SGD 24.00
Ingco Digital Multimeter DM200
SGD 38.40
Ingco Sledge Hammer 900MM Fiberglass Handle HSM01498
SGD 9.60
Ingco High Leverage Cr.v Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutter 7" ...
SGD 9.60
Ingco Cr.v End Cutting Plier 6" 160MM HECP28160
SGD 8.40
Ingco High Leverage Cr.v Long Nose Plier Black Polished...
SGD 22.80
Ingco Vernier Caliper 6" 150MM/0.05MM HVC01150
SGD 20.40
Ingco 18Pc Screwdriver + Precision Screwdriver Set HKSD1828
SGD 15.60
Ingco 55Pc Screwdriver Bit Set HKSDB0558
SGD 7.80
Ingco Soft Handle Cr.v Adjustable Wrench 8" HADW131068
SGD 33.00
Ingco Heat Gun
SGD 20.00
Ingco Lithium-Ion Glue Gun CGGLI1201
SGD 22.00
Ingco TOP60 Digital Multimeter DM200
SGD 8.00
Ingco TOP500 Face Shield HFSPC01
SGD 20.00
Ingco 20V Glue Gun (Machine Only)
SGD 16.00
Ingco TOP500 Foldable multi-function Tool HFMFT0115
SGD 40.00
Ingco Lithium-Ion Auto Air Compressor CACLI2001
SGD 35.00
Ingco Heat Gun HG200028
SGD 10.00
Ingco TOP500 Utility Knife HUK618
SGD 28.00
Ingco Lithium-Ion Soldering Iron CSILI2001
SGD 72.07
Ingco Li-ion Battery FBLI2002 Pack
SGD 85.00
Ingco 1200w High Pressure Washer
SGD 150.00
Ingco 1800w High Pressure Washer
SGD 6.00
Ingco 5PCS Screw Extractor Set ASE008
SGD 450.00
Ingco Mitre Saw BM2S18004
SGD 280.00
Ingco Rotary Hammer(sds Max) RH120068
SGD 240.00
Ingco Lithium-Ion Gauge Straight Shear CSSLI2001 (machi...
SGD 220.00
Ingco Lithium-Ion Chain Saw CGSLI2001 (machine Only)
SGD 220.00
Ingco Demolition Breaker PDB17008
SGD 210.00
Ingco Drywall Sander DWS10501
SGD 200.00
Ingco Submersible Pump SPDS11001
SGD 200.00
Ingco Air Impact Wrench AIW341302
SGD 150.00
Ingco Electric Router RT160028