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SGD 11.10
Assure Surgical Face Mask 3 Earloop 50's/box 7M055E
SGD 4.21
Assure Alcohol Swab Sterile 3cmx3cm,2ply 200's/box 7M00401
SGD 13.00
💙💚 Blue Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves Medica...
SGD 2.43
Assure First Aid Plaster Strips 7M009100 (box of 100 Pi...
SGD 11.30
Assure Latex Examination Lightly Powdered Glove ASSURE-...
SGD 11.00
Assure Eye Pad Sterile, 8cm X 6 Cm, 50ppp ASSURE-7M-044
SGD 5.90
Assure Suction Connecting Tube Sterile 7M028180
SGD 15.00
Assure Bib Adult 40cmx60cm With Pocket 100/pkt 7M086L
SGD 18.19
Assure Surgical Tape 1/2"-24s/box 7M00610
SGD 85.90
Assure High Risk Isolation Gown (aami Level 4) Yellow (...
SGD 909.00
Assure Mobile Full Reclinable Geriatric Chair AR-0556
SGD 2.40
Assure Non Sterile Gauze Swab 8ply 7M0228P (pack of 100...
SGD 786.45
Assure 3 Position Geriatric Chair With Drop ARMREST,100...
SGD 80.40
Assure Plastic First Aid Kit Mom Certified
SGD 4.02
Assure Absorbent White Cotton Roll 400g (7m-035-abs)
SGD 3.40
Assure Swab Non Sterile (non Woven) 4ply 100's/pkt 7M030
SGD 252.00
Assure Commode Chair Stainless Steel, Daf, AR0201
SGD 1.20
Assure Triangular Bandage 7M018 (pack of 12 Pieces)
SGD 1.61
Assure Vagina Speculum Sterile 7M020
SGD 5.24
Assure Mortar & Pestle Ceramic 7M097
SGD 3.00
Assure Gravity Feeding Bag 1000ml 7M058
SGD 77.57
Assure Adult Diaper (carton) ASSURE-YMS02-C
SGD 460.10
Assure Aluminium Daf Wheel Chair 18" AR0155
SGD 428.00
Assure Wooden Health Care Chair,rosewood AR0557
SGD 71.69
Assure 4" Flip Arm Raised Toilet Seat AR-0980
SGD 3.55
Assure Isolation Gown Blue 30g Knitted Cuff 7M034
SGD 2.14
Assure Basic Dressing Pack Sterile Eith Indicator 7M036
SGD 5.35
Assure Non Absorbent Brown Wool Cotton Roll 454g 7M035NON
SGD 4.60
Assure Underpads 43cmx60cm 4ply Tissue 20's/pkt 7M0011
SGD 1.93
Assure Applicator Wooden With Cotton Tip 6" 100's/pkt 7M080
SGD 22.47
Assure Bed Pan With Cover 7M083
SGD 2.80
Assure Wooden Tongue Depressor-100ppp
SGD 727.60
Assure Aluminium Daef Reclining Wheel Chair 16" AR0172
SGD 727.60
Assure Aluminium Daef Reclining Wheel Chair 18" AR0173
SGD 251.45
Assure Aluminium Transit Chair With Flip Af & Db Handle...
SGD 66.00
Assure Transfer Gait Belt AR0410
SGD 556.40
Assure Geriatric Chair With Height Adj. & 2 Rear Wheel ...
SGD 1,870.00
Assure Dialysis Chair,inner Width 21" AR0571
SGD 44.40
Assure First Aid Kit FAB-CS
SGD 199.00
Assure Double Folding Stretcher Orange 7M040 201x52.5x14cm
SGD 4.00
Assure Surgical Scissor (medical) 08.13
SGD 17.60
Assure Latex Examination Powder Free Glove ASSURE-GLO-PF
SGD 3.60
Assure Male Urinal With Cap 7M084
SGD 14.45
Assure Oral Swab Stick,individually Packed 50's/box 7M077
SGD 3.00
Assure Eye Shield Sterile - Individually Pack 7M081
SGD 10.68
Asure Crepe Bandages 4.5mtr-12ppp
SGD 187.00
Assure Chrome Standard Wheelchair 18" Ar-0100 With Mag ...
SGD 668.75
Assure Aluminium H/duty Adjustable Wheel Chair 20" AR0164
SGD 727.60
Assure Aluminium Heavy Duty Adjustable Wheel Chair 22" ...
SGD 288.90
Assure Super Lt Wt Semi Std Transport Chair 18" With 8"...
SGD 353.10
Assure Super Lt Wt Daf Transport Chair 18" With 12" Rea...
SGD 214.00
Assure Commode Chair Df,flip,doen Armrest With 4locks A...