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Wurth Air Quick Fresh Active Vehicle Air Conditioner Cleaner 150ml
Wurth Air Quick Fresh Active Vehicle Air Conditioner Cleaner 150ml
Product Description

Wurth Air Quick Fresh Active Vehicle Air Conditioner Cleaner 150ml A/C-CLNR-VEH-QUICKFRESH-FRESH-150ML

For effectively preventing and eliminating the interior odors

  • Prevent and eliminate unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke, perspiration and food smells
  • Environmentally friendly and gentle in action
  • Quickly and safely kills 99.9% of microorganisms
  • Removes formaldehyde and other harmful gases


Attention: Do not stay in the room when the product has been activated

(Please keep all food and tableware away from the product, especially during application in homes and hotel rooms)

These instructions are only recommendations, which are based on our experience. We advise preliminary testing before use.

Application area

Professional and efficient disinfection and eliminating interior odors in vehicles, trains, public areas such as fitness studios, hotel rooms. Also suitable for home and leisure.


For 150ml Air Quick Fresh Can:

  • Shake can well and push trigger to start the application
  • Leave the can at the area to be treated until the can is empty, ensuring all doors and windows are closed

For 20L Air Quick Fresh:

  • Pour the product into a Wurth Pump bottle
  • Spray the area to be treated and leave until dry

After application, open doors and windows again, allow the fresh air to come in.

Chemical basis:Ethanol

Contents: 150 ml

Weight of content: 120 g

Smell/fragrance: Fresh

Colour: Colourless

Density: 0.8 g/cm³

Shelf life from production: 24 Month

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